The Delightful Flipkart Customer Care Service Experiences

The Delightful Flipkart Customer Care Service Experiences

How often do customers actually say that they were happy with a service? How often any of the companies have received a call from their customers for an appreciation? Seldom any. The max that they do is give a five-star rating or the thumbs-up click. But what makes these customers give a five-star rating? Lets check out the Flipkart customer care stories.

Flipkart Customer Care- A Different Approach

Flipkart handles a huge amount of customer query on a daily basis. Each query is unique in its own nature. So what makes them different?

It is just like any other day at Flipkart customer service department. Then someone rings Flipkart toll-free number and then the real day begins. A customer who is extremely disappointed and have commented several times about her ordeal on various social media platforms. Seems like Flipkart is losing a customer. So, what happened?

A customer happened to call the Flipkart customer number and share her experience. The whole team gets into action and tried to solve the problem. She ordered 3 t-shirts and unfortunately only one arrives. The customer is absolutely distraught because she needed all 3 of them for a special occasion. So, was calling Flipkart helpline number a success? To answer this, yes and the customer was immensely happy with their service too.

Here is what happened. The efficient team got in touch with the seller and asked what exactly happened. They got to know that the remaining two were out of stock. They got a confirmation from the seller regarding the availability of the remaining two items and also by when they can be delivered. Until the items got delivered, Flipkart remained in touch with the customer and as promised the customer received the remaining two t-shirts too.
And thus the customer was happy, she received all the three t-shirts and appreciated their effort.

What You Need to Know Flipkart Customer Care Number

So, what makes Flipkart customer service different from the rest?

One day a lady called from Bangalore who orders for a walnut-colored sofa set, but to her distress, a dark-brown coloured sofa set was delivered. Now, this happened with a third party seller. She called the Flipkart to understand the Flipkart exchange policy but it seems she is already upset and was not willing to trust anyone else other than Flipkart. The customer care expert could sense how bad the customer was affected due to this and he took this matter in his hands. He tried to explain everything about Flipkart return policy but the customer was not ready for anything. The expert seeing that Flipkart is losing a customer took it personally. He managed to gather the address and went to the lady house personally with a bouquet of flowers. The lady and her family were touched by this gesture and were also happy with the alternative. This is what Flipkart do for their customers. They know that customers shop from them because they trust them and that is how they maintain their relationship strong with each and every customer.

Flipkart Return Policy for Cash on Delivery Explained

Everyone enjoys online shopping. It is easy and hassle-free. But sometimes returning an item might not be as easy as buying it. The product might not be of the size or colour you expected or lets say you ordered for a mobile but received a damaged product. So, what to do in that case. Flipkarts mobile return policy is simple. Follow these simple steps and you are good to go.

Step 1: Log in to Flipkart and then go to the order tab. Click on return to create a request tab.
Step 2: Returning the product will also depend on the verification process.
Step 3: Upon verification, you can either opt foran exchange, replace or refund.
Step 4: You can also get in touch with Flipkarts customer support for the same. Here is the number. 1800 208 9898. You will have to keep all the items necessary for the return. This includes invoice, original packaging, price tags, accessories, etc.
Step 5: Pick and delivery for the order will be scheduled with you. You can also go through Flipkart phone exchange policy as well for more details.
Step 6: Refund process will be initiated.
Step 7: Refund gets processed in three ways:

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1. It can be credited in your Flipkart Wallet
2. NEFT transfer will be done in case you have opted for the cash-on-delivery method.
3. Refund through the same source. Which is if you paid by HDFC account then your money will get credited to your HDFC account.

Flipkart Replacement Policy Explained

For replacement, you will have to log in to your Flipkart account or get in touch with Flipkart customer care chat let them know about that. If you want to do it on your own then you need to click on the order tab and click on the replacement tab if you wish to replace it. The product, as usual, will go through a verification process. Upon verification, your item will be scheduled for a pickup and once the item is received a replacement will be sent out. You can get in touch with the Flipkart customer care number 24 x 7 and get it resolved.

Flipkart Help Centre- What Makes Them The Best?

Flipkart has always worked for its customers. They know their customers rely on them for a better service. They leave no stone unturned to make a customer happy. You can simply visit their website and place for an order. And through Flipkart tracking, you can keep a track of all your orders. Remember Flipkart customer care number, India and give them a call whenever you want to. The examples we cited previously are more than enough to let you know about their out of the box experiences.

What do You Need to Know About Flipkart Online Shopping Customer Care Number?

So, if you ever need to call Flipkart customer care no. then call them at 1800 208 9898. Remember they are just a call away. Here is the Flipkart customer care email address for your perusal. Contact them at

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