How to Play dream11 and Earn Money Online

How to Play dream11 and Earn Money Online

Are you fond of watching and playing cricket or want to make a lot of money from this game?

If yes then, Dream 11 is the best app for you. In this app, you can easily play this game online, you will have to select a team of eleven players out of two sides playing. And, your score totally depends on how you perform. At the end of the match, all the points are summed up and the performance of the player is compared to other fantasy users that take part in the contest. If you think that you can perform better than others, then this is your chance to earn money.

Suppose that you are attached by watching and playing cricket matches online and furthermore, you constantly refresh and keep yourself updated with all the news related to cricket, then you must have known that all these fantasy cricket apps have shifted up the craze to a whole different level of learning.

So, if you want to know how you can play and earn money using the Dream11 fantasy cricket game, then just keep on reading this blog to know more about the Dream11.

What is Dream 11?

Dream 11 is an app that allows a user to create a fantasy team that includes 11 players for any cricket, IPL, and match to participate online. It is basically a sports fancy platform where one can play fantasy cricket, football, volleyball, hockey, kabbadi, etc and earn Daily cash. offers free dream11 coupon codes that you can avail and apply in your dream11 app to get cashback to play dream11.

You must have seen an advertisement for Dream 11 IPL 2020, that was featuring Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the former caption of the Indian cricket team who is known for his spectacular batting and wicket-keeping skills. So, to play and win real cash from Dream11 fantasy cricket, all you will need to do is have some cricket knowledge and a little bit of LUCK as well.

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To start making money instantly from Dream 11, play dream11 by following these easy steps:

Download Dream 11 App:

It is very important that you download the Dream 11 App either from the Google play store if you are an android user or an App Store for all iPhone users.

Register on Dream 11 App:

One can easily register on the Dream 11 App with ease using a mobile or from the desktop. If you register on the Dream 11, that simply means that you are moving one step closer to earn a lot of money from it.

All you need to do is put in your valid email ID, your name, and your phone number for the verification process. Then you will have to click on the "Continue" button. You will get an OTP i.e, a One-time password on it via SMS. Simply, Put in the OTP and press "Continue" to proceed further.

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You will then be asked about your bank details and the customer details such as your Aadhar card, your permanent account number. Your registration will be completed once you enter all these details.

You can avail of a bonus of Rs100 instantly while registering and for that, you will need to enter a Promo code that can easily be accessed from CouponsCurry when you signup and play dream11.

Check Your Dream 11 Balance:

Since you have already got a Rs 100 cashback by using a referral code that you got from CouponsCurry. You will not need to add some extra money to get started with playing and if you have not grabbed one, then what are you waiting for? Go and leverage the offer before the other one snatches it from you. Play dream11 today and earn money online today.

The pay balance is quite necessary for the players to bid and form a team. You can increase your Dream 11 balance by getting money from your bank account and then linking it to the Dream 11 app.

Join The Online Contest and Select Your Team:

At Dream 11, you can select any of the upcoming matches whether it is the T20 series or something that is being played currently. For that, all you need to do is join the contest that you want to take part in, but remember this thing that every content has different joining fees and number of spots. So, you will have to take the decision wisely. You can select any of the upcoming series and cricket matches and once you have selected the match, next you will need to do is select your team.

Selecting a Team at Dream 11:

You can make money on the Dream 11 but for that, you will need to select players that will form up your team. Suppose you have selected a match between KKR and Mumbai Indians then you will need to select players that are currently available on the two teams. You get a total of 100 points to build your team and it is compulsory to have 11 players on your Dream11 team to play dream11 game

Selecting a team at Dream11 requires a lot of money. Hence, the points of each player are placed next to their image. So, choose wisely because you have to create your team with these 100 points. Once you select all the categories of players, icons will go flash green and the amount of money that you have earned from Dream11 depends on the contest that you join. Every contest differs from others.

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Earn the money from the match:

Your total earnings will depend on the basis of boundaries and sixes that you score in the match. One can also play and earn money on the basis of prediction and other factors like the number of catches, run-outs, and other decisions. Runs and catches are the important actions that are made by the captain and can help you earn double points, whereas the vice-captain earns 1.5 times points.

Conclusion: Dream 11 is one of the best money-making processes and the process involved in it is quite similar to betting on cricket games. ICC has many strict policies regarding the betting of cricket. So, all in all, it is a great app where one can create a team of real players for the upcoming match and compete with other fans as well for the bigger prizes and play dream11 to earn money online today.

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