Top Reasons Why Amazon customer base is ever-expanding

Top Reasons Why Amazon customer base is ever-expanding

Online shopping is here to stay and sustain since the covid-19 has hit. One cannot compare the convenience that we get from tech-enabled shopping. Tons of benefits like easy shopping, returns, deals, and offers on various products are making the e-commerce platforms powerful enough to dominate the consumers.

Preferences have shifted, nothing can beat the perks and benefits that we get from online shopping and that is what has made online shopping a new normal.

In fact, most of the consumers now say that they would be fine if they never got a chance to shop from a physical store. Almost three-quarters of them are believed to shop online in the future.

When the conversation is about online shopping, who can forget Amazon. Since its launch in 1994, Amazon has paved a long way from its humble beginnings as an online bookseller to being one of the biggest giants in the e-commerce world.

The success took time but that was possible because of a great strategic approach. Regardless of where they started, Amazon has expanded its customer base flourishingly.

As a consumer too, when we think about buying even a small household thing, we start searching it on Amazon. That is how Amazon won the trust of consumers.

Let us look into more detail what are the top reasons that have made Amazon evergreen.

Free Shipping offered via Amazon Prime Membership:

In most of the surveys, respondents said that they bought an amazon prime membership to get the free shopping benefit on their purchases. They want their products to deliver fast that is why they have become the prime members. Apart from free shipping, there are many benefits that Amazon offers to their prime members like advance deals and offers before any festival or occasion, exclusive amazon coupons, early sale, and lot more. Option to shortlist the items in their wishlist before the sale goes live etc.

Coupon Code

This has proved to be Amazon remarkable strategy to captivate the customers. In the e-commerce business even the slightest of things matters, free shipping can increase the chance of winning the sale among the competitors. And, Amazon has made sure to use these tactics for its own advantage.

Using Data Analysis For Innovation:

Amazon is one of the leading brands that are ready to cross leaps and bounds to gain the trust of their customers. Their approach of testing each and everything from pricing to product selection is what is making them go ahead.

Even Jeff Bezos has said that "their customers are loyal to them until someone else offers them better service".

That means it is one of the prime goals of Amazon to keep their customers intact with the best of innovations. Amazon is always competing with other businesses, for example, if you see that smart home devices are gaining momentum, that is why more and more customers are choosing to equip their homes with these devices to upgrade their lifestyle. That is why Amazon continues to use its echo with the version-control tech, for example, Amazon Alexa is featured in various devices that you can easily find on Amazon. Whether it be the speaker, smartphone, smart fridge, all are being controlled by these features. Hence, all the decisions that Amazon makes are majorly based on customer needs.

Attracting Customers with Amazon Coupons:

It is a natural tendency of customers to run after deals and discounts. And, why not who does not want to save some extra cash. Amazon coupons are one of the best ways to get instant discounts on different products listed on Amazon.

Whether you want to buy a clothing item, electronics, accessories, shoes, home decor, or anything. Amazon promo codes can be used to make your shopping experience more fun.

The best part is Amazon coupons are segregated category wise, hence you do not have to struggle with finding and applying. No matter how many items you purchase, Amazon has made a user-friendly interface for their customers so that coupons get activated as soon as it is applied.

The coupon game is one of the factors that is keeping Amazon in the battle of gaining more and more customers.

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Building Community For Customer Experience:

It has been reported many times by different researchers that customers prefer feedback on the products before they make their final decision. In fact, 45% of the shoppers go for reviews before finalizing the deal. And many customers use their mobile phones for online research before buying any product.

Out of many blockbuster strategies by Amazon, building a separate community platform where people can ask questions and look for feedback has made Amazon more successful.

Amazon offers a section where customers can ask specific questions before buying anything. That helps in creating a safer platform for the consumers.

Try getting some free amazon gift cards to make your shopping experience better today.

Rewarding Customers with Exclusive Rewards:

With Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card, customers can earn rewards on each purchase. Amazon offers amazing cashback on this card, which in turn can be used to buy more items from the website. The cashback is credited at the end of each billing cycle on the basis of purchases made through the card as Amazon reward points. Moreover, other loyalty programs like amazon business that make sure that customers business can purchase products in bulk are also one of the measures to sustain in the e-commerce market.

This reward program has helped Amazon attract many new customers, in addition to retaining existing ones.

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers for many reasons and the list is never-ending. It regularly analyzes the needs and expectations of its customers and keeps on modifying its offerings and deals. Amazon has a huge customer base all across the world and it never fails to amaze them. That is the reason why for every small or big need, “Amazon” has become the first choice for its customers.

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