Top 8 L Oreal Makeup Products in India

Top 8 L Oreal Makeup Products in India

L Oreal is one of the finest and largest brands in the world as they have been producing and selling a lot of good products for so many years. India is one of the largest markets not just for this company but for many others as well. People all around the world including common women, makeup artists, beauticians and many others have been constantly using the beauty products of L Oreal. It was way back in 1909, on 30 July which is about 109 years from now that the brand was founded. The company has always seen forward to make better skin care products for people so that they excavate the skin of the users. From face wash to creams to body lotions, everything is available in India. There are a few make-up products that are always in demand because young girls and other ladies have been using this for a long time.

India is a prominent user of L Oreal products and there have been many instances where these products were made keeping in mind the condition and people of India. With so many other products available online as well as offline, a few of them still have always been the best and preferred over others. The top 8 L Oreal products that are available in India are:

1. L Oreal Infallible makeup Foundation

Available online on many websites such as Amazon, Nykaa and Flipkart, the L Oreal infallible makeup foundation is one of the best products of the company. It works as a good touch up a product that is available for the people of India. The foundation is available in various colors and in quantities.

Advantages of the foundation

You can wear this foundation for 24 hours and have no problems.

Even after you have used up this makeup you still feel light weighted and your skin is breathable.

To improve over the other makeups, L Oreal has made this one on the basis of a hydrating formula.

With the applying sticks that are present in the foundation, you can evenly spread it without facing a problem.

The foundation spreads effortlessly without giving a layered effect.

2. L Oreal Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Eyeliner Pen

Want eyes without a smudge? Then choose L Oreal super liner instant impact felt eyeliner pen over any other. This is one of the best liners that you can have for yourself. The impact of the pen is everlasting and you can see the bold black eyes even after 12 years.

Advantages of Eyeliner Pen

It imparts a deep color that could last longer than most of the eyeliners.

Just like Lakme, L Oreal has also perfected their smudge-proof formula of kajal.

It is easy to carry and easy to use.

3. L Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

The L Oreal Paris volume million lashes mascara is widely used by ladies to tone their eyes and see their eyes look even bolder and wider. The mascara makes the eyes look wider and lashes even bolder. The mascara has an in-built wiper that removes the excess mascara, so make this one your first choice over any other.

Advantages of L Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

The mascara is made in such a way that a million brushes which make it easy to apply.

This product also helps you avoid the clumping of lashes.

You can also get the fanned out effect in your lashes.

The mascara is waterproof

Even if you are wearing contact lenses or you have sensitive eyes, you can still use these mascaras.

4. L Oreal Paris Infallible Mono Eyeshadow

The eye-shadow is one of the best things that girls can use as a make-up but then you can always get the best one in the market. L Oreal Paris is one brand that has made some exceptional products for their consumers and here is one more that will help you look better. Get the L Oreal makeup products Online to enjoy various offers.

Advantages of L Oreal Paris Infallible Mono Eyeshadow

It is easy to use.

Easy to carry

One of the best sellers in the market.

5. L Oreal Matte Morphose Soufflé Foundation

Talking about the best L Oreal products, we cannot miss out on L Oreal Matte Morphose Souffle Foundation. You buy the golden Ivory shade of this foundation and complete your touch up for the day. This foundation is plain and does not impart an irregular color on the skin of the user. Get the offers on CouponsCurry for each product of L Oreal.

Advantages of L Oreal Matte Morphose Souffle Foundation

It is a new and tested formula for getting a glow in the skin.

You dont need a regular or a make-over if you have this foundation.

It is evenly priced and has the perfect color.

It has an even texture that leaves the color for a long time.

The skin can still breathe after you layer it up according to your skin tone and the occasion.

6. L Oreal Color Riche Nutri Shine Lipstick

How can a set of makeup forget a good glossy lipstick? And if you want to have one of the best in the Indian market then L Oreal color Riche Nutri shine lipstick is the best. This lipstick comes in a few shades and you can choose any of them in accordance with your skin tone. The rose shade is the best one. Check it out at the nearest store or the online marketplace.

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Advantages of L Oreal color Riche Nutri shine lipstick

The lipstick nourishes your lip like a balm.

It is not exactly a glossy shade but still, you can check out the shades and feel as if they are glossy.

The lipstick has an ingredient named as Royal Jelly which is very precious and specially used in this one.

With a glossy finish, you also get a non-sticky lip.

7. L Oreal Resist and Shine Titanium Nail Paint

With budget rates and so many good looking shades, the L Oreal resist and shine titanium nail paint has been one of the most selling products of makeup in India launched by L Oreal. Being a cosmic Greek it is completely fine and totally usable till the end nail paint. From a young girl to ones who have aged everyone can use this paint for your nails. So if you are going to buy a nail paint for yourself, just check this one out. This has to be one of the top products in the L Oreal makeup products list.

Advantages of L Oreal resist and shine titanium nail paint

The product is enriched with silk product, shock resistance, and shine proof.

You can wear it and endure it for a long time.

It is nail friendly and does not wear off easily.

Has a beautiful bottle and makes the perfect impression on the user.

8. L Oreal Open Eyes Pro Eye shadow

I have always been a fan of eye-makeup and it was long back when I always looked religiously all around the market to get one best eye shadow for myself that would not look off, would synchronize perfectly and also doesnt damage my lashes or eyes. All my answers were given by L Oreal Open eyes pro eye shadow. This is one of the best in the market and you would love it till the end.

Advantages of the L Oreal Open eyes pro eye shadow

You get the manual of the step by step using of the eye shadow

The champagne and peachy gold are the best shades for the eyes.

You can keep it for 5 hours and more and not find any problems.

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