Updated Airtel DTH Recharge Plans and Packs with Price

Updated Airtel DTH Recharge Plans and Packs with Price

Airtel DTH is the leading and most reputed Digital TV service provider in India that aims to deliver best value for money services with elite entertainment and best offerings and packages. According to the new TRAI rules, Airtel DTH has recently launched several plans and packages for individual channels. The brand also has different Airtel DTH Recharge Offer for new connection or multiple TV connections with single dish.

If you are planning to switch to Airtel DTH services, then it is better to research all the available recharge plans and offers to get the best deal. Below you will come across with updated and latest list of Airtel DTH Recharge Offer and Plans to get started with.

Airtel DTH Plan List 2020

My Plan 99 This is the new and cost effective plan by Airtel DTH that costs you only 99 per month and it comprises of 216 channels.

My Plan 199 The second most cost effective recharge plan by Airtel DTH is My Plan 199 and it costs you Rs. 199 with 248 channels in the base package

Value Prime Kids The cost of this Airtel DTH Plan is Rs. 309 and the base package of the plan comprises of 169 channels along with Disney and other kids channels.

My SportsThe monthly charge of this plan is Rs. 399 and its base package comprises of 181 channels along with all sport channels.

Family PlusAt the cost of Rs. 436 you can activate the Family Plus package of Airtel DTH and it offers access to 204 channels

New Mega PlanThe monthly cost of Mega Plan is Rs. 487 and it has around 215 channels in its base package

Highlights of Airtel DTH New Recharge Plans

Airtel DTH has a specific and unique offer that is curated for different states of India. There are regional plans for south, north, east and west.

Airtel Recharge Offer is designed to suit the specific needs of all its esteemed customers. You can activate the desired plan as per your taste and budget

With more than 10 million activate users and increasing subscribers, Airtel DTH is reckoned as the popular and leading DTH service provider in India today

Amongst all the service plans and packages, the most common and popular is the My Plan 199 package which is the bestselling package of Airtel DTH

With the A-La-Carte option, subscribers can now add channels of their choice into their existing package. This allows the users to customize their package by adding the favourite channels, while removing the unwanted channels from their base package. This option gives the subscribers with the option to choose only those channels in their package which they want to view on regular basis, while removing the unwanted channels. So, you only pay for the services you have opted for and not for the unwanted channels that were forcefully added into your base package.

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Adding Favourite Channels in Base Package of Airtel DTH

No matter which base package you choose for your Airtel DTH, you are always allowed to add or remove channels of your choice from your DTH services. You can go through the channel list of Airtel DTH to check the channels that are added into your base package. Based on your preferences you may add or remove channels from your plans. From SD channels to HD channels, regional channels to sports channels, kids channels to entertainment channels and more, you can add or remove any number of channels from your base package and it is possible due to the option called A-La-Carte.

So, check the list of channels of your base package and keep adding your favourite channels to stay entertained. You need to know that apart from the basic package rental you have to pay individually for channels that you are adding to your base package. The list of channels and the respective cost would be available on the official website of Airtel DTH.

So, stay entertained with your favourite channels on Airtel DTH. Recharging your Airtel DTH connection is easy and simple now as you can recharge it online. For added discount you may look for Airtel DTH Discount Code that lets you save money on every recharge of your Airtel DTH connection.

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