Expert Advice On How To Trim Your Bangs At Home

Expert Advice On How To Trim Your Bangs At Home

Because of the global Coronavirus pandemic people across the world are lockdown in their homes and they are staying now in self isolation in a bid to stop spreading of the virus and breaking down the chain. This means that all of us will be locked up at home for foreseeable future. So, it is the good time now for all of us to learn how to do things at home when such situation arises. This includes washing clothes, cleaning homes and even cutting hair or trimming the bangs. When looking at your mirror if you can not see how long your bangs are because it is blocking your vision, it is probably the right time to trim the bangs at home. Trimming your Fringe at home is not easy, but it is not a rocket science either. With some knowledge and right equipments trimming of the bangs can be done easily at home itself during such lockdown weeks.

Avoid Using the Craft Scissors
According to the Top Hairstylist, it is important that you use only the authentic haircutting scissors for trimming the bangs and not just the scissors that you use for craft works. The haircutting scissors come with pointed tip. But if you are not having the proper scissor at home or time to order it online from Nykaa Sale, then it is suggested that you must make use of fabric scissors as they are shaper and can help you trim the bangs easily at home.

Drying The Hair Before Trimming
When the hair is wet, it tends to seem longer as compared to the dry hair and hence you may end up cutting the bangs too short if the hair is wet. So, before start the trimming process ensures that you Dry your Hair First using a blow dryer. When trimming the bangs you need to consider its growth patterns, fullness and cowlicks. While blow drying the bangs keep on combing the bangs with normal teeth of comb and avoid the superfine teeth as it may stretch down the bangs extremely and this will make your trim the bangs too shorter.

Start Trimming of Bangs Gradually
Now after you blow dries your bangs, it is the time to start the trimming process. It is suggested that you must start with small sections first so that you can stop immediately if something goes wrong. You always need to trim the longer section first of your bangs. The thumb rule is that you must always ensure measuring the bangs before you trim them. You must check the length of the bangs in mirror putting it in your fingers and then decide how long or short you want to cut. Whether you need the bangs to be 8 inches to shorter than that and trims them accordingly.

Cutting the Bangs at Angle
Experts suggest that rather than cutting the bangs in straight line across people must cut them at an angle. You need to hold the scissors at an angle so that you can easily cut through the hair at the desired angle and slightly chip away the bangs to create soft edges. This is what hair experts do at their saloon when you go for bang trimming.

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Blunt straight across chop will also soften the bangs, thereby removing all the harsh lines. You are required to follow the grown out shape of bangs when trimming them and you will end up with invigorated fringe until you see a pro next time at their saloon.

Cut the Bangs in Length
You are required to hold the scissors in horizontal position in opposite hand and trim the bangs that are hanging beneath the fingers. You need to cut these bangs like you are cutting paper in 2-3 snips. The thumb rule is that you must always prefer trim less than you decide, actually not more than a quarter of inch and ensure to keep the bangs at least below the brow. If you notice that the bangs are angled to one side, then simply hold the finger at that angle and allow the bangs to rest at eyebrow level.

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