Traditional Dresses Style and Fashion Culture Of Indian States

Traditional Dresses Style and Fashion Culture Of Indian States

Traditional dresses, its styles and fashion culture across the 29 states of India vary greatly with community, religion and region. Every state in India has its own traditions, culture and lifestyle to follow and celebrates the festivals and fairs with those traditions. The Indian States Traditional Dresses not only vary according to the states, but also according to the religions and communities of the state, making it difficult for us to understand the different Indian Dresses of Different States. Check for the quick rundown of different Traditional Dress of India State Wise.

Besides its globally acclaimed tea gardens, Assam is also known for is vibrant and rich custom and cultures. The largest population of tribes hails from this region of Indian state and hence different traditional clothing is worn in Assam. This ranges from the Mekhela Chador made out of Muga Silk to dokhora and even saris and salwar suits which are common amongst women, while men are commonly seen wearing dhoti and kurta made out of khadi and other handlooms.

The Name of Dress of Different States in India may vary, but what remains common amongst the women of Bengal is Sari made out of Taant Cotton, Silk and Chiffon. No festival in Bengal is complete without a pair of sari worn in the draping method which was originated from British Capital of Kolkata. White sari with large red border is commonly seen in Bengali women wearing during religious festivals, while men usually wear Panjabi with Dhoti or Pajama.

Uttar Pradesh:
This state of India is bestowed with the cultures and tradition from nature itself. The common traditional clothing worn in this state includes the Salwar Kamiz by women and kurta and pajama along with headgears like Pagri and Topi by men. The unique bottom wear called Churidar has been originated from this Indian state and sari is worn by women with different embellishments. Sherwanis are common amongst the male population during special occasions and festivals.

Gujarat is the state where the Indian tradition is taken seriously by the populace and the common ethnic wear here is the Chaniyo and Choli. It is the tradition to wear the embellished lehenga choli and ghagra choli during any festive season, while the dupattas are worn by women as the veils called as Odhni. Pajamas and Kurta are common wear amongst men which is combined with vivid turbans for any formal occasions.

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This is another state of India that has given some of the stylish ethnic wear to fashion industry. Salwar kamiz or churidar is the common traditional wear by women in Punjab, whereas men prefer wearing churidar style pajama along with kurta and headgears like Pagri. This state is known for its unique styles of shoes called Juti and this unique shoe style is adopted by rest of Indian states.

Sari combined with a pair of Choli is considered to be the ethnic clothing in Maharashtra. Men within the state are seen wearing Dhoti that is paired with Pheta and other headdresses are also used by men made out of wool, silk and cotton like Pagri.

The capital city of India is flooded with a variety of ethnic wears that are common amongst the women in the city. This includes the salwar kamiz in a variety of styles and fashion, featuring the Zardozi embroidery which is influenced by different parts of the country. Sherwani, or pajama kurta is the common ethnic wear amongst the males.

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