Top work from home gadgets to enhance your productivity

Top work from home gadgets to enhance your productivity

The global pandemic has hit everyone hard. With almost all organizations shifting to the remote working environment, employees are also getting used to the new Work From Home norms. However, when it comes to productivity from home, several technical factors come into play, in addition to non-technology ones like communication, distractions etc. Working from home can become difficult if you do not have access to the right set of tools, which you otherwise get in the physical office space.

Setting up your home office with the required gadgets and tools can be your first step towards increased productivity. This does not mean that you need an entire big room to fit all those fancy gadgets; all you need is the right kind of them which might actually help you reduce those production hours.

Apart from the essentials like a laptop and an Internet connection, here is a list of the most popular Work From Home gadgets and tools that you can consider buying now to enhance your experience.

Lets have a look on these essentials gadgets:

Wireless Headsets: Whether it is taking those office calls during those noisy hours at your home or listening to some music to enhance concentration, wireless headsets can come in handy. In addition, they give you the mobility to walk around the house or stretch for a bit when you are just a listener over long calls. While choosing a good pair of wireless headsets, make sure that they have an in-built mic, so that you can use them seamlessly for calls and video meetings.

Call Speakers: If you are one of those who does not want to remain glued to their headsets all the time and you have a lot of office calls to attend as well, you should invest in buying good-quality speakers, which are meant for office calls. Such speakers can provide you with features like managing the call volume, Bluetooth connectivity, and much more, as per your needs.

Wireless Mouse/Keyboard: Wireless mouse and keyboard can add to your flexibility, especially if you are working for long hours. You can simply connect them with your laptop or desktop once and sit on that comfortable couch to do the rest. Websites like Amazon have a lot of options, in which you can buy them in pairs. And to make your buy even cheaper from, you can also use the Amazon India promo code and deals. Just point your browser to and get working amazon coupon codes for electronics for free today.

Wi-Fi Booster: If you have many family members who have overlapping office hours, relying on the home Wi-Fi connection sometimes might become frustrating. Instead of getting a new connection, what you can do is buy a wi-fi booster. It will not only expand the range of your connection but will also increase its speed.

Monitor: A big-sized monitor can increase your productivity like anything. You can even attach an additional one to your existing screen. For example, if you are a Graphic Designer, seeing and editing images on a big screen might help you complete your work faster. If it seems like buying a monitor might prove expensive, you can avail the offers available on websites like Flipkart and use Flipkart coupons to make your deals even more pocket-friendly.

USB Adapter: If you need to use several items in one go, like a charging cable, mouse, or keyboard, you do not need to use different sockets. All you need to do is buy a USB adapter and plug it into your laptop.

Webcam: A good-quality webcam can help you ace those video calls like a pro. If you want to look professional and at your best in office video calls, your built-in laptop camera cannot do justice. You need a good resolution and lens webcam.

Laptop Cooling Pad: If you are a multi-tasker, have many video calls to attend, or need to use heavy applications on your laptop, chances are that your laptop gets heated up easily and quickly. To avoid the pain of those heats coming out of your laptop base, investing in a laptop cooling pad can prove to be a good idea. This investment can be reduced while buying your cooling pad from tatacliq online and apply tata cliq coupons. These coupons can be availed for free with just few clicks from

Dongle: Home wi-fi connections can become unreliable sometimes. They might get down from time to time, leaving you helpless during your office hours. To overcome this situation, you can buy a good-quality dongle and work as seamlessly as you had been. In addition, this device provides you with a lot of mobility if you are going to a place with no wi-fi connectivity and plan to work from there as well.

Microphone: An investment in a microphone is only fair if your built-in one is not that good enough and you have heard from many people about the quality of your existing microphone in calls.

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UPS/Inverter: A good backup UPS or inverter usually comes in handy if you are living in an area with a lot of power cuts. If you do not want an excuse of delayed word or need to keep your work going during those down hours, you must buy a UPS or an inverter.

Printers and Scanners: For all your needs of printing, scanning, copying, or faxing documents while sitting at your home, you need a printer and scanner. It totally depends on your work requirement, as most of the desk jobs do not need these devices.

Wacom Tablet: If you are a Graphic Designer or photographer and need to make your art digitally, a Wacom tablet can prove to be a good investment. It is an input device to your computer that allows you to use a brush or pen for a touch-up.

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