How to Redeem Amazon Gift Card

How to Redeem Amazon Gift Card

When it comes to gifting, Amazon gift cards are the best thing that one can give to their loved ones instead of giving something useless. Now, you may have received an Amazon gift card from somewhere. So, have you ever wondered how to use it? If yes! In this blog, you are going to get an answer to this very important question.

Amazon gift cards are quite popular these days and one can easily apply them to the Amazon Account by entering the amazon gift card code into the "Gift Card" section for the account settings.

All the recipients of the Amazon gift card can redeem the Amazon gift card on the website and the balance can be added to his/her account immediately. One can also purchase Amazon e-digit gift card in bulk and schedule a particular date on which they want to send it. Try buying it with free amazon promo code india to get these gift card at discounted price.

Here, we will look at the ways to use an Amazon gift card on the specific order with ease:

How to Redeem an Amazon Gift card

Amazon is one of the most known organizations in the world. It is leading the e-commerce sector with the amazing services that it provides to its customers. The American multinational company works on the principle of giving the utmost quality to their customers. That is why they come up with unique schemes every time. And following the same path, Amazon gift cards are one such fabulous option provided by Amazon.

One can buy or gift someone an Amazon gift card as an alternative based on another gift card, money. You can use an Amazon gift card received from anyone to buy products of your choice from the Amazon website by redeeming your gift card for free.

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So, if you want to redeem an Amazon Gift Card, you will need a claim code for that. A claim code is a unique set of characters that you can use to redeem it on the website. One can find this claim code on the back of the gift card if it is a physical one, but if you have got a digital gift card, then in that case it will be available in your E-mail.

Follow these easy and simple steps if you want to redeem your Amazon gift card.

  1. Open your E-mail ID and search for the claim code, if you have received a digital e-gift card.

  2. Now, open Amazon official website and click on the Gift cards and registry option.

  3. Then tap on Redeem a Gift card.

  4. Enter your claim code and select Apply.

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If you want to keep your Amazon gift card balance as it is and spend it on another occasion, you can do it. But, remember that your gift cards code can only be redeemed within one year. And, once your Amazon gift card is redeemed, then the entire gift card amount will be stored in your account gift card balance.

If the total of your products is more than your gift card balance, then Amazon will charge you the remaining amount that you will have to pay using any online method. One cannot use their Amazon gift cards as a mode of payment to buy another gift card.

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Apply Amazon Gift Card On Your Order

You can apply for an Amazon gift card easily on your order by following these steps:

  1. First of all, Navigate to the Amazon official website. Your gift card balance can be applied to whichever purchase you make after entering the card code. To apply the balance for a specific purchase, you can enter the Amazon card code available on the checkout screen. In case, you are using the Amazon app, then tap on the app and open Amazon. You will need a good speed internet and data connection to access your Amazon account.

  2. Click on the “Sign in” option available. And if you are on mobile, then tap three horizontal lines that are available in the top left corner. You can click on the "Sign in" option available at the top of the menu.

  3. Now, just enter the email and password, and when you are done with it, press the "Sign in" option to have access to your account.

  4. Add any item that you want to purchase from your cart. And, after you are done completely by adding your items, you can check out with ease.

  5. Now, click or tap on the cart icon. It is available in the top right corner of your Amazon interface. Here, you can also click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button available below the cart option.

  6. Now tap or click on the "Enter Code" section, which you will find under the "Payment method" section of your checkout screen. On your mobile, you can scroll down to find this option.

  7. Enter the gift card claim code and your claim code must be on the back of your card so that you can scratch the protective film off from the back to view the code.

  8. If you want to redeem a digital code, then select the claim code that you will find in your confirmation email and then just paste it into the claim code section.

  9. At last, click or tap on “Place your Order. Your Amazon gift balance should be applied to your final order.

Acquire Amazon Gift Cards

Given below are the top offers available today if you are planning to buy an amazon gift card at a discounted price. Use these offers and avail them today to get a gift card or to gift a card to your loved one:

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Process to Avail a Gift Card

  1. First, go o the Amazon website and if you are using the Amazon app then just tap the app for opening Amazon. You will require a data connection for accessing your account.

  2. Now, click on the “Sign in” option that is present below and to the right of the search bar. On the mobile, just tap three horizontal lines available in the top left corner, and then just click on the” Sign in” option from the top of the menu.

  3. Enter your password and email Id and when you are done, go and press “ Sign in” to access the account.

  4. Now, navigate for reloading your balance page and click on the link provided as well to do so. If you want to add more money to your existing gift card balance, then you can do it using this particular menu that lets you choose the amount and the checking account.

  5. For the mobile, open “Your Account” and scroll down to “ Manage Gift Card Balance” and enter your password and then tap on the option for “Reload Your Balance”. You can choose the amount from which you want to withdraw the funds.

  6. Open the gift cards page. Or, on the mobile option is accessible by tapping the horizontal lines available at the top left corner of your screen and then tap "Gift Cards and Registry" tabs.

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  8. You can review your purchase snd there are several ways by which you can purchase an Amazon gift card:

    1. Select the option for e-gift option for purchasing a claim code. You can select an amount, enter the email address, and other payment options. Now, click on “Proceed to checkout” when you are ready for purchasing the e-gift.

    2. Select "Print at Home" option for customizing the gift cards, You can select the amount, write a message, and choose the design you want. Click on "Proceed to checkout" when you are all ready for purchasing and click to "Proceed to checkout" when you are all ready for purchasing the card.

    3. Select your mail option to have a physical gift card mail to your own address. You can select the amount for the card and choose “Proceed to checkout” when you are ready for purchasing your card.

Consider purchasing a physical gift card in the retail store. If you do not need to buy a card online, you can easily find the Amazon gift card for the most popular retail stores Like, walmart, fred meyers, etc.

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