All About JIO 4G Plans For 2018

All About JIO 4G Plans For 2018

Jio 4G has record-breaking users in India. The affordable rates and flexible data plans are more than what a customer can expect. Jio 4G lets you have free roaming facility across India and also lets you enjoy free video calling and long chats during the night without thinking about the expenses. Jio store is not just any ordinary store available online. It lets you listen to some of the best music, watch all the latest movies, and also play games.

Jio 4G plans are specifically designed for the users. You have the option to choose the Rs. 52 data plan for 7 days or the Rs. 4999 plan for 360 days. There are a plethora of plans available for the customers to choose from. The best reason to buy Jio plan is, it is extremely customer friendly and you also don’t need to think once about the voice call charges. Here, we will tell you about every plan Jio 4G is offering so that you can make the right choice as per your usage.

Where is Jio 4G data plan valid?

Jio 4G plans are valid for every subscriber. It doesn’t matter where you are, every Jio subscriber can make use of their plans and tariffs. Whether you are from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Assam, Odisha or Bihar, everyone can avail these tariffs.

Detailed information about Jio Prime 4G prepaid and postpaid tariff plans

Below, we will discuss all the Jio Prime 4G tariff plans for both Jio prepaid and postpaid users. This will let you go through each plan in details and also decide which one will take care of your data requirement.

1. Rs. 52 plan for prepaid users

• The Rs. 52 plan is valid for 7 days only and is for the prepaid users.
• Jio App subscription worth Rs. 1,250
• You can make unlimited STD and local calls.
• Free roaming facility
• You get 1.05 GB 4G data per day
• Unlimited SMS anywhere in India
• No ISD free minutes.

2. Rs. 98 plan for prepaid users
• Free roaming facility
• Unlimited free local and STD calls
• Free 2.1 GB 4g data. Per day you can avail 0.15 GB data
• Jio App subscription worth Rs. 1,250
• Unlimited SMS anywhere in India
• No ISD free minutes
• It is valid for 14 days

3. Rs. 140 plan for prepaid users
• Make unlimited local and STD calls whenever you want. Free roaming facility
• 4GB 4g data
• Jio App subscription worth Rs. 1,250
• 100 SMS daily both local and STD
• No ISD free minutes
• Valid for 28 days

4. Rs. 399 data plan for prepaid customers
One of the most preferred plans among Jio users is the Rs. 399. It comes with a lot of benefits. Here are the things you can after recharging your Jio number with Rs. 399
• Unlimited local and STD calls.
• Jio App subscription worth Rs. 1,250
• 70 GB 4G data
• Unlimited SMS, both local and STD. Free roaming facility
• No ISD free call minutes
• Valid for 70 days

5. Rs. 459 data plan for the prepaid customers
• Free unlimited local and STD calls.Free roaming facility
• Unlimited SMS facility, both local and national
• Jio App subscription worth Rs. 1,250
• 84 GB 4G data
• If you recharge your number with Rs. 499, you get all the above facility along with a rate cutter facility for ISD calls.
• Valid for 84 days

6. Rs. 999 plan for Postpaid users
• You get unlimited free STD and local calls
• Compatible with both postpaid and prepaid users
• Free roaming facility anywhere in India
• 10GB 4G data
• Unlimited free SMS both local and national
• Jio App subscription worth Rs. 1,250
• ISD rate cutter facility available with Rs. 499 plan
• Valid for 28 days

7. Rs. 1499 plan for Postpaid users
• Compatible with both postpaid and prepaid users
• Free local and STD calls. Free roaming facility
• Free messages anywhere in India
• Jio App subscription worth Rs. 1,250
• 20GB 4G data
• Rate cutter for SMS
• Rate cutter for ISD calls come with this pack
• Valid for 28 days

8. Rs. 2499 plan for postpaid users
• Free local and national calls
• Free local and national SMS. Free roaming facility
• 35GB 4G data. Unlimited night data.
• Jio App subscription worth Rs. 1,250
• 50 ISD minutes free and rate cutter
• Valid for 28 days

9. Rs. 3999 plan for postpaid users
• Unlimited local and STD calls
• Unlimited SMS anywhere in India. Free roaming facility
• 80 minutes free ISD calls + rate cutter
• Jio App subscription worth Rs. 1,250
• 60 GB 4G data
• Valid for 28 days

10. Rs. 4999 plan for postpaid users
• Unlimited STD and local calls
• Free roaming facility
• Jio App subscription worth Rs. 1,250
• 100 ISD minutes free + rate cutter plan
• 75GB 4G data
• Valid for 28 days.

Let’s check out the terms and condition for all of these plans

• All the plans come with free voice facility. You don’t need to pay anything for calling anyone.
• The unlimited night data facility can be availed during 2 AM to 5 AM only.
• All the Jio subscribers can avail these plans.
• The packs, Rs. 19, Rs. 129, and Rs. 299 cannot be used by any Jio subscribers as their first recharge.
• Students using their valid ID proof can obtain 25% extra 4G and WIFI data.
• All the above-mentioned packs are valid for Jio subscribers with LTE compatible mobile phones.

Amazing offers for the month of September

The latest offer provided by Reliance Jio is the Digital Life. All you need to pay is Rs. 2,999, you will get an LTE enabled handset and can also avail all these offers without any other terms and conditions. Students are mostly seen as availing this offer.

It provides free voice calls anywhere in India. Offers the best 4G data service. All the plans offered by Jio is worth looking. Jio has always promised to provide the best plan for each customer which will let them save some huge bucks. Reliance Jio is one network provider which solves a lot of problems. It will never let you down.

The conclusion

Reliance Jio is here to provide the best service to all the Jio users. Select the best plan, think about the usage and then go for the best prepaid or postpaid plan. Any plan you select will let you have free calling facility with roaming. Some even provide ISD rate cutters. It doesn’t matter where you want to make the call to, Jio will be there with you no matter what. With Jio you will always stay close to your loved ones. Call them whenever you want, message them and let them know that you miss them, or just skype with them using the data packs. Jio has it all, use it, choose the best plan, and never be out of touch with people you care the most.