Why do You Need a SmartGRID Mattress from TheSleepCompany

Why do You Need a SmartGRID Mattress from TheSleepCompany

Finding a good mattress for yourself is not an easy thing. It can be really hectic sometimes. The search for the right mattress seems like a never-ending battle when you encounter these pushy salespeople who almost overwhelm you with tons of options that do not do anything favourable to us.

There are several factors that compel us to go and find the mattress, for example, wearing and tearing of the mattresses, noisy springs, etc.

For everyone, after facing a lot of hustle and bustle in the day, sleep is something that becomes one of the prime concerns. And when you do not get enough quality sleep, you might wake up grumpy and frustrated.

A bad-quality mattress can cause serious issues with your body. Back pain, neck stiffness, and shoulder aches feel like eternal elements of your life. That in the long term can severely impact your postures turn into dangerous diseases too.

So, it is very important we understand the need for a new and high-quality mattress that is scientifically designed specially to help with our body posture and can reward us with blissful sleep.

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With thousands of options for mattresses available in the market, it is not easy to choose the perfect one for you. We need to know that every mattress is designed based on different purposes. For years mattress industry has been practising the ways in which the quality of mattresses can be improved. That is why they have come up with kinds of mattresses like spring mattresses, hybrid, memory foam, etc.

But, recently the mattress industry has encountered another revolution in the mattress i.e, through the Smart GRID technology, this is one of the advanced experiments done by many sleep experts of TheSleepCompany that not only helps with the posture but the mattress intelligently adapts according to the body shape such that all your body pressure is taken by the mattress.

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Now, we will dive into more detail about why this is one of the best innovations in the mattresses world.

Reasons To Buy a Smart GRID mattress

Super Comfortable: The Smart GRID mattresses are one of the best mattresses when it comes to comfortability. People tend to choose a memory foam mattress when it is about smoothness. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress feels like the mattress is hugging you. But, the memory foam collapse after some time from the pressure of your body. Whereas if we talk about the Smart GRID mattresses then these mattresses make sure that the pressure is evenly distributed and cushions every part of the body while providing comfort. Smart GRID mattresses are an excellent anti-inflammation option that provides you with a sound and blissful experience at night.

Cool Airflow: A high-density foam or memory foam has small pores that do not allow heat to escape heat efficiently. They trap heat that can lead to further hypoallergenic symptoms. High-density memory foam retains heat and is not a correct choice for the colder seasons. However, the low-density foam can be used with PU foam in quilting to regulate air and temperature.

Whereas in the Smart grid Technology, mattresses are designed with almost 2500 air channels that ensure heat does not get trapped in the mattress. That is what makes it unique from the memory foam mattress.

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Relieves Pain: If you often encounter body pain then a soft mattress is not the right choice for you. Because that can lead to more pain in the affected area. But there are some kinds of soft mattresses, for example, memory foam they can help you deal with the pain in joints and muscles. A high-density Smart GRID mattress allows the area to offload physical strain. It also releases pressure comforting the back pain lower back pain and chronic issues.

Smart grid mattresses are specially designed with no pressure technology that immediately helps in relieving pain from the hip, neck, shoulder, abdomen, etc. The pressure gets distributed evenly, supporting every body part.

One can use Smart GRID mattresses for patients with joint pain as it helps to relieve strain. In addition, people with excessive physical activity or strenuous standing hours can use this smart build mattress. If buying it from amazon then apply amazon india coupons at checkout and save UP TO 90% on your next order.

Flexibility: The smart grid mattresses usually firm to soft and rely on rubber-like flexibility material. The hyperelastic materials of smart grid mattresses make them good for motion isolation.

Motion on one path can disturb the cell and increase the pressure on that particular area of the mattress. That can lead to a mattress sinking. Whereas in smart grid mattresses, you can usually found a grid mattress with an innerspring and support factor that helps it in keeping free from hacking our body to shape Impressions. This is one of the astounding features of Smart GRID mattresses. It not only provides support but the mattress also stays in shape for most of the part.

Support: The great layer present in Smart GRID mattresses is either soft or firm, depending upon the density levels. If you are looking for a mattress, that is uniform in structure and is good for orthopaedic use or pain relief, then smart GRID mattresses by the Sleep Company are your ideal choice.

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The empty spaces and ridges due to the cell in the grid layer make the mattress firm and soft.

Bounce: A grid mattress is a rubber-like material that behaves in the same way as a latex mattress. These mattresses have a lot of bounce that can make anyone feel better. If you are seeking a comfortable and bouncy mattress that can equally comfort your body weight then there can not be anything more suitable than a Smart GRID mattress. The bounces in the grid matrix are higher in the denser version and moderate in the low-density version.

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