eurek forbes aqua guard active copper technology water purifier Ivory

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Ivory Water Purifier

Water is required by using all humans and is crucial for the survival and right functioning of our bodies. Dehydration can result in hallucination, failure of organs and excessive fatal internal malfunction and sicknesses. Water is needed via our entire frame, it's far like fuel to cars, without water our body is going stagnant.

Eureka Forbes Water Purifier Price

INR 14499/-

What are the Pros and Cons of the Aquaguard Ivory water cleaner?

Pros: Compact & appealing layout
  1. TDS controller
  2. Clean and compact layout
  3. Very Af
    fordable price
  4. 7-Litres garage capability
  1. The strength adapter is given outdoor the water cleaner frame
  2. No alert/indicator for filtering out alternate
  3. The construct fine of the tap is not that good
As we recognize and see the quantity of water is in abundance but the exceptional is sparse, this makes the use of water purifiers indispensable. To live a healthful existence, we need to check the fineness of the water we're ingesting.

Water purifiers assist in eradicating microorganisms and microorganisms along with a few dissolved impurities and chemical substances. Water purifiers with RO membrane also are successful sufficient to convert the tough water into gentle water for intake.

Our tap water now and then isn’t that purified, so, to be doubly sure it's miles fantastically advisable to have a purifier in the house for the sake of the safety of your own family from illnesses.

Aquaguard Ivory is one of today's offerings within the line of low-price RO water purifiers from Eureka Forbes, Aquaguard.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Ivory RO+UV water purifier capabilities nearly the same layout, features and water purification generation, as the Aquasure Delight. So why could you purchase Aquaguard Ivory and no longer Aquasure Delight? Because Aquaguard Ivory is inexpensive than the Aquasure Delight.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water purifier price in India begins from Rs. 14499.

What are the important features of this version?

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Key Features

  1. RO+UV purification with the TDS controller for adjusting the flavour and TDS stage of the purified water.
  2. The TDS stage is from 200 to 2000 PPM.
  3. 7-litres semi-obvious storage tank.
  4. LED indicators for purification, a tank complete, and strength-on.
  5. The dimensions, appearance and design, size & layout of the water tank, region of the tap, vicinity of the indicators, and levels of purification are all same as the preceding model.

The simplest seen distinction is the colouration of the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water purifier. One of the most astounding things about this water purifier is that it is budget-friendly. Inclusive of all the features that are given to the users, the price of Aquaguard Ivory is decent and affordable.

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Worth Buying

The 7 litres tank fills itself up in 20 mins. Runs quietly and has no leakage, no troubles whatsoever. Operates on 24 watts simplest so for 6000 litres it all eat around 8 to10 devices of strength handiest. The corporation says the internal filters should be replaced each 6000-7000 litres. Additionally, the gadget wi

ll tell you whilst to exchange the filters with extraordinary shade LED lights and as soon as the filters are exhausted absolutely. The device will lock itself and no extra water could be filtered to your fitness protection. 6-degree purification and copper more suitable water are genuinely Crystal clear & fantastic in all things. Experiencing all these features at such a low price makes this product worth buying.

  • Submitted on: 29 December, 2021