Top 10 Must-Watch Shows on Netflix

Top 10 Must-Watch Shows on Netflix

One of the easiest and coolest ways to watch television shows is now known as Netflix. From awesome T.V shows to latest movies and some videos, you can watch anything and a lot of things here. To get the access you need to just pay the monthly pack charges or yearly pack charges. Not just American but a lot of other shows are also available here.

Trending Shows on Netflix:
There are a lot of television shows that you might not find anywhere else but on Netflix. There are a lot of shows that are exclusively available on just Netflix. So, if you want to watch them, just log in to the website and enjoy your shows by paying a small amount of monthly rental.

1. Russian Doll:

The propulsive TV series truly depends upon morality and mortality that tends to find a great balance between the basic beliefs of ones life. With around all 8 episodes I assure you that all you will get is better and enthusiastic things of life.

2. Bodyguard:

Before start watching this show I must tell you once you start it you are never going back or I better say there is no choice of going back. Yes, that is how addicted it is. With so many twists and turns, it becomes great and a must watch a TV show.

3. Mad Men:

Mad menare one of those shows which has given up the finest acting by actors in the world of TV shows. So if you are looking for some seriously good shows you might consider it on the list.

4. The Haunting Of The Hill House:

Haunted shows lover then definitely try this one. It is not just a horror show but it just revolves in and out like some part in the past and some in present. And trust me you wont get bored a minute while watching this.

5. The Office (U.S):

Starting of the show was not that good. The story revolves around slowly and did not excite population that much but as soon as they jumped up to the ending episodes story plot geared up.

6. Breaking Bad:

It can be considered the most influential TV drama show ever. There are so many twists and turns in the show, which makes each episode and story of the show interesting for years. This series is interesting and a must watch, so get a Netflix promo code to even get discount on your subscription pack.

7. Friends:

Asking me about F.R.I.E.N.D.S story? Oh my god, how can somebody not watch friends? This has been the most watched show and most loved TV show ever. It basically revolves around 6 friends.

8. Glow:

It has one of the most original premises in recent TV shows. IT shows the life of a real- life promotion done by a professional wrestler. The promotion that is done in the series is later known as Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

9. Mindhunter:

This series is basically made up of some true incidents and depicts how early FBI teams used to work and how mindful cases they face continuously.

10. Legends Of Tomorrow:

This particular series focuses on time traveling rouges. What I feel that its first season was not that great and exciting but my god when it started rolling down and new plots were added it attracted a huge number of audience. If you are a fan of Marvels, and more or less the fan of X-Men then this is a must watch for you.

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Series and Movies:
There are a lot of good series and movies streaming live on Netflix. Go, check out the movies and series. Some of them are:

1. Stranger things:

After a young boy who vanished mysteriously and suddenly the people of small-townstarted to uncover government labs secrets portal to another world. And in order to find his friend the boys friend found a girl who was running from some men.

2. You:

It is based on a novel name YOU. It is basically about a Ney York bookstore manager who fell in love with one of his customers and becomes obsessed with her. When his obsession got on highest peak he started eliminating all the obstacles from his path just in the sake of staying in the life of the girl. And this made him boyfriend of her from just a bookstore manager friend.

3. Black Mirror:

It is a British science fiction TV show. It basically examines modern society particularly with the unanticipated consequences of the upcoming or the latest technology. They are mostly related and depends upon the near future situations. The sires not just provide the fun time or time pass elements to the one who is watching but also gives basic knowledge about daily or coming futures life.

4. Bird Box:

It is a Netflix movie which has won many awards. This movie is basically on the mysterious force which is killing the population. The only thing considered constant here is if you see, you die. The actors have delivered great acting even the kids. It is a must watch a movie.

If available with subtitles or not?

Netflix completely leaves this decision on to your hand whether you want to have subtitles or not. You can enable or disable subtitles on your own. You can see and have to check which exact show gives you your language subtitles. By simply visiting and choose your language as a subtitle, if available choose it.

About Netflix subscription

When you start up your Netflix then the very first month or we say the trial month which is 1 month. You get a free subscription. You can watch all the shows for free. But just after the good days are gone and you got to face black clouds the problems will start. Haha, just kidding! The moment your trial month is over you now have to take up the subscription either monthly or yearly one. In India monthly subscription fee is Rs. 500 for a basic one and yearly it is Rs. 2999. To know more get in touch with the website of CouponsCurry that will help you in giving a lot of deals and discounts.

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