La Paz A worthy contender for your dream destination

La Paz A worthy contender for your dream destination

We have all had that dream place that we have always wanted to visit ever since our childhood. So if you are prepared to take that leap of faith and explore new paths them you have come to the right place. Travel is always at its best when there is no plan involved and everything happens on a spontaneous note. A real traveler wouldn’t sit around and rely on the internet to find out but would rather have his own experience when it comes to finding the hidden secrets of the place that they explore. There are so many iconic destinations out there that have a lot to offer. Let’s take a look at one of these most sought after touristic destinations out there.You can use Goomo coupons for affordable flight booking and hotel booking.

All about La Paz:
La Paz also officially known as Nuestra Senora de La Paz is the third most populated city in Bolivia. The city is located approximately 68 km south east to Lake Titicaca. The city is gently placed on the canyon formed by the ChoqueyapuRiver. The city is also surrounded by the high mountains of Altplano on one side. This includes the mammoth triple peaked Illimani whose peaks are always snow covered. The city is the highest capital city in the world sitting at an altitude of almost 12,000 feet above sea level. This high altitude has also given the city a rather peculiar sets of climate having rainy summers and dry winters.

Specialty of La Paz
• The city inside of the fact that it is so high has so many other places to explore as well. The city is surrounded by the host of the world’s most unique market place especially the witches market.

• The city also has a really vibrant appearancethroughout most of its architectures. The high altitude of the city also allows you have some of the most breath taking views of the city itself and the surrounding mountains from a whole array of observation points.

• The city has a lot of landmarks such as cathedrals, churches and so on. All these have given the city the place among the 7 New wondercities of the world.

Types of places to explore in La Paz:
There are different and unique places in La Paz that you explore and enjoy. There are mountain bike tours, walking tours, parks, forests, private sightseeing tours, specialty museums, architecture tours, cultural tours, historical tours, art tours, archaeology tours, and beautiful day trips. Air, helicopter and balloon tours are the most fun and are liked by many people. Uyuni salt flats day trip by air from La Paz, wonder Bolivia- salt flat, 2- day Uyuni salt flats- including Laguna Colorada by flight from La Paz, 6- day Bolivia private tour- La Paz- Uyuni salt flats- Lake Titicaca- Tihuanacu. Some top attractions in La Paz are:

1. Fun & Games- Urban Rush Bolivia

2. Sights & Landmarks- MiTeleferico

3. Nature & Parks- Huayna Potosi

4. Nature & Parks- Illimani

5. Nature & Parks- Valley of the moon

6. Nature & Parks- Muela del Diablo

7. Outdoor activities- WMDR Yungas Road

8. Museums- National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore

9. Nature & Parks- Chacaltaya Ski Resort

10. Sights & Landmarks- MiradorKilliKilli

11. Museums- Museum of Musical Instruments- MuseoInstrumentos Musicales de Bolovia

12. Sights & Landmarks- Iglesia de San Francisco

13. Sights & Landmarks- CalleSagarnaga

14. Sights & Landmarks- Jaen Street

15. Sights & Landmarks- Mercado de Las Brujas

Day Trips, Excursions, Walking & Biking Tour
La Paz is known for day trips, incredible excursions, walking and biking tour. La Paz is renowned for queer markets, different topography, and beautiful traditional culture. La Paz is located in the valleys of the Andes that is quite close to the Eastern Split of a region called as Altiplano region. It is closer to some really gorgeous mountains. La Paz is one such eye- pleasing, blissful city that touches the clouds. You can books your flight in Ixigo website using Ixigo coupons and get amazing discounts.Let’s see what more La Paz has for you in its treasure. Tiwanku& Puma Punku- The ancient civilization. Ruins of Tihuanaku, Death road by Bike and Zip Line, Ice climbing full day tour, death road biking tour, La Paz small- group sightseeing tour- Plaza Murillo, San Pedro Prison, and Witches Market. La Paz walking tour including historical streets. Some best outdoor activities that you will love to do in La Paz are- AONE biking, Huayna Potosi, Illimani, Chacaltaya Ski Resort, and Valley of the moon. There are many private and custom tours too which are there is La Paz, Adventure Walk in Canon de Palca, Tiwanaku archaeological site and Lake Titicaca, and private tour to Parque Nacional Sajama from La Paz.

Why La Paz should in your bucket list?
La Paz is a Bolivian city having the world’s most notable locales. At 11, 975 feet above the sea level, La Paz is the highest de Facto capital city in the world. It’s cable car system is the world’s longest and highest and it offers spectacular views of the city from different angles. There are some interesting facts about La Paz that for sure has the ability to ignite the travel bug in all of us. It’s a chilly place and for the people who don’t like heat La Paz in the ideal place for them. To your surprise, there are four months in a year of La Paz where the temperature is average or higher than 10 degree Celsius. The archways and ceilings of the bus stations of La Paz is built by French architect and is known to give French vibe to that place. There is a French connection to this place. Out of many odd and unique things, there is one more thing that is strangely fascinating in Laz, which is Cebritas, these are humans in zebra costumes who direct traffic. This is itself is pretty attractive and funny. This place has all the qualities that is needed to qualify to become the dream places of people from all around the world.

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