PRUEASE 1Mg Tablets: Know Everything About It

PRUEASE 1Mg Tablets: Know Everything About It

PRUEASE 1 Mg tablets are often advised by doctors. Here is all you need to know about pruease 1mg tablets.

Constipation is quite a common problem in adults that is characterized by infrequent bowel movements causing difficulty in the passage of stools. That is why many physicians suggest using prucalopride for treating this particular problem. In chronic idiopathic constipation, laxatives do not work well and for that purpose, only prucalopride drugs are taken.

PRUEASE 1 Mg tablets are often advised by doctors. And, one can have them at a discounted price while buying from netmeds by using 1mg coupons available at for FREE.

How PRUEASE 1mg is beneficial for treating Constipation?

Generally, physicians suggest PRUEASE 1 Mg treat constipation as the prucalopride present in it acts on the muscle wall of our gastrointestinal tract and helps in restoring the normal functioning of the bowel movement. The prucalopride drug is a selective stimulator of serotonin 5HT4-receptors that are often found in our gastrointestinal tracks. And, it also helps to deeply relax the muscle layers which leads to the propulsion of luminal content.

Factors to Consider while taking PRUEASE Tablet

  1. Always take Prucalopride containing tables like 1MG orally i.e, with your mouth. One can take it with or without food as consulted by your physician or doctor.

  2. Many physicians suggest eating food that has foods that are quite high in fiber, for example, you can have fresh fruits, vegetables, and cereals. Moreover, it would be very nice if you drink plenty of water too.

  3. Do not try to crush or chew the PRUEASE tablet before taking it.

  4. The usual dose of PRUEASE is almost 2mg per day and use it regularly if your doctor recommends doing that.

  5. To avoid the side effects, one should exercise regularly.

  6. Recommend your doctor if you are not able to see any positive results from the medication after 3 to 4 days of use.

  7. In most the cases, a doctor recommends an additional medication like a stimulant laxative which can help you with further relief.

  8. Always ask your doctor for how long you must continue taking all these medications.

  9. The medicine is meant only to be used for adults, adolescents up to 18 years, and children must stay away from its use.

  10. If you are a pregnant and lactating woman, the medication is generally avoided in that case. Hence, consult a doctor first, in that case.

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General Side Effects That can be Caused From PRUEASE 1MG Tablets

In medications, side effects are quite common, and taking Pruease1mg tablet must be taken as per the prescription of your doctor only. Otherwise, you might have to deal with several kinds of side effects.

You can also consult with a doctor online through netmeds website and use netmeds discount coupons to get discount on your consultation fees.

However, the tablet if swallowed as whole increases the release of some kind of chemicals which helps to improve the movement of food inside the intestine and also helps in emptying your both liquid and solid waste matter. Now, you should keep taking the medicines till the time doctors suggest you do that. In case, you stop your treatment in the middle of the term then your condition might come back and who knows if it gets worsened. So let your doctor know what kind of other medications are you taking side-by-side so that he can have a clear idea whether he should prescribe you with the PRUEASE 1Mg Tablet or not.

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Let us have a look at the common side effects that can be caused due to its use.

  1. Headache

  2. Fatigue and tiredness

  3. Stomach pain

  4. Diarrhea

  5. Dyspepsia

  6. Dizziness

  7. Vomiting

  8. Bloating

How to deal with these side effects you can consider the following tips:

Tip #1 Manage to get smaller and frequent meals if possible. Sticking to simple meals will help you deal with Nausea, vomiting, and bloating. Avoid spicy food, as it can trigger your health more and you might feel more need of throwing up.

Tip #2 Drink and eat slowly and exercise regularly. In any case, if you do not feel well and might find symptoms getting worse, contact your doctor immediately.

Tip #3 Resting and relaxing is the best medicine in that condition. Have your frequent meals and keep a heating pad on your stomach to help you relieve the stomach pain. For severe pain, consult a doctor.

Tip #4 As a precaution, even if you feel the slightest of symptoms, you can start the treatment by drinking lots of fluids like water, as dehydration is something that tends to worsen the situation.

Tip #5 If you feel a slight headache, take a rest in a quiet place and apply cold and hot water bags on your head or you can even take tea or coffee.

Tip #6 Have your food only when you feel hungry. Eating smaller and frequent meals can help you more often than usual. One can enjoy having nutritious snacks which are rich in calories and protein for example dried fruits and nuts.

Since most common side effects involve headache, nausea, and stomach ache. Some of these are temporarily resolved with time. But, in any case, if you are not able to deal with symptoms and the condition is getting worse, contact your doctor straight away.

Other Points To Keep in Mind While Taking Pruease 1 Mg Tablets

PRUEASE 1 mg tablet is quite unsafe if you use them during breastfeeding. Hence, one should try avoiding this in that condition otherwise, it can have an adverse effect on your babys health.

The tablet is sold with caution for Kidney Patients. Hence, always consult a doctor before using it on your own.

PRUEASE tablet is also not suitable for people who are suffering from acute liver disease, therefore patients should consider their respective doctors if they allow you to take a mild dose.


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Disclaimer: The information on pruease 1 mg tablets provided above is collected from multiple online sources. Please consult your doctor before taking pruease 1mg tablets.

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