Amazon India Shopping: All you need to know

Amazon India Shopping: All you need to know

Amazon is one of the biggest shopping giants. It is known worldwide for its quality services and products that it offers. So when you shop online from amazon you will surely get a fabulous user-experience which is hard to find on any other online platform. Along with an excellent quality user experience, Amazon is also known for the variety of services that it has brought to the market. Be it technology or online shopping, users can choose from a huge variety of products without getting overwhelmed by the number of choices. And amazon coupons are cherry on top. There are numerous advantages that users can avail on this online shopping platform. It comes with several fabulous features. Some of which are mentioned below:

Amazon Online Shopping Benefits

Amazon Prime Membership benefits

On average, an Amazon Prime user shops thrice a month from Amazon. And talking about the latest numbers, Amazon has welcomed twice the expected number of sign-ups during the pandemic in India. Amazon prime was quite popular earlier and it has gained hype recently because of numerous benefits that it gives apart from fast delivery and free shipping on your Amazon orders. When you become a Prime member you enjoy many excellent services like Prime videos, prime music, and a lot more. With Amazon Prime video, you can watch many entertainment shows and popular music without giving any extra charges. Amazon offers its Prime membership at very nominal prices. Now, even students can access these facilities by getting a student discount.

Amazon Fresh:

It is a subsidiary of Amazon from where users can buy fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables. This is one of the best features of Amazon that has allowed users from the most remote corners of the country to grab fresh fruits and veggies without any hassle. Amazon Fresh is sure to deliver the most healthy and crisp vegetables your way. Not just this, Amazon Fresh has enabled people to buy all their grocery requirements from one single platform at very reasonable prices. There is a vast variety of fruits and veggies. You can select from 5000+ types of home care items, packaged foods, dry grocery like staples and much more. All of these products are just a few clicks away and you can access them without any trouble.

Amazon Pantry:

Amazon pantry is just like Amazon fresh but comes with various other grocery options other than fresh veggies and fruits. From Amazon Pantry you can also get items like sanitary napkins, other dry grocery and staples for daily needs. When you use Amazon Pantry you get free shipping on small orders and they get delivered to you is a very small time frame. So when you buy an item from this subsidiary you get your items in a very short time thus it gives you an edge over others and helps you save some time too. So if you have only a small order to make, something that you want for your daily use and want it as soon as possible, then Amazon Pantry is the best online platform for you. Amazon pantry provides you will many options to make your payment. You can use net-banking, credits cards and amazon pay and make your payments secure. When you use these online platforms to buy an item, you can even unlock great discounts too with the help of amazon pantry offers available at

Amazon Gift Card:

Amazon gift cards are like tokens of e-money given out by Amazon online shopping platform. You can buy a gift card for yourself or send it to your loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. When you receive a gift card, you can redeem it on any item or service from the amazon website or mobile application. These gift cards are a great way to show your affection towards your loved ones, whom you can not reach otherwise. Amazon gift cards come with one-year validity and are known as the most seamless and secure payment modes when you buy from Amazon.

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Amazon services like Kindle and Echo smart speakers

Amazon Echo:

Amazon Echo is not just a music player. It is your very own voice, optimized personal assistant. Amazon Echo is a hands-free device that comes in different sizes and models. There are different generations of Amazon Echo that offer distinct features. With the Echo you can listen to the weather report, world news, music, sports scores and much more with simple voice commands. You can connect Amazon echo with other Amazon devices like echo show and echo spot to operate your smart home and TV. When it comes to listening to music, Amazon echo supports various apps that you can connect to on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and listen to your playlists at any time.

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Amazon Kindle:

The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-readers devised and promoted by Amazon. Amazon Kindle devices help users in browsing, purchasing, and downloading e-books, pdf, research papers, magazines, and other digital media using the internet. They can get several books of their choice from the Kindle Store.

Be it online shopping or the latest technology-driven products Amazon makes sure that all sorts of customers and their requirements are met properly. And so, they do not have to go anywhere else to look for a better product. And so, there are several benefits that a user gets when he/she plans to shop online from Amazon. When you shop from Amazon, you can benefit a lot from getting a prime membership. Be it rapid delivery or free shipping you get to experience both. And apart from that, there are several other features of Amazon Prime like Prime video, prime music that you can access. Along with a Prime membership, Amazon gives you your own personal Amazon wallet and gift card facility, which you can use to help your loved ones buy their desired products. Amazon Pay offers a very secure way to make your payment. You can carry out your phone recharges, make online payments and purchase items from Amazon.

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Not just this, Amazon has also pioneered in many other tech-related areas. Amazon gives you the most personalized ECHO, your very one assistant. And kindle, your favorite reading screen.

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