Best Mattresses In India 2022: How to choose best brand

Best Mattresses In India 2022: How to choose best brand

Mattresses are One-time investments and they are related to health. As we all know that Mattresses are used for more than 15 years. Hence, it is crucial to understand which mattress will go with your body needs. One cannot afford to be wrong at this decision because it might damage you physically as well as financially.

So, it is imperative to find the best mattress and brand in India regarding your fitness and sleeping habits.

There are various types of mattresses from different brands available in the market that are made to keep in mind the summer and winter seasons. You can find mattresses for people with spinal or back pain problems, mattresses for people who like softness, and those who want hardness. There are many kinds of foam using which different brands in india make their mattresses. So, questions like these will come to your mind while choosing the best mattress brand in India.

That is why we have made a comprehensive guide to make this easy for you and find a great mattress for you. Here are a few mattresses brands in india that you must consider.

The Sleep Company Mattress

Nowadays, many people are choosing smarter technology-based mattresses over regular mattresses. For them, an ideal mattress would be The Sleep Company mattresses. Smart Ortho mattresses and Smart GRID mattresses both are a perfect combination of luxury, comfort, and back pain relief.

And the best part is, you can order the sleep company mattress online. Also get additional discount on top of existing offers by applying the sleep company coupon that can be availed for free from

Their mattresses are available in two variants, out of which Smart Ortho mattress is the best orthopedic mattress in India. They are bound to give you the most luxurious and plush feeling whenever you want to crawl into bed. This mattress is designed to offer you a cloud-like comfort for a good nights sleep. And, the material ensures that it retains its shape even after 10 years of use. In addition, Smart GRID mattresses do not sink or collapse.

The Smart Ortho technology helps the mattresses to adjust to any body shape thereby providing support and care to your spine at every point irrespective of the sleeping posture. It gives plush comfort and back pain relief that prevents the body from stress by not letting you feel any pain in the back, spine, neck, and shoulders.

The SmartGRID layer of this mattress is designed scientifically to provide two times firmer support to your back than any regular orthopedic mattress. Along with the premium cushioning, it also ensures that you do not face any disturbance when it comes to motion isolation. Plus, these mattresses have 2500 +air channels that are infused in them that add to the bounciness and help in regulating the body temperature. It protects you from waking up all sweaty.

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The Product by The Sleep Company allows a 100-day free trial that provides 10 years of warranty. The soft walls of the grid provide a luxurious and plush sleep on body curves. For discounts on The Sleep Company mattresses, you can check our TheSleepCompany coupons.

Hence, this is the most preferred mattress for people who are looking for a mattress that can relieve them from back pain and provide them a luxurious and comfortable sleep.

Wake Fit Mattress

If you are looking for a high-quality memory foam mattress, then Wakefit mattresses are one of the best memory foam mattresses in India. They are absolutely awesome when it comes to orthopedic mattresses for people who are suffering from back pain issues.

They have spent more than 1500 hours in their Research and Development so that they can create the best mattress for sleeping. Now, you will find a range of mattresses in Wakefit mattresses:

Dual Comfort Mattresses: It is for regular folks with varied needs. One side of this mattress is firm whereas another side is soft.

Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress: These mattresses are designed especially for those who are suffering from severe back pain problems.

Avail wakefit coupon code for free while ordering a a mattress online of wakefit brand in india to get instant discount on your purchase. Wakefit mattress can fit almost any King-sized bed because of its massive size i.e, 78*72*8 inches. It is one of the most stable mattresses that are available in 37.5 kg of weight. They are quite soft as well because of their high-quality polyurethane foam.


Kurlon is a trusted and renowned name in the mattress Industry. And, if you are looking for an affordable option, then you should go for this one. They are constructed with the generous thickness natural coir layer aided with VCT and ACD technology that makes these mattresses extremely firm and also provides good support to the spine and the body. They come with an advanced coir orientation for more additional support and the bounce.

Kurlon Queen: size mattress comes in two colors- maroon and red. The design of the mattress can vary. And, it also comes up with a warranty of two years. According to an official statement, Kurl-on mattresses are available in 126 different type of mattresses configurations. The Kurl-on range includes:

  1. Pure coir mattress: Made of rubberized coir material,

  2. Kurlobond: Made of the thick bonded foam topped with high-density coir blocks on the top and bottom,

  3. Magnum Plus: It is made from PU foam with a high resilience comfort layer on the top for additional comfort, and many more.

Kurl-on is a great brand that accepts returns if the customer is not satisfied with their mattress. They also offer a 5 year of warranty on their product. Generally, people prefer Kurl-on spring mattresses.

Sleepwell Mattresses

It is considered the best mattress company in India. They have been making the supreme quality of mattresses and other home furnishing products at a very competitive range. They are the flagship brand of Sheela Group which is one of the popular manufacturers of Polyurethane foam in India. They have around 10 manufacturing units, 100+ distributors, and 4k+ dealers across India. Now, their range of mattress include:

Orthopedic Mattresses: For people who are suffering from Back pain.

Balance Mattresses: It is a perfect blend of comfort and support and is suitable for all sleeping needs.

You can order any of the above mentioned mattress or other brands from amazon india as well. To get discount on your mattress purchase of any brand from amazon, use amazon coupon code that can be availed for free from our website

Their mattresses come with a 30 day free trial period. They also bear a return with shipping costs as long as the delivery address and pick up address are not changed.

Here is Why do you need a SMARTgrid Mattress from The Sleep Company, a detailed guide.

- A Beginners Guide to Different Types of Mattresses

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