What is Rapido Bike Taxi Everything You Must Know About Rapido

What is Rapido Bike Taxi Everything You Must Know About Rapido

Rapido is the Bike Taxi service that is focused towards making life simpler for the riders. With the aim to resolve the ever-increasing intercity commute issues in affordable way, Rapido Bike Taxi was launched across India which is the easiest solution to all your traffic problems. Rapido Bike Taxi focuses on offering affordable and fastest daily commute options to the people. With the use of Rapido Promo Code you can even save more on your first ride or get up to 50% discount on your bike rides. The founder has realized that bikes are the far more beneficial when it comes to navigate through the city traffic to reach the desired destination. Moreover, bike involves low and less fixed and variable costs. Founded back in 2015, Rapido Bike Taxi is now operational in all major cities and towns across India including Delhi, Gurgaon, Mysore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and more.

What is Referral Code in Rapido Bike Taxi?
Rapido Bike Taxi is the platform where daily commuters can book bike ride by downloading the Rapido Bike Taxi mobile application. As you download and register with Rapido Bike Taxi App, you receive a unique Rapido Referral Code which you have to share with your family and friends. Your friends need to apply the referral code when booking their bike rides with Rapido Bike Taxi App and upon successful completion of their first bike ride you will be earning credits or rewards that are added to your Rapido Wallet automatically.

You get maximum credits by referring the Referral Code to all your contact list and friend list. There is no limit to the number of referrals a user can make and for every bike ride with your referral code you earn rewards and credits that are added to your wallet and the credits can be used by you when you book your next bike rides with Rapido Bike Taxi.

How to Use Rapido Wallet?
Rapido Wallet is the digital wallet where you can load money to make payments for your bike rides with Rapido Bike Taxi. The wallet service is included in the application to make payment cashless and simpler for riders. Users are required to recharge and load their Rapido wallet using different payment options like credit card, debit cards and net banking. The money loaded in the digital wallet can be used to make payments for all the bike rides that you take with Rapido Bike Taxi.

However, the credits that you earn by making referrals to friends and family members are also added to the wallet and you can use or redeem them by making payments for the bike rides. You need to book your bike ride via Rapido Bike Taxi application and when it comes to make payment for the ride you can use the credits or money available in your Rapido Bike Taxi Wallet.

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How to Get Rapido Free Ride?
Rapido Free Ride is only available for first timer users of Rapido Bike Taxi App and the other ways to get the free rides with Rapido Bike Taxi is by using the Rapido Promo Codes. You need to check online for the free discount codes and promo codes of Rapido Bike Taxi and redeem it while booking bike taxi with Rapido Bike Taxi App.

The coupon websites like Couponscurry.com regularly update the coupon list to ensure that users get valid and latest Rapido Coupons to get flat 100% discounts on their bike rides. The promo codes and coupons are required to be applied at the time of booking your bike ride and redeem the 100% flat discount offer while making the payment for the same ride. Just like you use promo codes and coupons for online shopping you have to use the coupons on Rapido App and enjoy the discounts applicable with the code.

In Which Cities is Rapido Currently Operational?
Rapido Bike Taxi is now serving in more than 100 cities across India including the Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities and this allows the company to offer their bike taxi services at affordable rates. Rapido Offers and coupons are available to use in multiple cities and this has led to the increased popularity of the application across all these cities.

Mysore: This is the first city where the services of Rapido Bike Taxi was started and you can find different Rapido Mysore Deals and coupons to get discount on your next bike ride in the city.

Mumbai: Rapido Bike Taxi is also available in Mumbai and there are also Mumbai Rapido Coupons available for discount rides across the city.

Bangalore: Now you can even enjoy discounted bike rides in Bangalore as Rapido Bike Taxi is easily available across the city and check out for Rapido Bangalore Offers for discounted rides.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad is the city where Rapido Bike Taxi is quite popular and people opt for bike rides to avoid the traffic issues daily. To make the rides cheaper there are Rapido Hyderabad Promo Codes available

Delhi: Rapido also serves across the capital city of India along with NCR region to make daily commute simpler for professionals and executives. Use the Delhi Rapido Coupons for saving money on your next bike taxi rides across Delhi

Gurgaon: Not only capital city, Rapido also serves in NCR region including Gurgaon and they have different Rapido Gurgaon Coupons to make the daily commute cheaper and affordable for people.

Bhubaneshwar, Lucknow, Assam, Kolkata, Chennai, and more, Rapido Bike Taxi is available across India serving in more than 100 cities to make daily commute simpler for you.

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