upGrad Free Courses: Online Courses With Certification 2021

upGrad Free Courses: Online Courses With Certification 2021

upGrad is a great learning platform that has always strived to bring out the best experiences for students. The platform has successfully been established as a leading platform to access courses for higher education from the comfort of your home. For the past year, each one of us is coping up with the harsh realities of the pandemic. And, each one of us has realized this thing that life goes on so, should we with our learning.

So, that is why there are many courses that are provided absolutely free by upGrad. To know more about them continue reading this article. However you can also avail good discount on UpGrad paid course through working upgrad coupon codes listed at CouponsCurry.com. Have a look below some of the latest upGrad offers which are active today:

improve your learning skills with upgrad
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Improve Your Learning Skills with Upgrad

pg programme in machine learning & ai
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PG Programme in Machine Learning & AI

post graduate diploma in management with flexible emi options
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Post Graduate Diploma in Management with Flexible EMI Options

upGrad Upstart Initiative

upStart is a completely unique system within upGrad that helps you stay ahead of the curve and experience a part of upGrad learning free of cost. Here, you can choose courses from Data Science, Marketing, Machine Learning, and Technology to build your foundational knowledge over a couple of hours.

Anyone who is looking to add up a skill or two to his/her profile can enroll in upGrad. Now, you will have access to Cutting edge content that is entirely self-paced, a Live Discussion Forum to ask questions and to interact with each other in your class.

Once the successful completion of the upgrad courses, a certificate will be provided free of cost. In short, upStart main goal is to help you in picking up on some of the hottest skills trending in the market i.e, 6-8 hrs absolutely free of cost.

Who can have access to these Free Courses?

upGrad works with one of the leading experts and academics to deliver programs in the field of Data, Management, and technology. Here they have a globally recognized team of instructional designers who have curated 35 programs.

These programs are designed to help you develop a brief understanding of the different topics. They meet the need of working professionals as they are easy to consume and provide you the flexibility to finish the program as per your own schedule which is the main benefit of opting for online learning platforms today.

Sometimes skills may not directly be applicable for you, but learning is said to have an overall positive impact. Enroll yourself in these programs and spend your time in a more meaningful manner. Learning new skills helps you create a competitive edge over your peers and help you stay ahead of the curve.

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For some courses, there are certain skill prerequisites. So, do review them before enrolling.

  1. All the programs are short-term courses that span anywhere between two to six weeks.

  2. Here, the initiative includes ten programs that have 350+ hours of cutting-edge content across the domain of Data Science, management, and technology.

  3. All the programs focus on providing knowledge regarding the latest trends and skills in the present industry.

  4. These programs include live sessions and discussion forums to impart learning to candidates.

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upGrad Free Course List

Python for Data Science

It is a favorite among the Developer and Data science communities. Syntax of this language is easy and that is what makes Python one of the most extensively used programming languages in the world.

Introduction to Machine Learning Concepts

It is just an introductory ML course that will teach you about the three concepts of Machine learning, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, and Clustering. Logistic Regression is an ML technique for the binary classification of factors, i.e, Linear regression in machine learning that helps to determine the strength of association between one dependent variable and other independent variables.

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Introduction to Deep Learning

This course on upGrad is a subset of Machine learning and the Deep Learning has emerged to be a highly valued technology especially when it is about the decoding of multiple levels of representation of natural human languages. Deep Learning architects and algorithms have taken up Natural Language processing to another level.

Business Analytics Starter Pack

Today, most organizations are churning the vast volume of data every second. Now, this data is of no use unless it is processed, analyzed, and interpreted. Therefore, uncovering all these insights that are hidden. Business Analytics course is one of the best courses that you can opt on upGrad.

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Introduction to Blockchain

It has come a long way and now has become a mainstream technology. The immutable ledger is now the backbone of numerous applications in BFSI, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, supply chain management, and Jewelry. Naturally, as the demand for skilled and qualified Blockchain experts is high,, it is better to have Blockchain skills.

Blockchain Development with Ethereum

Ethremum is an open-source computing platform and operating system rolled into one. It is primarily used for developing and running Smart Contracts and Distributed applications without any downtime or third-party interferences. Hence, it is the most extensively used Blockchain platform right now.

Getting started with Java Programming

Just like Python, Java is also a popular programming language that is used by developers and Data science professionals worldwide. It is a class-based and object-oriented programming language. It is a simple language that is platform-independent and dynamically typed.

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Getting Started with Frontend Development

Web Development is growing at an enormous rate in the digital world. Hence it has made the role of Frontend Developers highly promising and a lucrative career choice. An increasing number of enterprises join this online bandwagon. Hence, the role offers plenty of flexibility and scope for creativity. It is a four-week long program that contains two modules. The first module here will teach the fundamental concept of Frontend development including data types, conditionals, loops, arrays, objects, and functions in JavaScript.

Management Essentials

In the present competitive market, it is not enough to only have the educational skills and qualifications. Here, you must also own requisite management skills and knowledge to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Getting Started with Digital Marketing

Now, the inclusion of Digital marketing has transformed the whole marketing domain. Today, companies no longer rely on traditional marketing practicing and anyone who wishes to catch the eye of people must adopt Digital marketing.

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