Best Online Education Platforms of 2021: Learn Smarter

Best Online Education Platforms of 2021: Learn Smarter


Byjus is one of the best online education websites in 2021. This online learning platform was started in the year 2021 and is now known as the most valuable creators in the education business.

This platform was launched in the year 2011 and offers interactive learning for all the students aged from 4th to 12th standard.

Byjus hires all the subject tutors in India. That is why this platform has more than 33 million registered aspirants and 2.2 million paid subscriptions. They simply believe in the personalized learning program for every student and Byjus is one of the most valuable ed-tech creators. It is one of the best online tutoring websites for online tutoring jobs in India. Have a look at our Byjus offers if you want to avail the best offers on stunning courses.

book your free class and learn from indias best teachers
Best Offer

Book your free class and learn from Indias best teachers

register for free and get  access to 50,000+ videos, tests , games
Best Offer

Register for Free and Get Access to 50,000+ Videos, Tests , Games

register for free and get  access to 50,000 + videos, tests & games
Best Offer

Register for Free and get Access to 50,000 + Videos, Tests & Games


Vedantu is one of the best online tutoring platforms that you will find in India. It is a leading online tutorial website that enables students to learn from the best teachers. Their main vision is to reimagine and involve the ways of teaching and learning.

By combining the quality of teachers and superior technology, Vedantu is creating a better learning experience for the students.

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It is one of the leading brands for online tutoring sites in India Udemy is the leading marketplace for learning and instruction. Students connect on this platform and receive the best classes online from the leading tutors all around the world helping individuals to pursue their dreams.

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Flash Sale: Learn New Skills From Rs.525 + Extra 10% OFF

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Get up to 85% OFF on Machine Learning, And Python for Data Science

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Trending Offer: Get Economics Courses Starting at Rs.360

Udemy Academy is a leading brand for teaching and learning. Here, you can find several courses such as content marketing, digital marketing, Python learning, and many more with ease. And, if you have some kind of skill and think that it will be in demand in the market then you are expertise in that. Connect with the Udemy team to become a certified tutor. You can also use Udemy coupons as well if you are looking for a decent discount.


It is founded by Harvard University in collaboration with MIT in the year 2012. This website remains one of the most valuable educational websites for college students. And, one can avail high-quality courses from the top universities in the world.

best offer free learning from top universities
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Best Offer Free Learning From Top Universities

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Chemical Engineering Courses from Top Institute

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Get Professional Certificate on Nutrition Courses

It has become the global learning destination for tons of students and learners everywhere. And, there are over 140 universities and institutions that offer 2500+ online courses as their microprograms, series programs, certificate programs, and many more. The courses available on are globally recognized for their updated content.

You can also try out our EdX discount codes for availing of the best offers on various courses available on this platform.


Unacademy is considered one of the largest education platforms. It has gained over 30,000+ students who have benefited from over 2400 online lessons.

They are one such best online tutoring websites and they have topped up educators on the list. With around 2 million views per month, these people are changing people lives in the country remote corners.

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It is one of the top online learning apps that includes courses for all the classes across the boards whether it be ICSE, CBSE, or any other board. This app is meant to help students from all classes of 8th -12th with the online classes, live classes, adaptive practice, live doubts, and mock tests.
Toppr prepare aspirants for various exams such as JEE Mains, Olympiad, AIIMS, CA, NDA, and many more. You can easily get a Toppr subscription starting at Rs 30,000 and can also subscribe to the individual modules.

best learning app for students

Best Learning App for Students

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Schedule Your FREE Demo At Home

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ICICI Bank Offer: Get up to 45% OFF on Topper Subscription

HubSpot Academy

It does not need any introduction if you are a learner because nowadays Hubspot Academy is one of the best online tutoring websites available in the world. This brand is a leader for free online training for many courses that provide specialization certificates as well. Their Courses has helped business owners, and job professionals to grow in their respective field. And, that is why it is one of the best tutoring sites in India.

If you are the one who believes in constant learning and wants to grow themselves then you will surely connect with it. This platform provides amazing quality content from the best tutors all around the world. It offers courses like sales, inbound marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, many more. One can join the Hubspot Academy with ease if they are possessing an expertise in that. Here, you can surely apply on the websites for queries. It is the best free online education website.

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Academic Earth

It is among the top educational websites that came into existence in the year 2009. This platform was founded by Richard Ludlow, Liam Pisano, and Chris Bruner. It fulfills all the educational needs of students in various possible ways.

Here, the courses are available in Finance, Accounting, Arts and Design, Computer Science, Construction, and Behavioural Psychology, Entrepreneurship, etc.

Here, you will find several online educational courses and lectures on a wide array of subjects from the best places in the world. Here, you will come across several videos and voice podcasts on many subjects that make your learning enjoyable. It draws more and more students and scholars to fulfill their educational needs.

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It is an educational website that is designed specifically for the students of Classes 1 to 12. This platform stands out because of the high-quality study material it offers. Here, this platform offers videos to help students understand the underlying concepts and facts by visualizing the information.

On meritnation, you can find study materials and textbook solutions for all the students across various boards. This platform is considered best for live classes and online coaching and live classes for the students of Class 4th to 12th. And, most students love to explore the Homework Help section from this website that provides solutions for queries. This platform is highly versatile and offers the best content for students. One can download its app for Android as well as for iOS.

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