How to Close an Angel Broking Account

How to Close an Angel Broking Account

Angel Broking is an Indian Stock Broking firm that was established in the year 1996. This company is known for offering financial services that include online stock broking, commodity trading, depository services, and advisory services. It is also a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited, National Commodity and Derivative Exchange limited, and Multi commodity exchange of India limited. This company has more than 8500 sub-brokers and other franchisee outlets available in more than 900 cities across India.

Before we proceed, please note: "ANGEL BROKING IS NOW ANGEL ONE"

This platform was established in the year 1987 and the company is known for offering all these complete financial services. Here, you can easily open your Free Demat account with Angel Broking. They also started portfolio management services, IPOs business, and Mutual Funds Distribution in the year 2006.

It is one of the leading stockbroking and wealth management firms that are serving clients PAN India with an efficiency of an established start-up. They also offer an extensive range of financial solutions using hi-tech tools.

If you want to know how to invest with Angel broking then you can also learn the basics of trading. Some products offered by Angel Broking are Angel Speedpro, Angel Trade, and AngelTrade swift. All these products are high-end and have different usage. For example, Angel Swift has a trading app for all devices.

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How to Close Angel One account

If you want to save your maintenance charges, then it is recommended to close all your inactive and zero balance Demat account. We know that it is a daunting task to close an account when you compare it to an account opening. This is because when you open an account, it is quite possible that stockbrokers might call you hundred times in a day so that you can have one meeting with them. But, when you make a decision to close an account or need to sign a document then you will need to visit the branch personally.

If you also have upstox account and seeking help on how to close upstox account, here is the read for you.

One can close their Demat account according to their convenience. For closing the account, customers have to download an Account closure form from the website under an "Important Document" section. Now, you will have to fill in all the details in the account closure form and submit it to your Angel branch. If you want to know details regarding the debit and credit card of your account then you can contact your registered branch. You can also check the same from your back office login as well.

Before you move on to closing your Angel One account, keep these points in mind

  1. First of all, there should not be any shares available in your Demat account.

  2. Next, no negative cash balance must be available.

  3. You need to submit the unused delivery instruction booklet to slip back to DP.

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As soon as these formalities are done correctly, you will have to courier that form or visit your nearest branch. Generally, the closing procedure takes 3-5 days after you submit your form.

Things to Keep in Mind While Closing AngelBroking Account

  1. You will not be able to close an account by making an online request via email or without submitting a physical request for account closure.

  2. For the joint account, the account closure form must be signed by all the holders.

  3. One needs to mention all the necessary details on the account closure form.

  4. You cannot close your Demat account without transferring your shares to another Demat account or without selling it.

  5. At first, you must be clear about all your debits in segments. Then only submit your closure request.

  6. You cannot close your Angel One account online, via email, or on any call. You will have to submit a signed paper form if you want to close an account.


Is Angel One Demat Account FREE?

Whether it be a trading account or a Demat account, both of them have certain charges i.e, account opening and AMC. Here, you are provided with a Demat trading account free for opening charges, but later on, you will have to pay Demat AMC of Rs 450 per annum.

Is AMC being imposed on Angel One Demat?

AMC or Account maintenance charge is levied on the Demat account on Angel One along with the account opening charges. However, a stockbroker does not keep the charges fixed which means the AMC you need to pay here is Ts 450 or the company might charge nil in some cases.

Is Angel One Demat Account Reliable?

Of course, it is one of the top market players that you will find online and provide full access to broker services at a rate of a discount broker. Here, it also offers a bundle of features via all the online platforms.

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