Best Fashion Tips in Bollywood Style 2019

Best Fashion Tips in Bollywood Style 2019

A fashion blogger is the one who not only looks after ones personal fashion sense but also are known to be as youth influencers. Fashion blog is basically a wide term which covers many specific terms under it that is clothing, hair, accessories, footwear etc. here we are going to focus over clothing. When we talk about fashion sense for clothing there their main two categories are street fashion and celebrity fashion. No see we all know and we all purely believe that staring over Deepika Padukones picture or Priyanka Chopras pictures all day long might makes us feel to wear exactly what they are wearing and look diva and make Delhi muddy road dazzling ramp walk but come on we all know that is not possible right? And that too especially for people under middle class. So here fashion blogger got practical enough and laid out some knowledge about street fashion.

So,I think it would be better if we focus more and talk about our first category that is street fashion sense:

For all those who love to dress themselves up and look decent and chic at the same time. Girls this is what you need to know more about. For making it clear and not so complicated thing to understand pointers have been laid down to catch up weather your street fashion is actually a fashion or something else.

1. Now first and the most important thing you need to know when it comes about street look is letting your style do the talking. No do not get me wrong by that I did not mean wear something which has only written quotations on it. Keep it real, keep it simple.

2. Now, secondly please do not hide yourself or your skin under bulk of accessories I mean try to keep minimal accessories u know as less as possible.

3. Layering is the key, anything like anything u wear be it a dress, shirt, shorts, jeans or skirt wearing denim or anything jacket over it can turn the whole game. It looks effortlessly fashionable with the layering game. You can buy Biba Coupons to get the best offers.

4. The most relaxing thing here is to keep yourself relaxed. Do not stress yourself while dressing up. Like, Looking fashionable with being comfortable is known to be as a blissful combination. Comfort before anything, if you are comfortable in what you are wearing then you yourself will feel lifted and good. And that feeling is what matters the most in fashion game.

5. There is of course a thing called night and day type dresses. We need to understand the difference between them. There is some particular stuff we can only wear in day time while some we can only wear in party time. Shifting time of wearing would not make you look fashionable but stupid so be wise enough while dressing up according to the event.

6. Invest more on neutral look make sure whatever you wear should look good on you, should be of good fitting, should suit your body type, and most importantly should enhance your personality.

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These are some basic points; one needs to understand while prepping themselves up to look fashionable. Fashion is not just how you look but how you feel, how you walk, how you talk and most importantly how you present yourself to others. Club Factory Coupons are very good in this regards.

Here are some of the most trusted top fashion bloggers of India:






These fashion bloggers are not only known for their great fashion sense but also as market influencers. They not just teach people the urge of fashion in everyday life but also how important it is for an individual to know never compromise with the comfort of yours.

Fashion is not like started from yesterday or yesteryear it has got a whole history. If we talk about the evolution of fashion industry then the cycle goes from bellbottom to slim fit, from kurtas to off shoulder tops, from ghaghracholi to lehengas or shararas. Fashion industry nowadays has evolved so much that if we look back we can clearly see the difference. And the funniest as well as the loving part about this industry is once gone fashion stuff can make a comeback any time. This shows once a fashion lover is always a fashion lover.

On concluding myself up I would like to put all of my attention towards those who feel themselves less than anybody because of shape or size. There is no such size conscious thing in this industry every individual deserves respect and allowed to share thoughts. Being a plus size in figure does not make me any less than anybody. Fashion respects every individual and every individual respects fashion;after all fashion is all about ones thought and perception of looking the world in their very own way.

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