7 Reasons for You to Take Supplements

7 Reasons for You to Take Supplements

The food that we consume is, at times, cannot have all the packed nutrients that our body requires for the effective functioning of its systems.

Due to lack of nutrients, several deficiencies take over our body, making it weak and then taking a toll on our health.

Therefore, our bodies need to receive the right amount of nutrients. Since, there is a rise in the use of several chemicals while farming, the natural minerals of the soil have depleted. This becomes one of the main reasons for not receiving proper nutrition for our bodies. Because of this, food supplements have become a need.

So, what are food supplements? It is a product that creates or performs a physiological role that is beyond the role of nutritive requirements of our body. It can either be a portion of food or any part of the food that contains healthy ingredients from a plant, animal, vitamins, probiotics, etc.

Supplements come in the form of tablets, powder, or liquid. The body needs to stay healthy. Here are 7 reasons mentioned as to why supplements are important.

It fills the nutritional gap

Almost 90% of people do not receive the right amount of important nutrients. Many people cannot meet the right diet if they are on a strict diet, or they have a poor diet, or due to a change in nutritional needs.

Supplements intend to bridge this nutritional gap and proper balance is maintained for our body. They help in enhancing the density of the nutrients of the diet and assure that the intake of nutrients is not tailored.

Some of the recommended supplements are multivitamins. You can get them from any pharmacy near you or online from HealthKart and use HealthKart coupons to get a discount.

With age, the nutrient absorption declines

As age increases, malabsorption becomes a common problem as the body is not as capable as it was before to break down and absorb all the nutrients.

With age and time, people start taking a lot of medications too as compared to when they were younger. This creates an imbalance in the body as many modern medications deplete the nutrients that are essential for the human body. Taking supplements can help retrieve these nutrients.

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The harmful chemicals deplete the nutrition level

The new methods of farming include the usage of pesticides and herbicides. This adds chemicals to the water supply and our food. This can deplete the nutrition level in our body and therefore, it is suggested to take supplements.

External factors like environmental pollution can also drastically increase the need for extra nutrients and vitamins in our bodies. The chemicals produced due to this can attack the digestive system or the immunity system of the human body that can take a toll on our health. To cut this down, supplements fulfil the need.

Exercising can increase the need for nutrients

If you are an athlete or exercise daily - your body requires a lot of energy and nutrients to maintain the shape. While exercising, your body consumes all the energy and nutrients that are stored in the body.

It is important to get back all the essential nutrients, increase energy levels, and let your body recover after a heavy workout. That is the reason why an athletes diet has a lot of proteins and carbs.

The most recommended supplement for a body that works out a lot is protein powder. You can get it from the HealthXP pharmacy store or order online by using the HealthXP coupons and get a discount.

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No proper eating habits

This is one of the most common reasons for the lack of nutrients in a persons body. Bad eating habits, consuming junk food, stress, all of this is a contribution to a poor digestive system. This further makes it difficult for the body to extract all the vital nutrients from the food.

Supplements can prevent or lower the damage that junk food causes to our health. But, supplementation does not replace a poor diet. It has to be controlled for better health.

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Prevention from expensive health treatments

Healthcare workers, doctors are recommending an intake of supplements as it prevents expensive disease treatment.

Lack of nutrients in our body can result in bad health and further, it can cause some major health issues.

Therefore, by taking supplements, exercising regularly, getting a regular check-up, and with proper eating habits, one can prevent themselves from bad health or any health issue.

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Depletion of soil

Modern farming techniques involve the use of fertilizers that deplete the soil and runs away the essential nutrients from plants. Fertile soil is an important element of agriculture for absorbing the right amount of minerals. Without this, a plant is unable to form the required vitamins.

Well, this does not stop. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on ourselves and the right intake of nutrients and vitamins. Supplementation can help in receiving those essential nutrients.


Nutrients are an integral part of the body. It makes the body healthy and prevents any health issues that can take a toll on the body.

There are a lot of reasons why our body cannot intake those nutrients. Sometimes the food we eat does not fulfill the requirements of our body.

Therefore, intaking supplements is important. It creates a balance and can help the body to function normally without any issues.

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