Amazon QUIZ- Win Exciting Prizes UP To Rs 50000

Amazon QUIZ- Win Exciting Prizes UP To Rs 50000

Amazon is one of the leading online retailers and is quite famous for its Amazon Daily Quizzes. Amazon Pay gift card Quiz, spin and win quiz are some of the best quizzes that one can play every day. All you need to do is answer some questions on Amazon displayed on your screen by amazon randomly and take away amazing Amazon gift vouchers.

Amazon Quiz contest timings are from 12 AM to 11:59 Pm daily. Join Amazon Quiz and win a reward of up to Rs 15,000. Lucky winners of the Quiz are declared later on the next day of the Quiz. Get updated on the Quiz answers and other details about Amazon Quiz here.

Steps To Play Amazon Pay Gift Card Quiz

  1. This Quiz can only be played in Amazon App, so first you will need to download that from the Google Play Store or App Store.

  2. Now, open the Amazon App and log in (if you have not already logged in)

  3. Just find the “Quiz and Funzone” in the Amazon search bar and then Tap on the Funzone banner.

  4. Scroll down, and click on the Amazon Pay Gift Card Quiz banner.

  5. Here, you will find a “Start” button, tap on it.

  6. You will find five questions in the Amazon Pay Gift Card Quiz at a time. You have to give correct answers to these questions.

  7. Once you are done, you will be selected from a Lucky Draw of the Amazon Pay gift card Quiz.

  8. Few winners are selected for the prizes, so you at least take a part in the quiz. Who knows that you are one of the lucky winners.

Todays Amazon Pay Gift Quiz Answers- Win exciting offers

Question 1: In 2021, Tom Brady won a 7th Super bowl Title, Playing for which Team?
Answer: Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Question 2: Stefan Lofven, who has been in the news recently, is the prime minister of which country?
Answer: Sweden

Question 3: The Fossils of Paraceratherim have recently been discovered in China. What Animal fossils are they?
Answer: Rhinoceros

Question 4: How many times did Astronaut Michael Collins Orbit the sphere alone during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission?
Answer: Thirty

Question 5: The shared border of which country is with the USA and has these falls?
Answer: Canada

Amazon Spin and Win Quiz Contest

In the spin and win a contest, participants will need to spin the wheel by tapping on a button that says "TAP TO SPIN". And the result of the spin would be the winning prize for the contestant. To claim the Prize in the Amazon quiz, Press on “Claim your prize” and you will be redirected to a Quizw page where you will have to submit the correct answers and then wait for all the lucky winners announcements.

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If you are lucky enough, then you can win exciting prizes like Rs 50000, Rs.10000, Rs.5000, or Rs.100 from this quiz. Each "Spin and Win" contest would have only a win question. In addition, the Amazon wheel of Fortune spin and win Quiz goes live every Sunday, You can enrol in that as well.

To Play the Spin and Win Contest Today follow these Steps

  1. Download the Amazon App from Google Play Store or from the App store depending that you are an Android user or iPhone user.

  2. Now, just open the app and log in to your Amazon account.

  3. Scroll down, and here you will find a banner the “Amazon Daily Spin and Win Quiz Answer” banner. If you are not able to find that then find that from the fun zone.

  4. Now, tap on the “Start” button, and the quiz will start.

  5. Now, when you spin the wheel, one question will appear to answer that and that makes you eligible for winning a prize.

  6. After providing the answer, the winner is decided from a Lucky Draw.

  7. For this, lucky winners are announced every 30th of the month. So, if you are lucky enough then you will definitely win a prize.

Question for Today is

Question: How many sides do a square have?
Answer: 4

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Amazon FunZone August Edition

It is a game that one can play on Amazon from 4 August to 31 August. The quiz is available 24 hours and the winners will be declared on 10th September 2021. The prize can range from RS 100 to Rs 75, 000 for the lucky winners.

Steps to Play Amazon FunZone August Edition

  1. Go to Amazon App and log in with your account.

  2. Scroll down and here you will find a banner for "Amazon Funzone Jackpot Edition", Tap on that.

  3. Click on the "Start" button.

  4. Now, tap on the lever.

  5. Click on claim your prize.

  6. Then, a question will appear on your screen as follows:

Question: What was the name of Indias first indigenous satellite launched in the year 1975?
Answer: Aryabhatta.

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FAQs on Amazon Pay Quiz

Is Amazon Quiz reliable?

Yes, Amazon is a certified company and has millions of customers worldwide. They would never risk their reputation to lose the trust of their customers.

Will this quiz be held on tomorrow as well?

Of course, Amazon conducts this quiz on regular basis, So, in case you could not get a chance today, do not get disheartened. You can give it a try to get the answer to these quizzes.

Do Questions in the Amazon Quiz are very tough?
No, the question that comes is very normal G.k. questions and if you follow the news daily, then there are high chances that you can win a prize.

How can I use Amazon a pay balance for using prize money?
You can use your amazon pay balance to get your recharge done, or there are almost thousands of stores that now accept Amazon pay balance to make use of prize money.

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