You are beautiful, but it is wise if you follow these tips

You are beautiful, but it is wise if you follow these tips

Who does not want to look good, say it be man or a woman. We all want to look undeniably beautiful, but being able to dress with utmost style is a skill. Everyone loves attention. You never know when your compliment will make anybody’s day, and can make them happy. It could be a compliment from your boss appreciating your work, it could be your partner complimenting you on your looks, or it could be compliment from your acquaintance or a random stranger passing by. Having a fashion sense helps in laying a great impression. People confusion a great fashion statement with branded expensive clothes, in fact it is a notion amongst most of the people and mainly youngsters that they will only good if they wear branded clothes. No doubt, branded clothes are of great quality but it’s not possible for everyone of use to purchase them.

This blog focuses on the tips that every girl should know and follow. There are some tips that are going to help you dress like a chic and stay stylish every day. These tricks may seem small, and generally go unnoticed but it’s rightly said-‘A small step can make a big difference.’ The same proverb is applied in all the fields, including fashion also. If we keep these handy tips in our mind then they surely makes a great difference in our look. The small change could be a small earring, a bracelet, a contrast shoes, and even a white shirt also. Mentioned below are some tips that can revolutionize the way you dress on a daily basis. Whether you are dressing for party, brunch, or drinks, these little pointers can definitely help you in one or the other way whenever you are styling your clothes.

Know your body type- Knowing your body type is of utmost importance. Let me tell you why, everything you wear, will only work perfectly when you know what and how to style clothes for yourself keeping your body type in mind. This doesn’t target about any kind of body shaming, it is known as one the biggest fashion advice because everything revolves around how the look you want eventually turns out. You can rock a bikini even if you are plus sized, all you got to contemplate is the kind you wear.

Wear the right bra- You might think, why am I telling you to wear the right bra, when it will shrouded by the clothes you wear. Let me tell you an interesting fact, many a times the type of bra you wear shapes the look of the outfit. Yes, this is very much true of all kinds of bras, say it be normal bra, sports bra, bralette, strapless bra or any other. To get the correct bra that can suit your body type you can check the website of Nykaa and shop by availing Nykaa fashion offers. It is important to comprehend what kind of bra will go with what outfit. In some dresses strapless bra, can make you looking stunning. In the same way, you cannot wear strapless bra during work- out. It’s very important that what complements the other, for it you should know the right size, right kind and the right dress for any event.

Organize and edit your closet- When it comes to dressing stylishly and differently, then editing and organizing yours closet becomes a necessity. You can not create an outfit, if you do not organize it correctly. Keep the section of shirts, T- shirt, trousers, and ethnic in a proper manner. This arrangement will help you be creative and with minimum hassle, you can pick the right outfit. Decluttering your wardrobe is also necessary, you can do it by donating or selling the ones that does not fit you or you do not love it anymore. You are done with editing now the next step is organization, assemble the remaining items neatly by assorting them into categories. Hang a few in the hanger and fold the rest. Also invest your time and money wisely in buying and organizing your shoes and shoe rack. Trust me, this step will save lot of your time in finding and right outfit for the day.

Understand the color wheel- Most people find it difficult. Let me make it a bit easy for you. You can decide you outfit and its color on the basis of your height, skin tone and body time. Some basics you should know, like a light for the top and dark for the bottom and vice versa. Some monochrome looks, when picked the right color, and worn on the right occasion can make you like uniquely incredible. There cannot be more than three color in your outfit. Though, some influencers might go beyond it, but it does not a go- to advice which you should opt. Playing with colors, like the combination of red pink/ yellow and some other can make you look vibrant.

Power of make-up and cologne- You are beautiful even without layers of makeup but when it is applied in right proportions can make you stand out from the rest. You can decide your face wash, moisturizer, lipstick, concealer and other products based on skin tone and skin type. You can buy excellent quality skincare and makeup products by availing Purplle offers. A good cologne can make you more attractive, especially when you are around people. Yes, you need to choose a good, perfume or a deodorant to smell good. You need to pick up a perfume which is long- lasting and has a soothing smell. Avoid perfumes that give you and other people around you headache.

You can create a fashion statement by styling the outfits in the correct. It does not necessarily have to be the very expensive. You can look good in anything if you keep the above mentioned tips in mind. These were some basic tips which every women should know. I hope these tips will help you in styling a kick ass outfit.

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