A Beginners Guide to Different Types of Mattresses

A Beginners Guide to Different Types of Mattresses

Do you know that one of the major reasons for your sleep disruption and your back pain is your mattress?

If not! You need to know that any lumps and bumps in your mattress can give you aches and pain. Therefore, you need to be really careful next time when you go out for your mattress.

Now, buying a mattress is not child play. It is one of the hectic decisions that you can make. Since it is a major investment from your pocket that can deeply affect your daily and nightly life.

The quality of your sleep depends a lot on your mattress, as it is something that is meant to give you comfort and relaxation. And, if your mattress is not able to do this, then what is the point?

Here comes the toughest part, there are tons of mattresses available when we go out shopping. But, identifying what will suit our comfort and has the most premium quality according to our need is the main game.

Sometimes, even a promising mattress can disappoint you. so, before buying, comfort should always be your prime concern.

And, to get you with better understanding, here is our guide that can simplify the procedure and help you bring a comfy and cozy mattress.

Smart Gel Infused Foam

In foam mattresses, a gel is usually added to add support. If we talk about Gel mattresses then they are one of the best mattresses that can dissipate body heat. The smart gel can deal with the temperature throughout the night. That results in a cooling effect while we are asleep. There are several other benefits of gel-infused mattresses. For example, it can be gentle on hips and joints, or it can be much better in temperature regulation than memory foam.

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According to your priority, if cooling is what you need, then a gel mattress can be your best choice. They are slightly more expensive than the memory foam, but investing in them is worth the money. The gel foam can also be incorporated into hybrid mattresses.

Smart GRID mattress

Smart GRID mattress has changed the whole outlook in the mattress industry. These mattresses are comparably cool to any other memory foam mattress. Since the material used in building a Smart GRID mattress has more than 2500 air channels, it helps in enhancing air circulation.

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Moreover, the design of TheSleepCompany Mattress intelligently adapts according to the body providing support to hips and shoulders, which ultimately helps in relieving the body pain. One can useTheSleepCompany coupons to have an access to this ultra elastic Smart GRID mattress at a price that does not add burden to your pocket.

Memory foam

Memory foam was invented back in the 1970s by NASA to provide better seat cushioning and crash protection for the passengers and pilots on airplanes. The material is considered perfect for bed padding as it comforts the curves of the body along with even dispersing the weight all over the surface.

Memory foam has a feature that can relieve the pain of the hips, neck, and joints, which is caused by lying for too long. It is also a heat-activated material that can help you keep warm if you are someone who gets cold while sleeping. The construction of memory foam is made in such a way that it is inherently resistant to bacteria and allergens. One does not need to worry about molds, bed bugs, and dust mites. In addition, memory foam mattresses contain several layers of foam, which have the tendency to resist sagging.

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Memory foam mattresses are one of the most popular choices of mattresses, so if you want to have a great quality memory foam mattress. You can have it with Sleepwell which is available on the Amazon website. Do not forget to use amazon India coupons as these coupons will give you an additional discount on your shopping not only for Sleepwell mattresses but for any mattress you shop at Amazon.


You can easily customize a waterbed the way you want. They are hard-sided or soft-sided in design which helps in providing support through a water chamber system.

One can easily adjust a waterbed according to the chambers set up. It depends clearly upon you whether you want free-flow or restricted water flow for yourself. There are several pros and cons to a waterbed, and one of the major disadvantages of having a waterbed is, it can be quite difficult and time-consuming to set up a water bed. You can also use our Coir Mattress which is mostly recommended by doctors. Coir orthopedic mattresses are also available.

Adjustable Air beds

They are one of the best mattresses in India 2022 for people who suffer from sinus, back pain, and snoring. These mattresses are adjustable which makes them perfect for bedtime. The Air mattresses were majorly used for the camping experience.

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But, innovations have brought this technology to the bedrooms. That not only created a comfortable sleep surface but the design firmness has made it pure bliss. One can easily buy these adjustable air beds under great deals on Wakefit mattresses, you can choose Wakefit coupons from Couponscurry to help you ease with your air bed shopping.

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Inner Spring

Innerspring mattresses uses coil support to provide support to the sleeper. These coils are arranged in one or two ways to determine the wellness of the mattress. Innerspring beds are one of the oldest and most common designs which can affect the quality of back support. It can consist of varying shapes of springs and coils, that if fed into a single unit can make the bed feel bouncier.

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So, when you sleep on these kinds of mattresses you might feel the movement because of the coil responding. You can try out the Kurlon mattress exclusive range with amazing springs added to it.


Latex mattresses use latex foam for offering firmness and plushness to accommodate the side. It is dense and produces less heating than memory foam. Latex is considered one of the most picked up natural bedding options because natural latex is a byproduct of sap from rubber.

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The latex material is quite similar to memory foam. That is why it also provides more bounce. If you are someone who wants a bouncy mattress that can retain less heat, then a latex mattress can be your perfect choice.

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Hybrid beds are one of the trending mattresses as they tend to combine with both terms i.e, comfort and support. A hybrid mattress gives you the support and bounce of an innerspring mattress along with the softness of latex and memory foam. Hybrid mattresses are layered with coils on the bottom and one to three layers of memory foam and latex on the top. One can achieve the best comfort experience with Hybrid mattresses.

Here we have the huge collections of Mattress Covers for all sizes at the lowest to highest price. And also get some extra discount on your shopping.

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Get some basic knowledge before choosing the mattresses

Very insightful article! I was confused about searching for a mattress to buy but after reading this article I have very much clearance in my head about the type of mattress I should buy. Not only that, but also I got a gel memory foam mattress, it turned out to be very comfortable and I am able to get a good sleep on it. Also, I could get it at a 35% discount with the help of the coupon code mentioned in the article. This article was really a good guide that helped me get a mattress of my choice. I can say that this article is a must-read for everyone who is looking to buy any gel mattresses.

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How I Got 25% Off On Mattresses

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