Netmeds and 1MG. The leading online pharmacies of India

Netmeds and 1MG. The leading online pharmacies of India

The trend of buying medicines online has grown a lot in the past years. From ordering medicines online to booking lab tests to e-consultations. Online pharmacies have every medical service that you are looking for. The best part is that online pharmacies are feasible. Now the people who live in the most remote areas of society also have access to medical care facilities without having to go miles in search of a doctor. One thing that makes online pharmacies have an edge over others is that they are comparatively cheaper and hassle-free. Online pharmacies educate the user about the medicines, unlike the physical ones. When you purchase medicines online you can read the descriptions of various products and can even avail a discount. However, there are several limitations to online pharmacies. While certain pharmacies are completely legitimate, others are not and might leak your private details. It can be quite dangerous to purchase medicine from an online pharmacy that is not legitimate. When you come across such a pharmacy, you might end up consuming medicine that does not have the right composition of respective drugs. That is why it is quite important to know how to check if an online pharmacy is legitimate or not.

When a pharmacy is authorized and legitimate it will give out medicines on basis of real prescription only. So if an online pharmacy is ready to give you medicine without a prescription, then there might be something wrong with it for sure. Along with it, the best part with online pharmacies is you can use free coupon codes while ordering medicines and save an extra penny on your bill with the help of

All the good pharmacies will have proof of their authenticity. Be it certification, an authorization letter etc. While it might take you some time to select an online pharmacy that is genuine and right for you, we bring to you, two of India’s most reliable, online pharmacies that give out the right medicines and other medical services as well. So if you are looking for a trustworthy online pharmacy then have a look at the below mentioned best Online Medicinal platforms of India.

1MG Technologies:

Founded in 2012 by Prashant Tandon, Gaurav Agarwal and Vikas Chauhan, it is one of the most well known and authorised pharmacies of India. 1MG Technologies has pioneered in giving out perfect medicines at cheap rates. Along with a large variety of brands offering medicines, medical equipment, lab test facilities and much more it also has a group of extremely experienced doctors who give the best advice to their patients. You can access the medical products and services given by 1MG Technologies on the mobile app or through the website. The interface of 1MG application is quite perfect and very user-friendly. You can easily navigate through the services and look up the medical equipment that you want to purchase. Avail of extra discount by using 1mg coupons code listed at and cut the bill amount as well.

1mg Lab tests

Along with a great variety of medicines and equipment, 1MG also has the best Lab test facility with the name of 1mg Labs. So next time you have been prescribed a lab test, you can go to the 1MG website and book one from the comfort of your home. 1MG has put in a lot of efforts to make these lab tests hygienic and feasible for users even in the remote parts of the country. India’s topmost labs like Lal Path Labs, Mahajan Imaging Centre, strand life sciences, and many more have joined hands with 1MG Technologies to give the best quality testing. You can choose from the different test packages they provide and even make your lab tests cost-effective.

1mg Online Consultation

1MG is a very secure platform that helps you consult a doctor online. You can seek advice from a trusted and reputed doctor without visiting a hospital. The online appointment is just a few clicks away. When you use 1MG application for online consultation, you get a seamless experience of an online session with a knowledgeable doctor. They also have a "family doctor" feature, in which all the family members of a family can connect with the same doctor whenever they want. The prescriptions you receive can also be shared in the different family accounts.


Netmeds is another Indian online pharmacy which gives out excellent services. Founded in June 2015 by Pradeep Dadha and Bruce Schwack it has its headquarters in chennai. Netmeds has the most comfortable user-interface for both online website and mobile application. With a sleek app design, it ensures that the users have the best experience here. There are several big brands that Netmeds has included in its hub. You get to choose from a huge variety of health products, medicines and various services as well. If you choose Netmeds on your next medicine purchase, you are sure to get all the original medicines at a cost-effective price with the help of active working netmeds coupons from and apart from that here are few services that you can check:

Netmeds Lab Tests:

Netmeds, just like 1MG has the best Lab test facility for almost all the cities of India. It offers over 100+ lab tests and numerous packages that you can select as per your requirement. The tests are easily feasible, hygienic and cheap. At the Netmeds website, you can find all the Lab tests.

Netmeds Online consultation

Netmeds has a number of experts that you can look up to when opting for online consultation. There are hundreds of experienced doctors and professionals that will give you the best advice and perfect consultation. Along with that, you will receive an e-prescription that will get saved in your Netmeds account. You can access it any time and buy the medicines as per your requirement. Netmeds offers a very secure and genuine platform for all sorts of online consultations.

Netmeds First

Netmeds has introduced this feature to all the loyal users. This loyalty program helps the users avail of extra discounts on the medicine purchase and when you become a Netmeds First member you can get 2-5% NMS cashback on your medicine purchase. All the First members get free shipping, free consultations and much more. This feature gives Netmeds edge over other online pharmacies of India.

When it comes to online medicine purchase you can trust these two pharmacies eyes closed. First members have an edge over other users. And further proves its competence in the pharma industry.

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