The Future of Home Fitness

The Future of Home Fitness

Prior to COVID-19 hitting lives of everyone, for most of the people fitness meant to going to gym and working out and staying healthy. Due to the norms and regulations, gyms and other classes have been put off, giving online sales a boost. With the advancement of the technology, it made it easy to access. It is considered as a long term investment, if seen in a long run it is efficient.

Due to the pandemic and lockdown, various apps and online platforms introduced great promotional deals to attract customers and it worked also. Despite of not being going out for the namesake of exercise, people started investing in home fitness. Covid definitely have accelerated home fitness without having risk of getting infected. Since, under the risk of getting cardiovascular, breathing issues due to Covid, it has been advised to keep doing regular breathing exercises and working out to keep one healthy.

Home fitness is not new, people have been indulged in it even before gyms and everything. However, we can see spike in it, many people signed up for fitness streaming devices, apps, etc. People can plan their own workout as desired.

People can workout at home at their own pace. As most of the companies have assigned work from home to their employees, one can say it is an added benefit for them. People can take out the time from their busy working schedule and can do a little workout at their home without facing any issues. Some platforms provide live sessions and some provide pre - recorded sessions. Well the former one can help in building a routine whilst the latter one can be at ease and flexible. Either way it is a great option to keep one healthy. It goes without saying that a healthy body keeps a healthy mind and it can be more creative, efficient.

Social distancing being a thing now, gym are not that efficient in that way.

Other factors that also promote home fitness are long working hours, busy schedule, parking problems providing them an option of choosing and planning whatever and whenever they prefer.

The financial strain of the past 12 months, lead to the rise of smart fitness tech in the home, a further challenge to gyms and studios reeling from the pandemic. Talking about uncertainty, various fitness chains that have been at the top of their game have recently declared bankruptcy.

Home gyms can enable solo or group workout, can challenge your friend or family member to workout. At home, while working out at their own, can motivate and involve family members as well. While going through some sales data, the sales of the equipment for the home gym equipment have seen a rapid increase. People are investing in it and getting more serious about it. To reduce the burdon on your pocket, is playing a vital role during this pandemic by providing free coupon codes to all online shoppers. Be it amazon, flipkart, ajio, shoppersstop or any online shopping website, you can get free discount coupons and save up to 90% off on your next home gym equipment purchase.

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With the smart technology such as smart shoes, watches, people can track their steps, body weight, heart rate, how much calories have been burnt. Another factor to keep them motivated and moving to do better.

It is too early to say anything or predict anything in such times, how the fitness industry will change. Technology does have a major influence on lifestyle followed by people. However, with new trends coming in so does the mindset of people. For the time being, home fitness is a safe option without worrying of getting infected. Although, in some places gyms have reopened but people are hesitant. Home fitness is in trend now but no one knows how it is going to be in coming five years. In a long run, it can be said with the ease it is going to be quite present in the future.

Home Fitness: The Future

With the repeated lockdowns, meticulous articles, and discussions about developing immunity and maintaining health have been a very re-occurring sight. But apart from the recent times, I believe home fitness is genuinely one of the most efficient and helpful concepts when explored in the right way.

Especially in our society, there is this stigma about gyms being the only way for people to achieve fitness or even start with the process of it. Every time someone decides that they want to start working out, their first thought is to join a nice gym and get a good trainer like it is almost encrypted in their head. And sure, it does wonders for most of the people and as professional as you get with it, the results will be more proper and efficient but there is always drawbacks in every conventional method.

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So naturally, there is a bunch of issues that people face with going to the gyms like time management issues, financial affordability, or as we have recently seen, gyms just not being available to anyone, period. So is that the stopping line for any journey that did not even start? Not necessarily. I think times like these force us to think more and act as a source of realization about the minimalistic yet effective approaches of our daily life that we tend to neglect because of the stereotypes that exist in our social surroundings.

Gyms or professional fitness centres are not the only choices for anybody who wants to focus on their health. There are proven and many efficient ways in which we can take care of our bodies inside our house itself. Every single form of exercise that is commonly practised can be done inside. For example, Yoga is one of the most convenient alternatives for everyone, regardless of age or living standards. It requires absolutely no expenses and it just heals an unfit body both physically and mentally. It can be done by anyone anytime anywhere and there are centuries of proof for its divine effects. This is hands down one of the best choices for everyone and anyone who is not able to go with the conventional ways.

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Apart from this, focussing on the major population i.e. the middle class of the society, it is safe to say that a huge percentage of this group has access to the internet and that ultimately means they have an access to hundreds of thousands of content sources that can provide them with every possible detail needed to plan out a workout routine and incorporate in their schedule. There are thousands of videos available of every bodyweight or weight lifting or cardio or any other forms of exercise for people to plan out a systematic workout schedule or in some cases even entire routines are available that they just have to keep up with. There are entire applications designed for people to keep up with their calorie intake and every basic or advanced information needed for people to have a better understanding of how these things work. Basically, every single thing that anybody needs for them to start working on their goal is available very easily and this is exactly why home fitness definitely has a very bright future assuming that the people will be smart enough to use up the resources that are out there.

You can also refer to some basic yoga for beginners to stay fit here as well.

So to conclude, home fitness is not only a great option but probably an even better option because it is not just about using up the resources or adjusting to the situations but it is a journey for everyone that forces everyone to have a sense of self-discipline and self-sufficiency. It is not about settling for whatever we can have but actually using up the very common things we have to their maximum potential and eventually making the best out of them. It teaches us to do something different from what we have been told is usually the only way, that too by ourselves. It is about not giving up just because we did not fit in the general idea of something and finding our own ways of achieving the greater goal. And that is why home fitness to me is not just a practice, but a concept and a pretty damn powerful one once looked at from a larger telescope.

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