12 Cool Ideas for Decorating Small Spaces on a Budget

12 Cool Ideas for Decorating Small Spaces on a Budget

Do not we all want our homes to look no less than the houses featured on the cover page of an interior design magazine? But who has the money to buy expensive furniture and rug, well if you have been dropping the idea of decorating your house because of money then how about brushing up your home with the following home décor ideas that too on a budget?

We will tell you some really interesting and mind-blowing ideas which will help you renovate your home without spending a lot of money. So, shall we begin?

Buy a Wall Shelf, Skip the Ordinary, Please

A blank wall in the room looks so dull. When planning for a budget interior decorating, the first thing that we think of doing to our walls is to paint it with a warm and welcoming colour. But if you want to take a step more, then what you can do is by installing an artistic wall shelf. It covers the blank space and an interesting wall shelf will bring in some life to your living room as well. You can try making one, all by yourself too, but try only when you are good at carpentry.

Revamp Your TV Area

The cheapest and easiest way to decorate your TV area is by installing a wall mounted shelf. Make sure the shelf has got drawers. You can fit in some lights on the shelf too, switch it on during the night and have a hotel like feel whenever you want to. Store your CDs and remotes inside the drawer and keep your TV area neat and clean. This way you will not have to compromise any of the living room space as well.

How About a Cheap Makeover?

Not everything has to be expensive. A few DIY ideas can change the complete look of your house. If you have a floor lamp, try covering it and brightening up with a good looking and colourful fabric. If you feel your walls look too plain then try putting some wall stickers. In fact, why do not you try these DIY ideas this weekend with your family? Would not you want to spend some good time with them? Then sit along with everyone and start being productive. Have fun.

Your Home Needs a Partition Shelf

If you have a good amount of empty space in your living room area then how about getting a partition shelf? It does not cost much in fact there is some wall shelf available in the market which can act as a partition too! Two benefits in one.

Do You Paint?

The main crux of all of these ideas is to make your house look extraordinary but all in an inexpensive way. If you paint then it is time to paint something on your wall. Just get a canvas and start painting something beautiful, something which will complement the colours of your living room or bedroom wall. Once the painting is done, all you need to do is create the frame for your lovely painting and that can be done without spending a lot of money.

Think About Paper Lampshades

Paper lampshades are always cheaper and they look super cute too. Just get a few paper lampshades and simply hang them on your already purchased lights. If you do not have a lot of furniture and things in your home, then a paper lampshade is the thing to go for.

Got Old Chairs? Time to Repaint Them

No need to buy any new furniture when you can simply repaint them.

Do not Buy, Just Get Them on Rent

Furniture once purchased becomes hard to dispose, especially when we get in the mood to overhaul our interiors. Get furniture on rent, think about a theme and likewise bring them home. You can jazz that up a bit by covering that furniture with bright colour covers.

Add Mirrors on One of the Walls

Another good and cheap idea to bring in some texture is by adding some mirrors on one of the walls. Mirrors are cheap and they reflect lights too making your space look bigger. Go for dramatic frames, please.

How About an Affordable Bar?

There are some of us who wants a bar in our home but then we often drop the plan, well the same old reason, we do not have the money. But, now you can. Just buy a floating shelf. Add some racks and start storing your wine glass collection and there you have it.

Say Yes to Green

Another good yet cheap way of decorating your home is by adding some beautiful plants in your balcony. Plants are always refreshing, buy a few and decorate your flower tubs in bright colours.

Bring in Some Flowers and Add Candles

If you want to decorate your bathroom, then buy some candles and flowers for your bathroom. Create a spa-like atmosphere. Do not forget to add a small potted plant too.

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So, here they go, easy and extremely cheap ideas to decorate your home. You have every right to make your home look no less than an extravagant. Make these ideas your own and start decorating your home.

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