How to Use or Redeem Pepperfry Credit Points

How to Use or Redeem Pepperfry Credit Points

Since this whole era is a digital market and people are looking for convenience. Everyone has turned towards online shopping and selling. When everything, from electronics to fashion, has come to online stores, furniture has not been behind.

Pepperfry - an Indian marketplace for home decor and furniture, is one of the biggest online stores that sells customized furniture. Back in the year 2014, Pepperfry opened its very first studio.

During the initial period, people were very skeptical about this platform as everyone thought about the impossibility of buying furniture online. But Pepperfry chose to let the customers interact with the brand.

Every business demands for the seller to be present every time the customer demands. Pepperfry engages with its customers on every platform - online or offline. As the venture works on the offline-online channel, it has accelerated the company journey.

And with easy returns and offline stores, Pepperfry also provides its customers with a credit points facility. These points are added to the wallet of the customers and can be used anytime while placing an order. So, how do this digital wallet and the credits offered to the customer work? Take a look.

Pepperfry Wallet Credits

This wallet acts as a digital payment option wherein you can receive all refunds for the orders you have canceled or returned as well as all the credit points that Pepperfry offers its users are stored in this digital wallet.

These pepperfry credit points (including the refunds) can be used to make any purchases from Pepperfry.

How does the digital wallet work?

The wallet of Pepperfry is easy to use. Whenever you wish to buy something from Pepperfry, if there are any points in your wallet, they will automatically be applied while you are processing the payment.

If you wish to add credits to your wallet that is also doable.

Here is how to add Pepperfry Credit Points

  1. There is a refund section wherein you can select the option to get the refund of the items you have returned on Pepperfry.

  2. On several occasions, Pepperfry adds credits to your wallet or you may receive a cashback. All of this will be reflected in your Pepperfry Credit points section.

Please remember, you cannot add funds outside these methods. Other than this, if you want discount coupons while shopping on Pepperfry, then you can visit and find several latest and active pepperfry coupons, promo codes, and cashback offers available for free. Just copy the code and use it while processing your payment to get instant discount!

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How to use Pepperfry credits?

Using your credits on Pepperfry is an easy process. If there are any points in your wallet, they will be automatically applied while you proceed with the payment and the amount that you have to pay will be lower.

An important point to remember, that only 15% of the cart value can be redeemed by using the credits in your Pepperfry wallet, and not more than that. For instance, if your total purchase is Rs.1000, then you can pay Rs. 150 by using your credits in your wallet. But this restriction does not apply to the refunds in your Pepperfry wallet.

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Please remember, your credits in the wallet can only be used for purchasing products on Pepperfry. You cannot redeem them for buying products from any other website. Also, these credit points cannot be converted to cash or cannot be transferred to your bank account. This balance is for your exclusive experience and cannot be transferred to a second person account.

Can the Pepperfry credits expire?

All the promotional credits or your cashback vouchers that are provided by Pepperfry come with a limited time and date. So, if the date has surpassed, you cannot use the credits in your wallet.

The expiry date is according to the type of balance in your account. If you have a refund for any returned or canceled order, then that balance is valid for 3 years from the time it is credited to your wallet.

Since the credits are for promotions, they have a much shorter time limit and expiry date. It depends on when the credit points are credited to your wallet.

You can see the expiry date of every type of balance in the Pepperfry wallet. So, make sure that these credit points are used before they expire!

Even if your credit points expire, you can visit They have vouchers and discounts throughout the year. You can redeem these discount coupons and unlock great offers on your purchase.

Can the credit points be refunded after a refund request?

There are two types of balances in your Pepperfry wallet - Refund and credits.

These credit points are promotional and expire when used. Pepperfry does not refund the credits that are used while shopping.

For instance, if you shop for Rs.7000 and you have 1000 credits in your wallet, they will be applied to your total bill and you need to pay only Rs.6000 (each credit point is Rs.1). But if you request a refund then only Rs. 6000 will be refunded to your account and not 1000 that were redeemed by credit points in your wallet.

If you have used Pepperfry wallet as your payment option, then any balance of your credits will be refunded back into your wallet. Just visit the Refunds Balance section on Pepperfry and you will be able to see the refunded credits.

It is not possible for you to not use the balance in your wallet because whenever you proceed to pay the bill, the wallet balance would automatically be applied to your payment and reduce the price.

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Pepperfry has been one of the most popular companies in online retailing for furniture and decor. When it started, everyone, including the online e-commerce market thought that it would not sustain in the market as there was high competition and the concept was different. But the owner of the company said that the concept is unique and that the company would get its desired customers.

In today age, Mumbai-based company, Pepperfry has raised to Rs. 1200 crores since it has started. They know the needs of the customers and how to keep the excitement high while shopping online. Therefore, they keep adding credit points in the users wallet that they can use while shopping and get the desired discounts.

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