List of Top 7 Online Multiplayer Games To Play With Friends during Lockdown

List of Top 7 Online Multiplayer Games To Play With Friends during Lockdown

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus has lead to nationwide lockdown for 21 days and as a result people across the nation are supposed to stay at home and only go out of house for important work like buying daily essentials. Staying at home for 24 hours a day without office work, meeting people and hanging out with friends means total frustration for some people. It also becomes boring and monotonous for some people. The only means of entertainment for them is their Smartphone where they watch multimedia content and play games with friends. If you are someone who loves playing multiplayer games online with friends over Smartphone, then here is the list of top 7 Online Multiplayer Games that you can play with friends during lockdown.

1. PUBG Mobile
Player Unknown Battleground or PUBG is the top rated online multiplayer game that is played by gamers of all ages. People prefer spending their digital time playing this multiplayer game over Smartphone, PC and Console. This multiplayer game offers different modes including Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, Payload and Arena mode. This multiplayer game has in-match voice chat feature that allows the players of each team to interact with each other during gameplay. The game has high end hardware specification and can be downloaded for free from App Store.

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2. Call of Duty Mobile
Another popular multiplayer game by Activision Studio is the Call of Duty Mobile which comes with diverse maps, game modes and also in-game chat feature. This multiplayer game is co-developed by the makers of PUBG Mobile, Tencent. It features the same game dynamics and comprises same responsive controls like PUBG.

3. Fortnite
Fortnite is another popular multiplayer game which was recently launched and it is the first of its kind multiplayer game to bring battle royal among the masses. This is one of the best multiplayer Online Games to play as it supports cross platform game play that allows the gamers to enjoy the game from console, mobile and PC and join in single team to play together, regardless of the gaming device. It offers touch optimized controls and captivating graphics.

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4. COC or Clash of Clans
COC is the multiplayer strategy game that offers 3rd person perspective where gamers come together to create and join their clan and play the game. The concept of the game involves building villages, upgrading the clan and the troops and invading and defending the villages.

5. Ludo King
Just like the traditional board game now players can enjoy online Ludo with their friends and everything is enjoyed digitally. Ludo King is the best strategy game to play where four players vie with each other to win the game and it is free to play and download from app store.

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6. 8 Ball Pool
This is another top rated free to play multiplayer game and it supports 1-on-1 multiplayer game mode and it offers easy controls to make the game intuitive. To play the game, players need to use the earned coins and it also allows them to unlock the cues, tables and more. this multiplayer game has different modes to enjoy like the Mini Games, 9 Balls and more.

7. Uno!
This is another popular multiplayer game that needs no introduction. This is the popular card game that is played online. This digital version of the card game has the same features and rules like the physical card game. This card also has tournaments and other modes to choose from and it comes with 2v2 multiplayer mode where two players vie as a team and player the game with each other.

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So, these were the top 7 multiplayer games which one can enjoy playing with their friends during nationwide lockdown. These games are quite interesting to play and can relieve the gamers from their boredom and help them to connect with their family and friends virtually through these games. To upgrade and unlock new rewards you need to purchase items using real cash and in such situation you may look for Online Game Offers which are easily available. This can lower the price range of the in-app purchases and helps you to get the items at discounted rates. So, get rid from the boredom during the lockdown of 21 days with these online multiple games which are designed mainly for people of all ages.

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