Bike-Taxis: The new way to travel faster

Bike-Taxis: The new way to travel faster

The 21st century has been a progressive era for this world. Everything around us has been changing so rapidly that it has been hard to keep track of the revolutions that have been happening all around. One of those revolutions is the taxi revolution. If someone would have asked me a few years back that if I could book a taxi using my phone and it will come to pick me up, I must have considered that person crazy. But now, it feels impossible to imagine a world without that. Apps like uber, ola, Rapido, etc. have played a significant role in this.

What are bike taxis?

Bike - taxis, normally known as Baxis a combination of words bike and taxi, have now been a new revolution in the field of travelling using online services. Bike taxis are motorcycle taxis that are more economical than cabs and are considered a faster means of travel especially when the cities are highly congested. Not only they are fast, but they have also appeared as a safer alternative to taxis.

Features of bike taxis:

  1. Bike taxis are a faster means of traveling as compared to cars.

  2. They are the economical alternative to whizz.

  3. Being smaller, they can easily pass through the traffic, hence saving your time.

  4. They are also considered a safer option for your journey across states.

History of bike taxis in India:

The concept of bike taxis has existed in India since 1981. The Government of Goa was one of the first governments to issue the permit to use the motorcycles as taxis. The revolution has been happening ever since. Now, many metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru have adapted bike taxis as the new revolution in the field of transportation.

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Covid-19 situation and bike taxis:

The current situation of covid-19 has been proven to have a blooming effect in the bookings of bike taxis due to the limited avenues of public transport. The people who cannot afford to book a cab have now found a cheaper and faster alternative which has made their hardships easier to manage. Apps like uber provide uber coupons which give them extra discounts while travelling via bike taxis.

Top Apps to book bike taxis:

Uber MOTO: It is an app designed by uber which is used for bike-taxi booking services only. It is being used at a great scale in many metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Amritsar, Kanpur, Noida, Jaipur, etc. Uber MOTO provides one of the fastest and economical bikes rides all over the country. Also, they provide discounts to first-time users, regular users as well. You can avail of extra discount using uber coupon codes which are easily available on various sites as well.

Ola bikes: ola bike is an app that was launched in the year 2016 for booking bike rides. Their services have been blooming ever since. Now, Ola bikes are successfully running across over 150 cities in India and will continue to expand soon as well.

Rapido: This is another app that is solely dedicated to booking bike taxi services all over the country. It has been one of the best apps for booking bike taxis and has been running successfully in over 25 cities now. You can avail of various discounts on the rides using rapido coupons, which make the travelling experience more economical and better.

Pillion Rides: It is a Delhi-based eco-friendly startup that uses only E-bikes. E-bikes run on a battery that is rechargeable and hence causes zero fuel emission which is good for our environment. They have been helping improve the air-quality index of Delhi with the help of their low carbon emission.

Challenges of Bike-taxi Startups

Due to the lack of clarity by the government about the laws governing bike taxis, the owners of bike-taxi startups have to face a lot of difficulties. Here are some challenges that are needed to overcome to make bike-taxi a viable mode of transport.

Regulatory Problems: Certain regulatory barriers hamper the growth of these startups. To survive in the market, bike-taxi must follow the rules and regulations firmly. Whether it is regulating yellow-coloured plates or ensuring safety for their passengers. In India, there are very few states that follow a legal framework for the bike taxi. Even Rapido and Ola had to face trouble with the bike-taxis regulation laws.

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Safety Concerns: Since bike taxis are two-wheelers, therefore they are more prone to accidents as compared to taxis and cars. According to a WHO report, motorcycles are regarded as the most vulnerable means of transportation. Chances are that you met an accident 36 times more than any car accident. Hence, safety is one of the most important concerns in India. The government also needs to understand the seriousness of the situation and should make mandatory rules for these bike-taxi providers. Although for promoting safe driving, Helmets are made mandatory. But road repairs and filling potholes are some of the aspects that are still unseen and ignored.


With the evolution in the taxi world, Bike taxis are gradually penetrating the Indian market, and the consumers are becoming aware of their presence. The startups will become widespread means of transport with the introduction of regulations which will enable them to run in different cities. Availability of funding is also crucial, and many investors have already shown their interest in the sector.

We are not far from the time when you will be able to hail a bike taxi with the touch of a button and reach work quickly paying less than a cab. Commuters will no longer need to wait for public transport or waste time stuck in traffic! The evolution of bike taxis has left a significant mark on the consumers and is continuing to evolve more.

If the government manages to ensure proper rules and regulations bike-taxi startups, as well as the consumers, will receive help from it. If the current state of growth in this sector maintains itself, then in a few years bike taxis will be one of the most convenient and economical ways of travelling across states.

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