Dominos customer care numbers: How to contact dominos

Dominos customer care numbers: How to contact dominos

Dominos is one of the top brands that was founded in 1960 and is recognized as the worlds leader in delivering pizza. The network operates in almost 90 countries all around the globe. In India, the first Dominos pizza was opened in New Delhi, and over a period of time, Dominos Pizza has remained focused on delivering great taste, superb quality, exceptional care, and value for other offerings.

Dominos store sells an average of 3 million Pizza every day and still giving a remarkable performance when it comes to delivering their customer an amazing service.

Since Dominos is an international pizza chain with many company-owned stores. Some stores offer the option for dining in too and the best part for which dominoes is well known is for their delivery service. T Since dominos serves so many customers in a day, it is not surprising that the company gets a lot of customer service requests.

Now, there can be many reasons that people call dominos that can include any dissatisfaction or maybe a query related to the order delivery and the accuracy issues, or sometimes the questions are related to food ingredients and the food quality as well. You can easily contact dominos customer care to have your issue solved with a proper and appropriate service.

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In case, you do not know how to contact Dominos, then do not worry by the end of this blog you will get to know that how can you contact dominos customer service in India:

Call on the Dominos Local Store:

To get your query fixed within no time it is always the best option to contact the local dominos store from where you have placed the order.

Dominos does hire many customer services representatives that work in the stores to help you. So, whenever you call, they will pick up and handle all the customers requests whether it is about ordering or complaints.

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One of the merits of calling in the local store is that the staff is always in a better position to immediately address what is your actual concern regarding the order. For example, If you are raising an issue of refund or replacing the food item that was inaccurately prepared. Dominos support team will have to contact you in the best way possible and try to resolve your issue.

If the store manager is not that cooperative in your matter or you are not satisfied with the services being provided, you can escalate the matter to Dominos corporate offices.

Call Dominos on their Toll-free Number

Having one to one conversations with the Dominos customer care team is one of the best methods that one can use for communication. In this way, you can easily raise your concerns regarding the delivery or any query that you might want to discuss with their team.

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Generally, dominos is opened from 11 am till 11 pm but one can order pizza till late at night in some of the stores available. You can call their supporting team to discuss your matter on their toll-free number which is

Dominos Toll-free Number: 1800-208-1234

It is one of the best ways to contact their team but sometimes, you might have to hold as there are thousands of requests that they receive over a period of time. You can choose any category whether it is regarding refund, replacement, missing order, or any payment-related issue on the phone. To keep yourself updated from the dominos customer care contact you can check this link -

It is true for many businesses, that the customer sentiment most about Dominos service being mixed. In this scenario, most of the complaints are regarding the behaviour of their local store managers, and owners that were non-cooperative during the service.

Complaints revolve around the failure of stores to address their mistakes while preparing their food and delivering them late or the food becoming cold. Customers feel that their services receive an insensitive and unhelpful and that is why contacting them via Phone call is an ideal choice that one can prefer.

Contact Dominos Customer Service Via E-mail

Dominos is one of the leading platforms in delivering the top-notch quality of pizza right at your doorstep. If you order more than 4 pizzas from Dominos then, they offer you the delivery service within 30 minutes or free. You can save your money using Dominos coupons available right on Couponscurry. They are quite genuine in terms of use and verified by many customers as well.

Now, in any case, if you find any difficulty regarding your food placement or delivery, you can write an E-mail to Dominos for any feedback or queries. Here are the e-mail addresses that you can use as per your requirement for contacting the dominos support team:

For Feedback Queries:
For Complaints queries:
For Franchise:

E-mail is the quite preferred option to contact dominos customer care instant of contact number by users all around as it also assures to keep track of the replies in case the matter is somewhat serious.

Contact Dominos via Social Media Request

Social media is booming at an alarming rate. With millions of followers on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Dominos has a huge influence on its customers. Their social media platform remains quite updated. You will find them more responsive and active to respond to their customers on these pages.

A few years ago, Dominos had a policy of responding to customers tweets within 30 minutes, and the company also received praise for handling customers suggestions and complaints skillfully.

Dominos Facebook Handle:
Dominos Instagram Page:
Dominos Twitter Profile:

For Dominos Discount Coupons:

Complaint Using Other Websites

Dominos take their customers feedback using other websites as well. Here you can share all your queries and feedback relating to their services and other things as well.

Dominos allows you all to share your feedback on Feedback - Dominos India or Dominos Complaints.

You can share your feedback on these pages, it will ask you about all your necessary details like First name, last name, address, phone number, and e-mail. Then, you can easily upload your suggestion, query, concern, or appreciation respectively as per your choice.

You can also share your feedback, reviews and rating with the website that allows you to get to know more about your rights as a user and help you with your issue type.

If you are hesitant towards posting a comment or story on the social media website, then Dominos allow you to use their SMS service as well. You can easily send a text to their support team and the response will be re-directed to you in the meantime. You need to SMS DOM BAL to the number 56767

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