Fight the Summer Heat Waves with These Beauty Tips for Women in Summer

Fight the Summer Heat Waves with These Beauty Tips for Women in Summer

Like winters, summer months also demand for special beauty tips to beat the scorching heat and soaring temperature, while leading a comfortable and beautiful lifestyle. It is the summer months when the eye shadow tends to become greasy pool in eyelid creases, the hair falls frizz or flat and the hair colour tends to look much like mud against the tan. But, you do not have to panic as there are fixes available to all summer beauty woes that help keep you look at your best and accept the summer with open hands. Below you will come across with some helpful Beauty Tips for Women in Summer to combat against the summer heat waves and cure the summer woes.

1. Burning Feet and Hands:
Summer heat waves are very soaring and it is harsh for your skin too. People are likely to experience extreme burning of their feet and hands when they go out for work under sun. There are many helpful tips for burning skin available online, of which the best tip is rubbing bitter gourd slices on the palms of your hands and soles of your feet. This will do wonders for your burning skin and reduce the irritation caused by skin burning.

For burning eyes, you are suggested to use tea bags. You need to place a tea bag in freezer for few minutes and then put the tea bags on your closed eyes for 15 minutes and relax. Cucumber slices and rose water pads are also very effective for combating against burning eyes. There are readymade rose water pads available online which you can buy and save money with Nykaa Discount Code Online.

2. Fresh Look of Skin:
One of the suggested Tips for Glowing Skin in Summer is to use rose water. You are required to store fresh rosewater in your refrigerator and sprinkle it every day on your face and skin several times during summer for a glowing and tan-free look. Working women must carry a bottle in their purse to be used all the time even at work. This beauty tip would help you to see immediate effect on your skin and turns the dull skin brighter and softer indeed despite the scorching summer.

Another helpful beauty tip is that you need to use watermelon peels. Most of us usually throw away the watermelon peels after consuming it. But next time do not throw it; instead store the peels into your fridge and when you are back from work or sun, rub it gently on your face and neck. This will give your skin with cooling effects and also provide it with natural AHAs. It also helps making the skin softer and rehydrates it for a brighter and glowing look again.

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3. Open Pores and Scalp Issues:
As the summer months approach open pores start causing problems and to prevent such issues from happening this summer ensure to place a couple of slices of raw tomatoes on the skin after it has been refrigerated. Keep the refrigerated slices of tomatoes on skin to allow the juice to get absorbed completely. You may also rub the slices gently in your skin and you will soon feel the tightness and the open pores will soon shrink. This is one of the effective Beauty Tips for Women in Summer.

Working under sun is not easy indeed. The extreme heat from sunlight can cause significant damage to your scalp as well. People tend to have boils on scalp and this is because of the heat waves. The best way to combat against such issue is by rinsing the scalp and hair with pure neem water. You will find neem extract online which you can mix well with water and use to rinse the hair with it. Check for CouponsCurry Online Coupon Site to get some discounted coupons to buy the neem extract online and save money on it.

After rinsing the hair with neem water, you must apply a fullers earth mixture on scalp with cold milk and let it dry for few minutes and then rinse it. People with oily hair need to apply mixture of fullers earth with yoghurt. You may also find some helpful Summer Beauty Tips in Hindi online.

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