singer quartz heat glow plus 800 watt room heater

Singer Quartz Room Heater

Singer Company produces home machines. The brand has worked in gathering air coolers, blend processors, dry iron water warmers, room radiators, and more others. This brand fabricates its things utilizing the most recent progression; thus, the machine will be of the best quality.

Singer Quartz Room Heater Price

INR 1160/-

What are the benefits and detriments of the Singer Electric room hotter?

Pros: Lightweight
  1. easy to use
  2. goes with a 1-year assurance
  3. covers a nice room si
Cons: can be to some degree boisterous occasionally
The Singer room heater is among the top notch mechanical gatherings made by the Singer brand. This thing is open in white and is ready for spot-warming.

Room size

This room radiator is useful for warming a room that has a size of up to 180 square feet.

Flexible indoor regulator

This gadget goes with a customizable indoor regulator for you to change the hotness setting modes. This contraption goes with two hotness settings. The low hotness setting has a warming force of 800 Watts, and the high hotness setting works with a force of 800 Watts. The low hotness setting utilizes less power, which makes the mechanical get together energy skilled.

Power string

This mechanical gathering goes with a long power rope, which has a length of 1.3 meters. This makes the machine flexible. The rope is especially made and guaranteed to forestall any sort of electric shock.


This room radiator has two overlap purposes, i.e., can be utilized for cooling your room. The fan works at 2300 turns each second. This makes the machine legitimate for winter and summer use.

Power rating

The more sweltering singer room has a power rating of 800 watts. This will incomprehensibly help in warming your room incredibly quickly and helpfully.

Metal cross-region

The machine goes with a metal cross-portion that houses the warming part giving you and your relative security.

Bi-directional position decision

This room can be set in a vertical or level ward upon how you will like it.


Singer Quartz heat glow plus room heater goes with a one-year guarantee which covers making deficiencies in a way. The warrant date starts the date you will buy the gadget.


This machine body is made utilizing ABS plastic material, which is solid.

Remarkable engine

The engine which turns the fan of this machine is made totally with copper, which makes it outrageous.

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Easy to use

This room radiator is asserted by ISI norms; along these lines, it is okay for you. Likewise, it has five levels of the guardian that gives moreover made security.


The mechanical gathering goes with a stand that will hold the machine over the floor for comfort.

Light pointer

This mechanical gathering goes with a light pointer that will help you in picking in case the power supply is ON or OFF.


This gadget weighs around 1.2 kilograms; henceforth it will overall be reasonably passed on beginning with one spot then onto the following.

Singer room heater price in India starts from Rs.1160.

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  • Harshit Manchandani

The looks of this product is superior

Subsequent to examining boundless examinations and looking on the web for basically 3 days, I referenced this little holy person against unforgiving winters and I am happy to have settled on a decent decision. I, at long last, limited it down to the Singer brand, considering their image of notoriety. I believe it is ma

de in India and has a piece of both vertical + even strategy. It gives an optimal warming impact for a little to a medium room and is astoundingly useful to pass on starting with one spot then onto the accompanying.

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