Places to Visit in Thailand with Family

Places to Visit in Thailand with Family

Thailand is one of the most visited places in the world. People come here for enjoying their weekend, spending their vacations, getaway trips and a lot more things. From solo travelers to those who are family people, you will find everybody having a great time here.Thailand soothes everybody recharging them for the next rumble in life. So, for your next vacations just make this sure that you pick this destination because it offers a wide range of mesmerizing vistas, a lot of variety in cuisines and a number of wild things to do. From chilling out with a beer on a beach to enjoying the serenity in a spa, you can do anything and everything.

Top things to do in Thailand with your family:

1. Thai Massage should be first on your list: Every other thing is secondary; a vacation needs the person to rejuvenate and they have everything in Thailand that will help them do that, be it the temples, serene places, and yes the world famous “Thai Massage.” So when you are on your trip to Thailand, keep everything aside and enter a Thai massage spa center. There are a lot of such shops in the entire country but you can obviously make your own choice. The Thai massage is famous worldwide due to its style which is unique in its own ways. In this form of massage, the masseuse stretches your body as well as works on your pressure points. They are trained in such a way that they would make you feel relaxed. And the best part is, you would have to pay a lesser amount to what you would have given at our home.

2. The floating DamnoenSaduak market: Yes, you heard it right. Thailand is also known for its age’s old floating market which is known as DamnoenSaduak. Although there are a lot of floating markets in the city this one is the best because of the variety of things that are available here. Moreover, this is famous because it is huge. This market is held every day until noon from early morning near the district office which is not far from Khlong. Use the Goibibo flight promo code and enjoy the place.

3. Get to the summit of the unique Sathorn Tower: Thailand is home to several high and adorable buildings that is crafted in such a way that people get astonished with its sheer size and architecture.Sathorn Tower is one of them. You find this magnificent building in the heart of Bangkok. The tower is although abandoned people still find it fancy to climb up the tower and view the entire city from that height. You and your family might make it to the top.

4. Take a ferry to Koh Phi Phi: A family needs a vacation with nature and you got them to the right place. There is a ferry that you can take from Bangkok which will take you to the Koh Phi Phi Island which is just a few nautical miles away from the capital city. The place is eye-arresting with a clear blue sky on the top and clean green water under your boat. The place is a treasure and being here is something that would make you feel like stepping in heaven.

5. Relish your taste buds in the China town: One of the most famous markets in the town that serves a lot of mouth-watering cuisines such as crispy belly of pork, scrumptious duck or any other thing. There are a lot of places that you can try these things but trust me, Chinatown is worth it. And not just the food it has, you can also visit here because of the set-up. If you wish to visit here, do take the trip during the night time. The place during the night turns out into a completely different thing.For extra benefits, you can also check out the website of Coupons Curry and find some deals or coupons for your trip.

6. Take a drive in the city: Oh yes, there is nothing better than driving by yourself in a city that you are visiting. Be it near your home place or somewhere far- far from your home, it is always too good to explore things all by yourself. So to make the city love you back, do not hire a cab or take the metro, just roam around with a bike. Get into the restaurant you want, shop in the market wherever you want. All of this will give you a better feeling and you will feel like a free bird.

7. Take the advantage of Songkran to play with the water gun: If you love to enjoy sports, then apart from bungee jumping, rafting, boating, and playing in the gaming zone there is another exciting thing that you can do in the city and that’s playing during the Songkranwith the locals. For those who are planning to visit Thailand just check out the dates of this traditional Thai New Year. If your dates match then make it sure to have a blast. The locals enjoy playing with the water gun splashing and aiming water at others.

8. Say hello to KhaoYai National Park: Talking about the natural habitat in the country we cannot forget the KhaoYai National Park. The place has a plethora of water bodies, waterfall, forest area, and other things that would make your jawdrop.

Are therefamily trip to Thailand from India?
Yes, there are a lot of Indians who take a trip to this country and enjoy their time here because you get to live life once, and people do make it worthy by visiting here. If you have a chance to come here then do not miss it. Moreover, if you are making your trip to this country, it will cost you around 50,000 with some thousand bucks give or take for 2. So make it a good trip.To get better deals you can also use the Goomo flight promo code.

How can I find a family trip package to Thailand?
There are so many websites, such as make my trip, clear trip, and various other websites, from where you would be able to get a lot of options about the packages. You can either take their pre-designed packages or go for the other one by designing one of your own. Thailand is a place that demands a visit and so should do.

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