7 Reasons that make Amazon the most popular shopping platform in India

7 Reasons that make Amazon the most popular shopping platform in India

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon is the most trusted platform all Indians prefer. Ever since people began shopping online, Amazon made it a point to give out the best user experience to everyone. Be it fabulous customer service, seamless tracking, on-time delivery or excellent product quality Amazon has it all. While other competitors like Flipkart have been giving it a tough competition, it manages to be peoples first choice. And, amazon india coupons from CouponsCurry.com are cherry on top. Amazon knows the pulse of the market better than any other online shopping platform. And if you have not found a perfect shopping platform for all your needs, here are a few reasons why Amazon can be your best choice.

Benefits of prime membership:

A survey shows that users who have a Prime membership are quite loyal to Amazon. On average, an Amazon Prime user shops once a week from Amazon. In India, during the pandemic, Amazon has welcomed twice the expected number of sign-ups. Prime membership is quite popular among Amazon users as it has additional benefits that no other service gives you. When you become a Prime member, most products come to you without any delivery fee and at a comparatively shorter time. Apart from this, a Prime member enjoys the latest entertainment shows and world-class music without paying any extra charges. Prime membership comes at a very reasonable price and a lot of benefits.

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Credible and Responsive:

Amazon has been consistent at providing its users with quality products and services. It has frequently sought reviews and responded to complaints, prioritising customer experience. With prompt customer service and strong network all over India, Amazon makes up a reliable online platform for all sorts of purchase. In the past few decades, Amazon has grown, evolved and enhanced its strategies to meet up with the user requirements. Which is how it has received a large customer base that it has now. This clientele is the very evidence of its credibility. So if you are looking forward to a platform that is highly secure, reliable, prompt and responsive, you know where to go.

If you double the number of experiments you do per year, you are going to double your inventiveness. -Jeff Bezos.

User-Friendly Interface:

Because Jeff Bezos believes in experiments, Amazon constantly experiments and develops the best algorithms to enhance their web design and attract more customers. If you observe the design of Amazon website or mobile application, you will notice that it is easy to use. Features like Amazon Choice, Amazon Pay and Todays Deals help the user navigate through with ease and select best products without any extra effort.

No questions asked return policy:

One reason why Amazon has such a large user base is because of its no questions asked return policy. Under this service, a user can return a product within 30 days from its purchase without being questioned. If you are not satisfied with the services, you can return them and seek a full refund for your purchase. This policy has made many users drift from various offline stores and shops to Amazon.

Bulk buying through Amazon Business Account:

Now, Amazon also allows you to make a business account. This type of account comes with several excellent benefits. As a business customer, you can choose from millions of business products and get exciting offers and discounts through discount coupons on various items as well. So next time when you plan to make multi-unit purchases for your business, make sure to look up Amazon for a myriad of options and offers to apply on them.

GST Invoice to Claim GST:

If you have a business account on Amazon, you can claim a tax credit on your business purchases. It is a simple process. All you have to do is, update your GST number with Amazon, and choose from millions of products with GST Invoices offered by different sellers. You can file the GST Invoices for returns through GST portal, and claim your input tax credit without any hassle. Thus, when you are using Amazon Business account to purchase goods online, you will always have an edge over other shopping platforms both, offline and online.

Best packaging:

Believe it or not, good packaging is a significant aspect of online delivery. When the packaging is right, it protects the items from damage and makes your product reach you as new. Amazon provides excellent packaging facilities and ensures that you get even the most delicate products as crisp. Be it books, fragile crockery items, breakable goods or anything else you can rely on Amazon to deliver you the perfect item without having to work yourself up.

Amazon makes it a point to provide its users with the est services and great user experience. No doubt the most reliable retailer in India.

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