Essential Medicines To Have In Your First-Aid Kit: Most Prescribed Medicines

Essential Medicines To Have In Your First-Aid Kit: Most Prescribed Medicines

An emergency can knock on your door at any time. So, it is always better to be prepared in advance. Although one should always try to maintain their health through a hygienic lifestyle. But, sometimes there are some minor ailments like any accidental fall or a small burn while cooking food, fever, cold, or an upset stomach that might trouble you at times. Therefore, for such emergency cases, one must be prepared in advance and stock some of the essential medicines prescribed by the doctors at home.

Here are some of them listed below:


Painkillers are one of the widely used medicines to treat pain. Doctors generally prescribed painkillers in most cases, if there is slight swelling or redness in some part along with pain in the particular area, or someone is going through some sprain, strain, or stretch. Apart from that even if you are suffering from a cold or fever, doctors give painkillers as there can be a risk of slight pain all over the body.

Now, painkillers can be taken in various forms by mouth as liquid, tablets, and capsules. Through injections or via the back passage. In general painkillers have two main types:

  1. First is, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are mainly prescribed to keep the blood from clotting. People with heart attacks in past are given these painkillers. Some common examples are naproxen and Aspirin.

  2. Next is, Weak opioids and strong opioids are generally advised to treat when there is severe pain. Some examples of weak opioids are codeine and dihydrocodeine, whereas strong opioids include morphine and tramadol.

In general, when it comes to painkillers, paracetamol can be used as an option for painkillers in your first-aid kit. One can easily find painkillers online with Netmeds coupons at a genuine price.


An antiseptic liquid can help you when you are wounded. It is basically applied to stop or slows down the growth of microorganisms in the wounded area. The wounded part must be treated with water first to remove all the dust sticking in that particular area, after this it is really important to clean it with an antiseptic liquid. Some commonly used antiseptic liquid in the market is Dettol and Savlon. In case, if the wound is really deep, then it is better to consult a doctor rather doing it yourself.

Due to covid situations, it has become really hard to hit any medical store and it is not safe as well. But one can always have medicines delivered at home. Websites like 1Mg and PharmEasy work as online medical stores. Dettol and other anti-septics can easily be found through these websites. And, the best part is you can use 1 MG coupon as well to shop for medicines at a much cheaper and discounted price.


Antihistamines are drugs that are mostly used to treat symptoms of allergies. Some people are adversely allergic to dust, insect, and other reasons as well. That can result in severe itching, swelling, watering eyes, etc. These symptoms happen because of the release of a chemical that is called histamine, and to counter that body needs anti-histamines.

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People who have allergic reactions due to pollen and other allergens need antihistamines the most. Some common medicines like Avil and Cetzine are advised to deal with the symptoms of allergy. Antihistamines are also used to treat conditions like anxiety because they tend to cause slight drowsiness. That is why one needs to be alert while taking Antihistamines.


Antacids are that class of drugs that are used to treat conditions that are caused due to acids in the stomach. Antacids help in reducing acidity by neutralizing the effect of acid through a base. Common antacids that are taken in use are Eno and Gelusil which can help in overcoming the simple indigestion problem. They also work by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme pepsin, which is a digestive enzyme produced in the stomach and becomes active only in the acidic environment. Moreover, it is believed to be harmful to the stomach, duodenum, and esophagus.

There are certain conditions that one must take into consideration while taking these antacids.

  1. One should always discuss with a physician or pharmacist before taking Antacids to avoid drug interactions.

  2. If you take antacids after 1 hour of your meal, antacids tend to reduce acid for at least three hours as the food from the mean slows the emptying of the stomach.

Anti-Inflammatory Cream:

Anyone can suffer from a muscle pull, sprain, strain, or spasm which can be very painful if it lasts longer. Applying an ointment cream will not only make you feel relieved but also will help in recovering faster. Taking a painkiller for reducing pain is fine, but cream or ointment has its level of significance. The best part with ointment cream is that it rapidly penetrates into your skin and helps the underlying tissues to relieve the swelling and pain faster.

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Inflammatory creams such as Iodex, Volini, or tiger balm are some of the compounds that have anti-inflammatory action when they are applied to the skin. One can easily find these anti-inflammatory creams and ointments from online stores such as 1Mg, Netmeds, Pharmeasy, etc. And you can also get an additional discount on these medicines if you want to. Suppose you are shopping from Pharmeasy, and you have added some anti-inflammatory ointments to your cart. Then all you need to do is visit the Couponscurry website, and search for Pharmeasy coupons, these coupons will help you get an additional discount on your medicinal shoppings on the official website that you have searched for. In this particular case, you can grab the Pharmeasy coupons and apply them to your cart while checking out.

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Medicines are really important for you, as any kind of further delay can cause you irreconcilable damage. So, if it is possible keep these above-mentioned medicines available with you every time in your first-aid box.

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Disclaimer: The information mentioned in this blog post is for information purpose only. Consult your doctor before taking any medicine mentioned in the content above.

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