Finding yourself the right foundation

Finding yourself the right foundation

If you are a makeup lover, you might have struggled a bit when selecting the right kind of foundation, every now and then. The right type of foundation depends on your skin type, skin color, coverage requirements, and other personal choices. The market is flooded with a range of options and it sometimes becomes difficult to pick up the right one, which might fit your needs.

Before choosing "the one", you must be aware of the benefits and drawbacks that various types of foundations have. Let's explore them one at a time.

Pressed or Loose Powder

Pressed and loose powder is applied to make sure that the foundation or concealer stays for a longer period of time and does not get rubbed off from the skin in a shorter span when you are ready to go for an event. Pressed powder foundations are a great way for touch-ups and can also help in hiding your pimples and marks with utmost perfection. Pressed powders are a miracle formula for people who have dry skin type as they contain more amount of oil in them. Whereas, for the oily skin type, they might give a cakey look. If you plan to buy it online, nykaa is the best website nowadays to give it a try. But do not forget to avail active nykaa coupon codes available at for FREE and make your shopping pocket friendly.

Pressed powder is portable and handy when it comes to carrying them around. They provide an illuminating and slight glow if used over a daily moisturizer. But, one must be careful while choosing the right powder because it is a matter of your skin that cannot be compromised over anything. Given below are the tips for those who are looking for perfect match in their power and foundation:

Tips for a perfect match in powder and foundation

  1. Too much application of foundation powder can give you a mask-like appearance.

  2. If you have sensitive and dry skin type, try avoiding powder foundation as it might make your skin look more drier and might damage it as well.

Compact Cream to Powder Foundations

There is a whole other range of compact cream to powder foundations. Whether you are a makeup lover, a beauty blogger, or an influencer, compact cream is best suitable for any skin type whether normal, sensitive, or dry. And, the most amazing part of compact cream is that it is very easy to apply as one can easily blend it through a makeup brush or sponge.

Compact creams work superb if you need just a touch-up.

The most important tip that every makeup expert suggests while going for any compact cream is that you must look if it provides sheer to full coverage on your skin. But, one must not opt for this if they have oily to sensitive skin, as it gives a heavier impact on your skin.

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Liquid Foundations with a Matte Finish

Liquid foundations are the ones that will suit you if you are looking for something that can feel light on your skin type and does not create any difficulty while you blend it. The reason that makes liquid foundations preferable is that they can make your skin pores and wrinkles less observable and can provide great coverage for brown spots and marks. Liquid foundations help in creating a smoother appearance and also control excessive shiny looks on the face. Liquid foundations work best if you apply serum or moisturizer before the direct application.

Tinted Moisturizers

As the name suggests, tinted moisturizers provide your skin a well-polished look but with a slight tint. There is quite a contrast between a foundation and a tinted moisturizer. A foundation contains around 14 to 15% of titanium oxide, whereas a tinted moisturizer contains around 3%. If you are looking for a lighter coverage than a tinted moisturizer is the right choice for you. It is advised to use sunscreen before a tinted moisturizer as it adds an additional layer of protection. So, it gives a fair idea to use these kinds of foundations in warmer months for a better glow.

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Anti-aging Foundations

Anti-aging foundations are the foundations that provide nourishment if you have any kind of skin type, but they were particularly designed for mature skin types. Anti-aging foundations can be pronounced as anti-aging serums in the cosmetic world. If you want your youthful glow to stay persistent and everlasting, look for anti-aging foundations that contain Retin A, Vitamin C serum, and other ingredients as well. If you want better results with wrinkles, you can use it with a combination of lotion and cleansers.

Foundation Sticks

Foundation sticks are basically portable foundations used in a thicker format. They are easily accessible and handy in the application as there is no need for bothering over the mess created from liquid foundations. Like liquid foundations and concealers, they also provide full coverage and work well when it comes to hiding spots and pimples.

Here are some tips for styling sheer blouses

If you usually suffer from breakouts, you can use foundation sticks regardless of your skin type. But, there are some precautions that one must consider while dealing with foundation sticks. They melt down and break if you keep them in your backpacks for a longer span and they might also feel sticky on your face if you do not blend them properly. They work best if you have a dry skin type. On the other hand, they might not work really well if you fall under the category of oily to combination skin type.

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Moisturizing Liquid Foundations:

Moisturizing liquid foundations help in hydrating skin without making it look greasy. They can make your skin look younger than it is with a sheen look. If you have normal-dry skin, go for satin matte or satin finishes.

However, since these foundations are oily, they can make oily skin look even oilier and shinier. They are also not appropriate for touch-ups unless you are carrying a small size bottle.

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All in all, choose your right type wisely as per your skin type and preferences. Buying a good foundation can be expensive. However, if you choose brands like Nykaa or Shoppers Stop and buy it online, websites like can provide you good discount deals or free coupon codes and make your foundation buying experience a little cheaper.

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