8 Tips for Beginner How to Choose the Best Headphones for Your Favourite Music Genre

8 Tips for Beginner How to Choose the Best Headphones for Your Favourite Music Genre

Most of people are tethered to their respective devices for at least a part of the day. Either for listening to music or watching videos on the go! So, the headphones that we use today have become more than just an accessory. It is actually our pivotal extension indeed.

But, choosing the right pair of headphone is necessary which let you listen to music or stream video without disturbance. If you are still using the same old ear-buds that come with your phone, then it is time to upgrade. There are Branded Headphones in India that are worth considering.

From tiny in-ear models which sweep easily into pocket to large over the ear models which helps immersing into music. There are several models available with their own pros and cons. There are also Bluetooth models which are wireless leaving nothing but air between you and music. To avoid making the process complicated here is the list of helpful Tips for Buying Headphones in India.

8 Tips for Buying Headphones Beginner Online

1. Frequency Response:

If your music genre is more of boom instead of vocals and riffs, then you need headphone with better bass. However, ensure that it keeps the sound tearing to the minimal. The same goes for when you search for headphones with better treble to feel intensity of Freddie Mercurys heavenly voice.

No matter what is your music genre, you always need to buy Best Headphones in India with wider frequency responses. Get the headphone that has frequencies at least 20Hz to 20kHz.

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2. The Volume:

Volume is another important factor to consider when buying headphones. It is measured in Decibles and the higher the decibels, the lesser the sound cracking. 120dB is considered ideal for headphones which allow you to listen to music in high volume without tearing.

3. Design Quality:

In headphones, there are multitudes of designs. But you need to choose the right design as it serves a purpose. Some design has audiophile features, while others are for workouts and some are purely for sticking to status quo.

Some designs have wireless features which make it ideal when it comes to avoid wire coiling. Audiophile feature is heavy and suggested only for indoor use. Workout junkies can find sweat proof ear buds with ear hook and thick wires. So, depending upon your need and purpose make the purchasing.

4. Padded Over Ear Buds Headphones:

The ear buds are considered ideal for going out or quickly switch between listening to music and taking it off. The ear buds headphones are convenient in regards to size as you can carry them every time in your pocket. But the wire tends to get entangled and loose when placed in pocket improperly.

Padded headphones are expensive. Its huge size gives room to the designer for inclusion of several features and enhancers. The only drawback is its huge size and the only way to un-equip it by hanging it around your neck.

5. Noise Cancellation Feature:

This is the important feature to look for when buying headphones. The expensive Headphones in India Under 5000 usually come with noise cancellation feature. It helps in keeping the unwanted noises away, while allowing you to focus on your music.

6. Wireless or Wired Headphones:

As mentioned earlier, both wireless and wired headphone models are available. Some people prefer the wired headphones, while some consider buying the Bluetooth headphones which are wireless models.

If you do not want your headphone to get entangled, then opt for the Bluetooth headphones. It is ideal for sportsperson and workouts. However, for ultimate sounding experience the wired headphones are always preferred.

7. Durability:

If you want your headphone to last, then check for the durability feature of the headphone before buying. But it does not mean that you have to settle with heavier models for durability. There are some light models which are good in durability with better sounding.

If it is fold-up model, then check its hinges for robustness and the cables must be thick and strong. Also check if replacement parts are easily available or not.

8. Setting a Budget:

The final factor is the budget of the headphone. There are different brands of headphone and the price is set as per the features, models and brands. So, ensure to browse across all the models and buy the best suited headphone.

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These are some of How to Choose Earphone Tips that you must consider when buying headphones in India.

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