eveready QH800 800 watt room heater

Eveready QH800-Watt Room Heater

Eveready Company produces home machines. The brand has worked in collecting air coolers, mix processors, dry iron water warmers, room radiators, and more others. This brand manufactures its things using the latest advancement; consequently, the machine will be of the best quality.

Eveready Electric Room heater Price

INR 1330/-

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Eveready Electric room warmer?

Pros: Lightweight
  1. simple to utilise
  2. accompanies a 1-year guarantee
  3. covers a dece
    nt room size
Cons: can be somewhat uproarious now and again
Eveready electric room heater is among the first class mechanical assemblies made by the Eveready brand. This thing is open in white and is planned for spot-warming.

Room size

This room heater is good for warming a room that has a size of up to 180 square feet.

Versatile indoor controller

This device goes with an adjustable indoor controller for you to change the hotness setting modes. This contraption goes with two hotness settings. The low hotness setting has a warming power of 800 Watts, and the high hotness setting works with a power of 800 Watts. The low hotness setting uses less power, which makes the mechanical assembly energy capable.

Power string

This mechanical assembly goes with a long power rope, which has a length of 1.3 metres. This makes the machine versatile. The rope is particularly made and ensured to prevent any kind of electric shock.


This room radiator has two fold purposes, i.e., can be used for cooling your room. The fan works at 2300 turns every second. This makes the machine proper for winter and summer use.

Power rating

Eveready room hotter has a power rating of 800 watts. This will unimaginably help in warming your room amazingly rapidly and beneficially.

Metal cross-area

The machine goes with a metal cross-segment that houses the warming part giving you and your relative security.

Bi-directional position choice

This room can be set in a vertical or level dependent upon how you will like it.


Eveready QH800-Watt room heater goes with a one-year ensure which covers creating insufficiencies in a manner of speaking. The warrant date begins the date you will purchase the device.


This machine body is made using ABS plastic material, which is strong. Extraordinary motor The motor which turns the devotee of this machine is made absolutely with copper, which makes it extreme.

Simple to utilize

This room radiator is affirmed by ISI standards; therefore, it is alright for you. Also, it has five levels of the gatekeeper that gives additionally created security.


The mechanical assembly goes with a stand that will hold the machine over the floor for solace.

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Light pointer

This mechanical assembly goes with a light pointer that will help you in choosing if the power supply is ON or OFF.


This device weighs around 1.2 kilograms; hence it will in general be viably passed on starting with one spot then onto the next. Eveready Electric room heater price in India begins from Rs.1330.

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  • Shubham mishra

The cozy environment they create is just next level

After scrutinising limitless studies and looking on the web for pretty much 3 days, I mentioned this little saint against unforgiving winters and I am glad to have made a nice choice. I, finally, restricted it down to Eveready, pondering their picture reputation. I think it's made in India and had a part of both vertic

al + even course of action. It gives an ideal warming effect for a little to a medium room and is astoundingly helpful to pass on beginning with one spot then onto the following.

  • Submitted on: 23 December, 2021