Amazon Customer Care: How to talk to amazon

Amazon Customer Care: How to talk to amazon

Amazon has emerged as one of the leading names in the e-commerce retailer world. According to the statistics shown, almost more than 200 million people shop from Amazon. Amazon offers a wide range of products in almost every field at competitive prices. And that is the reason why most people trust Amazon or its product delivery and services.

Although Amazon is quite famous for its amazing customer service, still people do have in their minds regarding their order, refund, payment, delivery, and many more.

If you are facing any problems while trying to contact Amazon customer care then no worries! We already have found out all the useful ways that you can try to get the answer to any question that you want to ask.

Common Complaints of Consumers From Amazon Customer Service

Amazon represents itself as an e-commerce platform that is committed to its customers, operational excellence, invention, and innovation. Although many customers had a fabulous shopping experience in selling and shopping from the platform still have reported their reasons for disappointment with Amazon customer service. There are many reasons why people want to contact Amazon customer care service but here are few common points that have been reported all over to get a fair idea of the query.

  1. They often find it difficult to connect to the Amazon support

  2. The staff acts Rude sometimes.

  3. Products are mishandled.

  4. Out-of-stock items are still listed online as available.

  5. Customers are put on hold for an extended period of time when they try to contact Amazon via phone.

  6. Sometimes Customers are delivered with poor quality or defective products.

  7. They are being overcharged especially on the amazon prime membership.

  8. Wrong items are delivered often.

  9. Delivery dates are changed unexpectedly without any notification.

  10. Customers finding it difficult to return items and getting refunds.

All these complaints have been reported from various company portals that include, Amazon UK, Amazon. In.

Steps To Contact Amazon Customer Care Service

1. Connect Via a Phone Call

This is one of the convenient ways to contact the Amazon custom care team. Customers often consider this method as the best method because the communication factor is more transparent in this case and they can period explain their problem more precisely. If you want to contact Amazon supporting team then you can call on their toll-free number that is available 24*7.

But, the main challenge that they face is call being put on hold for too long. Customer Service numbers can depend on your location, locality, and other factors as well.

Customer care Number: 022-30430101
Toll-Free Number: 1800-3000-9009 /0800-496-2449
Business Services Number (Toll-Free): 1800-419-7355

To search for the accurate Amazon phone number, you can also visit the company help centre, scroll down to the page, and click on Contact Us. Choose the category in which your issue falls and you will be prompted to provide details about the issue by choosing more categories from the drop-down menu. Then Scroll down to the talk to someone segment and choose the option phone.
Note: Ensure to have all the information regarding your account at hand that includes your full name, address, details about the last purchase, etc. Because sometimes the Amazon customer care representative might send a verification code to your phone at the start of your call and you will need to confirm the code.

2. Post Your Query via Social Media Pages

Most international companies like Amazon are quick to respond to their customers via social media pages. One can reach out to customer care representatives of Amazon on Twitter, Facebook, and other Instagram handles too.

Amazon Twitter Handle:
Amazon LinkedIn Profile:
Amazon Instagram Handle:
Google Plus Profile:

All these social media profiles by the company can help you convey your problems and doubts 24*7 to the company at any time. One can also complain about the website services being offered on these social media profiles by tagging them. Apart from that, you can also keep yourself updated with the latest schemes, products, and amazon upcoming sale.

3.Amazon Customer Care Email id

If you do not prefer any phone call or social media thing, then you can even write a formal email to Amazon customer support regarding your problem with the product delivery or any other services that you are unsatisfied with. In general cases, the response time taken by the Amazon team is often 48 hours or a bit more. For some issues, email is the best record that you can maintain.

Amazon Customer Care Email-ID:
Customer Support Help:

4. Seek Amazon Contact us Page for Help

The Amazon "Contact us" page is the initialization point for contacting customer service. On the page itself, you are provided with seven categories like delivery, order, return, amazon prime membership, payment, charges, amazon gift cards, devices, digital content including Kindle books, music, etc. One can easily choose from the category that you need help with. Then you need to add further information and Amazon will provide you with all the relevant information regarding the issues in some ways that you can resolve the matter. You can then proceed to the option with talk to someone either by phone, email, or chat.

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You can even click on the email option, which you will be provided with a window where you can easily specify the details about your issue, and once you are done send the email and you will get the response within 12 hours.

One can also go for the Amazon Live chat option to talk to amazon customer care, and you will be led to a live chat page where any customer service representative will be available to chat with you. For common queries, they have the answers to top Amazon FAQs.

Amazon offers many ways to get in touch with their customer care and service team whether it is email, live chat, phone call, or social media help. All you need is to find the best suitable option that works as per your requirement.

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