Home Decor Accessories for Living Room

Home Decor Accessories for Living Room

If you plan to decorate your house, the first room in your list must be the living room. It is the space of your house where you enjoy the quality time together with your family members, and it is also used for entertainment. It needs to be decorated carefully by putting together all the decorative items and accessories that make the space appealing. Whether you are planning for a full remodelling or want to update the decor of the living room, this helpful guide features some of the best living room decor accessories that can help you decorate the space according to modern trends. Below is the list of home decor accessories for the living room that you must consider to make the space look lively and refreshed. Ensure to use the Hometown discount coupons to buy these products to save money.


Natural, green and vibrant plants are the must-have decorative items that every modern living room should include. Different types of indoor plants are available, and they are versatile and enhance the decor and style of the living space. But you must choose the right indoor plant that is suitable for the overall decor of your living space.

Comfortable Rug

A comfortable rug with soft texture is another important living room accessory that offers a cosy and soft feel under your feet. It is an important item that makes your living room feel and look inviting. Plus, your guests will always appreciate the feel and look of the living room, which is enhanced by the placement of a comfortable rug.

Bold Drapes

Curtains or drapes give your living room a bold character, and it is the best way to give the space a beautiful feel with different colour combination and bold patterns of the drapes. You have to choose some appealing look for the curtains and drapes and avoid using the plain curtains as it tends to disappear into the background of the space.

A Tray

Little things can make a significant impact in living rooms. A tray is a useful decorative item that every modern living room must-have.

A stylish tray can be the most wonderful and useful addition to a modern living room. You can place the tray anywhere on a coffee table where all essentials like TV remote and magazines can be organized.

Comfy Pillows

Pillows are the must-have decorative items for the living room. Every modern living room today has comfy pillows on the couch or sofa. These pillows offer extra back support to the guests when they are sitting on your comfy couch or sofa. Look for the best and comfortable pillows to decorate the sofa and couch of your living room.

Some Personal Items

To make your living room look homey, you must include personal decorative items like family photos or other images in a row. With such little addition, you can give your living room a refreshing and stylish look. You can add any personal item that you think is worth showcasing to the guests.


It is not always necessary to plan a romantic evening to use candles in your living room. You can use candles anytime to give your living room a cosy feel and look. It makes the room inviting, and you can easily enhance the overall ambiance of the room with the placement of candles across the room. Candles can be displayed beautifully on the mantel, the side table or coffee table.


Not every homemaker finds TV as a useful decorative item in the living room. But, it is the must-have item for a living room indeed. Even if you don’t prefer watching TV, it is important to have one in your living room because your guest might prefer to watch it. Most of the TVs available today are Smart Devices, and hence it can be used for other purposes rather than streaming TV channels or movies.

These were some of the important home decor accessories for the living room that you must use while decorating your living space. Moreover, don’t forget to use the Pepperfry Coupon Code while buying any of these decorative items to save money on your purchase. You will find many decorative items available with discount offers and on sales which you may grab to stay economical.

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