All About Helicopter Eela

All About Helicopter Eela

Kajol is finally back to the big screen with a bang. After her last release Dilwale, we have been waiting to see Kajol again. Kajol is now all set to mesmerize with her all new avatar in the movie Helicopter Eela. It is directed by the film director Pradeep Sarkar and Kajol will be seen playing the lead role of a single mother and also as an aspiring singer. This movie is written by Mitesh Shah and Anand Gandhi.

The Cast of This Movie:

Eela will be played by Kajol Devgan

Riddhi Sen as Vivan

Vikrams role will be played by Tota Roy Chowdhury

Neha Dhupia will be seen playing the role of Lisa

ShatafFigar as Madhavi

Atul Kulkarni as the Prime Minister of India

Mukesh Rishi as Rajesh Kumar Sharma

Amitabh Bachchan will have a guest appearance

What do You Need To Know About The Movie Helicopter Eela?

Helicopter Eela is a family drama movie directed by Pradeep Sarkar. A movie which will touch a million heart. Many of us will be able to associate ourselves with Kajols character Eela. This movie is produced by non-other than Ajay Devgan and JayantilalGada. This movie has a realistic approach and the relationship shown between the son and the mother is something every mother will be able to relate to. This is a movie which you can enjoy with your family and friends. Everybody and anybody can watch it. Book your movie ticket at best offers. Get buy 1 get 1 free ticket is something you should not miss while booking your ticket for Helicopter Eela. All you caring mom, take out your son and your daughter to watch this lovely movie.

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This movie is about a woman who is a single lady and have made a lot of sacrifices for her baby to help him fulfil his dreams while letting go of her dreams. It is a movie about every kid and about their emotional response todifferent situations at every stage of their lives. The message sent by this movie is extremely realistic and simple and this is what will appeal a lot of us to go and watch it on the big screen.

Everyone by now must have seen the trailer of Helicopter Eela and must have seen the agreeable things parents do for their child and also the relationship between them. The things every child goes through and the parents on a daily basis. The mother asking her son dabba lekeaya, is something which we can all related to! And the numerous times when our moms have asked us to stay away from strangers and also why we should not eat junk food and basically telling us end number of things that we should not do! These are the things which every child must have gone through and to tell you the truth some of you must have been dealing with it even now. Kajol portrays the role of a mother effortlessly.

All of us want our mothers attention, love, and care but the way she displays it in the public have often times embarrassed us to the power N. Her silly questions like Do you love me or your mobile more? It is something all the modern age kids will surely be able to relate to. Remember how she stares at us when we get super busy with our phones? Good old days right!

Our Verdict:

We can not seem to get enough of the Helicopter Eela trailer and the promising scenes. Mothers are always busy making us happy and keeping us safe and it could be seen very clearly in the trailer. Her constant nagging to make us stay away from the phone and spend more time with her. Her public display of affection which sometimes embarrasses us. A mother-child relationship which is itself a story full of love, affection, tears, laughter, and joy. We just can not wait till 7th September, we only wished if Helicopter Eela was releasing a bit sooner, but time is the essence here and we are certain that this movie will bring a lot of joy to our lives.

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