Best iPhone Mobile Features You Must Know

Best iPhone Mobile Features You Must Know

iOS is sated with hundreds of cool little features which do not get the recognition or appreciation that they deserve. Even those who stayed loyal to Apple handsets since its inception are not aware of this little, yet cool features. Some of the biggest and worth mentioning features of iPhone Mobile which everyone must know are mentioned below. iPhone mobiles are quite expensive and to buy them you need to spend fortune, but not any longer as there is Amazon Mobile Promotional Code that lets you save great deal of money on iPhones.

Smart Invert for Unrehearsed iOS Dark Mode:
iOS has not yet launched a true Dark Mode in any of their handsets. But as per the rumours, the latest iOS 13 would have it in its accessibility settings. It is not the regular Invert Colours which would make the difference and make it look like psychedelic fever dream, but it is the Smart Invert Colours changing elements which will turn the background to black, while maintaining the original colours of the app icons, graphical elements and photos. But the catch is that this Dark Mode will only work with the built-in apps by Apple and hence you will have better time using it on.

Quick Disable of Face ID During Emergency:
Face ID is the widely appreciated feature of iPhone mobiles as it makes easier to unlock the iPhone. But when you are aware that you will be in the situation where you might have an issue then you can easily disable it in matter of seconds. You simply need to hold the side button and the volume rocker button together for two seconds and it will quickly disable the Face ID and a sharp vibration will give you the confirmation that it is activated. After disabling it, anyone who tries to access your phone needs to provide the password to unlock it.

Hiding Photos from Prime Photos Feed:
iPhone users usually store their photos in the photo feeds as it makes it easier to see photos that you have captured from your device. But, iOS has upgraded their device that lets you to hide some of the selected photos from your main photo feeds by transferring them into a special folder. You simply need to go to the photos app and open the offending photos and click on share button and along the bottom bar you need to scroll down until you find the option of HIDE. Click on it and the photos will be concealed.

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Reach-ability to Reach Upper Screen Elements Right from Bottom:
Everyone is appreciated with the larger screen size of their iPhone, especially the iPhone XS Max. But when it comes to reach the upper screen elements it becomes challenging, especially when operating with one hand. This is where Reach-Ability features come to your rescue. When you are using this feature you simply need to swipe down the digital bar at bottom of screen and automatically the top elements of the phone will shift halfway down and you can easily press access the upper elements when using it single handed.

One Hand Keyboard:
Even if you have large size palms, typing messages with one hand is something that is quite complicated and you can not type your messages with one hand, especially on the digital keyboard of iPhone handsets. Fortunately, Apple has launched a new feature which is called one handed keyword which makes typing easier even on larger screen of iPhone. This feature allows you to type messages with one thumb only. To activate it you need to hold down the smiley face button and a menu will pop up for standard keyboard and left or right handed keyboard. You simply need to select the side and start typing away.

iOS Search Bar As Simple Calculator:
The built-in calculator app works efficiently and smartly of all iPhone devices. iOS has also added a new features where you can use the standard search bar and you can find this simply by swiping down the home screen. Rather than entering the standard text in search bar you can change the digital keyboard over number and then make simple addition, multiplication, subtraction and division calculations with respective keys.

Customize Vibrations for Family and Friends
Now you are not required to keep your phone simply vibrating for all calls. iPhone lets you to make and set specific vibration for family and friends to differentiate their calls from others. You can go to the settings to activate it and set the vibration for the contacts as per your need.

So, these were some of the exciting and worth mentioning features of iPhone that everyone must know. Before buying any iPhone mobiles ensure to visit the site of to find the excising Amazon deals and promo codes to save money on your next purchase.

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