Holidaying Destinations in India for Summer Months

Holidaying Destinations in India for Summer Months

It is undeniable fact that summer months in India is very challenging, hot and scorching with higher level of humidity. But, the temperature does not remain the same in all the cities and states of India. There are many destinations across the country where the temperature is low during summer, making them the ultimate places to enjoy your summer vacations. So, plan your next summer vacation at one of these destinations to off-beat the scorching sun rays in summer.

You can escape in wild beaches or reach the towering altitude destinations in India, there are many options and Holidaying Destinations in India for summer. Make your summer vacation more worthy and cheaper with the Goomo Disocunt Code offered at CouponsCurry. Use it while booking your vacation to get great discounts online.

1. Ladakh:
North India is dotted with many ideal destinations for summer holidays, of which the most popular choice is Ladakh. Situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, this destination has myriad of attractions and sights for romantic travellers, wildlife lovers and even for pilgrims. You can experience the panoramic views of mountains and snow peaked hills, or visit the serene and tranquil monasteries and experience the colourful culture which add value to this wonderful valley of snow and mountain. Spot the snow leopards in the Hemis National Park or enjoy watching the festivals by staying in Monasteries, or enjoy the ride on beautiful double humped camel, there are many things for all vacationers.

2. Manali:
Himachal Pradesh is known for its snow peaked mountains and adventure activities. It has some of the best summer destinations which you can explore in your next visit, of which the most popular is Manali which is the exclusive one and must visit destination during summer holidays. This place enjoys the benefits of prettiness from Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges of Himalayan family. Manali is often considered to be the idyllic and exotic honeymoon destination, but there are many adventure activities to enjoy which make it the ideal holiday destination in India for summers. From yak riding to paragliding, hand gliding and yak safari, these were some of the adventure activities to enjoy here.

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3. Shimla:
India has some destinations which never fade away and Shimla is one of such clich destinations where people visit during summer to avoid the scorching heat. Due to its higher attitude and mountain climate, the place remains cool and exotic all year round and it has many captivating vegetations and offers some romantic environment too. Shimla is considered to be the summer capital in India and it is highly preferred summer retreats since British era. Camping, hiking, picnicking, sightseeing and adventure activities are common and popular amongst the tourists.

4. Munnar:
If visiting south India is what you desire during your summer holiday, then Munnar is the destination that worth your visit. Situated in the state of Kerala, Munnar is considered to be the epitome of beauty of this state. It is the hill station that is popular for all types of vacations round the year. As the summer approaches, the hill station is dotted with much colourful wildlife and ensures exclusive romance. This makes it the rejuvenating destination to off-beat the challenging heat of India during summer. Mountain biking, camping, cycling, trekking are some of the adventure activities that you can enjoy in this destination.

5. Andaman Island:
To beat the scorching heat of summer, you are not always required to visit the hill stations. You can beat the heat of summer without having to climb higher altitudes and heights. If enjoying water activities is what helps you to beat the heat and sun, then it is the time to enjoy the Hollywood style beach vacation right in the shores of Andaman Island. This island is a bit away from the main island of India. Hundreds of islands were cluttered together to create the Andaman group of Island. Explore the beaches, enjoy sun bathing, water activities and picnicking on the shores, there are many activities to enjoy at this destination.

These were some of the holidaying destination for summer in India. But before you plan a vacation at these destinations ensure to visit the coupon site to check for Ixigo Promo Code to make your summer vacation affordable and discounted.

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