How to Make Payment Using Amazon Pay?

How to Make Payment Using Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay is a payment service through which you can make payment for various third-party websites and mobile applications. It is a payment method which is linked with the Amazon account that you have. You can not only use it to make payments but to make donations as well.

While doing online shopping on a third-party website or a mobile application, you might sometimes see the Amazon Pay button, if you see it then it means you can use the Amazon Pay service to make payment, complete the purchase or make donations.

Here is how to use amazon pay balance to shop online from amazon.

If you have an Amazon account already, then you can easily shop on other third-party websites and make a payment through Amazon Pay considering they have the Amazon Pay payment service available. Just look out for the following things:

1. While you do shopping, look for the Amazon Pay tab. You can look for it on any merchant website and even on the app.

2. Once you locate it, the site will ask you to sign it, use your Amazon credentials to sign in. You have to accept the Amazon terms and conditions after that.

3. While making the payment you have to select a payment method from the Amazon account and then you can complete your payment process easier.

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How to pay on using Amazon payment balance?

To pay using your Amazon Payment balance follow these simple steps:

1. After selecting the products, you want to buy and during checkout choose the Amazon Payment option. Make sure it has sufficient balance and also please note that your Amazon Payment account has to be active as well.

2. If your default payment option is credit or debit card payment, then on the checkout page just change the payment method by selecting Amazon Pay to use your Amazon Payment balance.

3. In case your product costs more than what is left in your Amazon payment balance, you can choose a credit card or debit card to pay for the remaining amount.

4. Other than your credit card, you can also use your gift card to pay the remaining balance. Your gift card will be charged first followed by the Amazon payment balance.

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Why is Amazon Pay a better payment option?

Amazon Pay is one of the most secure ways of paying on any third-party website or on Amazon website. It takes your Amazon credentials and helps you to pay through Amazon Pay balance, credit or debit cards and also net banking.

The safest way to make a payment

All your payment information is stored with Amazon safely which you can use to make payments on various websites and even applications. Shopping and making payment via Amazon Pay makes you free from creating multiple accounts. Just the Amazon pay and all your payment related issues will be solved.

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Amazon provides 100% buyers protection guarantee which lets you go through a peaceful mind. Amazon protects you everytime you make a payment through Amazon Pay. They do not share your card details or information with anyone.

How to add money to Amazon Pay?

In order to add money to your Amazon Pay account, follow these simple steps:

In any case if you have amazon gift card codes and you want to know how to redeem amazon gift cards, read this.

1. Select the Amazon Pay page and then click on Add Money

2. Enter the amount that you want to add and then click continue

3. You must select a payment method to complete the payment. You will have to provide some required details too. Do not worry every detail you provide is safe with Amazon.

4. Your Amazon Pay account will reflect money in it in 15 minutes or less.

Amazon Pay has made our life easy. You no longer need to add multiple accounts to make payment. No need to save multiple cards on different merchants website. Amazon Pay gives you a pleasant and safe online shopping experience.

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