TheSleepCompany VS Wakefit Mattresses: Which one to Buy

TheSleepCompany VS Wakefit Mattresses: Which one to Buy

Whenever it comes to buying a good mattress, we all need to consider many factors like comfort, design, size, color, and many more. And, the main reason behind all this research is to know which mattress would be more suitable for your sleep.

You will find some branded and reputed mattresses available that make a perfect choice. But, TheSleepCompany and Wakefit mattresses promise you an ultimate level of comfort. Since both of them are good in quality there are certain factors in which both differ. So, let us check out the difference between the two best and premium mattresses: TheSleepCompany and Wakefit mattresses. If you liked any of them, you can use our Wakefit and TheSleepCompany coupons to avail of huge discounts.

Construction of Mattress Material

The Sleep Company SMART grid mattress is the first Smart Grid mattresses available in Asia. It is constructed with three layers:

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Second degree Super stretchable Smart Grid which is made up of Hyper-Elastic Polymer Gel.

Smart GRID mattresses are made up of Premium high-density foam. In addition to that 2" soft Proprietary Transition Foam.

Hence, the sleep company mattress construction is absolutely phenomenal that make sure the pressure gets evenly distributed here and cushions every part of the body providing you comfort. These Smart GRID mattresses form an excellent anti-inflammation option that provides you with a blissful and sound experience at night.

Now, when it comes to the Wakefit Orthopedic memory foam mattresses. They are available in all heights i.e, 5”, 6”, and 8”. In addition, it is made from three main layers:

- CoolFit Cool Foam
- Next-Generation Memory foam.
- Breathable foam.
- High resilience support foam.

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The Comfort Factor

Generally, orthopedic mattresses are a medium-soft firm on the top comfort layer and very firm when it comes to supporting layers. So, that means these mattresses can support your back well but that does not provide you the comfort. However, The Sleep Company mattresses not only provide you with the ultimate level of comfort but also provide you supreme support.

So, at least the mattress pushes the body upwards more the level of comfort while sleeping on it. Wakefit mattresses are self-designed and their memory foam completely takes care of the comfort. Patients can sleep over it for months and their bodies will still remain in great shape.

Support Specifications

The Smart Grid mattress is made from a super stretchable Polymer gel that can stretch up to 100% of its original size. Later on, it can bounce back to its original shape over and over again. You do not have to worry about the sinking and sagging factor all the time. As in spring mattresses, it is experienced more often.

Whereas Wakefit mattress provides great posture support and the mattress cuddles your shoulders, elbows, ankles, and hips firmly supporting the back and keeping the spine aligned. The next-generation Memory foam is a high-density foam for body contouring.

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The Smart Grid mattresses allow free shipping in India and the mattress comes rolled in a bag that makes it easy to carry upon the stairways and other tight spaces. You can open the packaging and expand it.

For the Wakefit mattresses, you will have to enter the pin code on Wakefit page and check out the current delivery time that estimates your area.

Airflow and Other factors

You can easily get The Wakefit Dual Comfort mattress in Queen Bed size and it is known for the comfort that it provides. In addition, it also provides great support to the body structure with a varying level of firmness. One can easily flip the mattress around according to the desired firmness. Here, one side is soft whereas another side is firm. So, you easily get comfort and support respectively.

Both these mattresses provide enough ventilation to prevent you from waking up in a puddle of sweat. Smart Grid mattress has special 2500 air channels that ensure that heat does not get trap in the mattress.


In general, the dimensions of Smart GRID mattresses for Queen size is 198.12 x 182.88 x 20.32 cm whereas in WakeFit mattresses it is1.52mx1.83m


Smart GRID mattresses are more firm and soft as compared to wake it. They are made up of hyperelastic materials that make them good for motion isolation. Now, a motion on a similar path can disturb the cell and also increases the pressure on that particular area of mattresses. So, you can usually find a Smart GRID mattress with an innerspring and support which helps in keeping it free from the hacking body to shape impressions.

All these astounding features make this mattress stay in shape most of the time.


There is no denying the fact that Wakefit mattresses are extremely strong and they can easily support a person that weighs around 200 kgs. That means with two sleepers or double bed mattresses it has a weight capacity of 400kg. Whereas, a Smart Grid mattress itself is 40 kg in weight.


Wakefit mattress is best and is filled with all the features that are good for spinal alignment and body conformity. Whereas TheSleepCompany Smart GRID mattress is mainly suitable for people who experience back pain the most.

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Which One is Best for You - The Sleep Company or Wakefit Mattresses

The article was really well written. I have been researching about mattresses to buy for quite some time now and narrowed down my choices between the sleep company and wakefit mattresses. After reading this article now I have a clearer view about the mattress that fulfills my needs better. I decided to go with the sleep company smart grid mattress because of its extreme comfort and supreme support. I do not have any health issues so I believe that sleep company was a better option for me but if you have any issues, then you can also buy orthopedic mattresses from the store of your choice. Also, as a special token of gratitude to Couponscurry, I could get a 40% off with the help of the coupon which they mentioned in the article.

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