Amaryl 1mg. Uses, Side Effects, Precautions to use Amaryl 1mg

Amaryl 1mg. Uses, Side Effects, Precautions to use Amaryl 1mg

Please remember, not to share this medication with others or do not suggest others to consume it without medical guidance or without a doctor prescription. Each body functions differently and would not react the same way as yours did.

What are Amaryl 1mg tablets?

Amaryl 1mg medication belongs to a particular group of medicines called the sulfonylureas that helps to cure type 2 diabetes in adults and older people.

It is a drug that helps in releasing the body natural insulin, thus, lowers high blood sugar. This insulin then helps the body to extract energy from the food we consume. This medication is taken once a day but should be taken according to the prescription.

When used with a proper diet and regular exercise, Amaryl can help a person with high blood glucose to get in control and help them cure type 2 diabetes. As we know, high blood sugar should be controlled and is important for better body functioning, proper control of diabetes can help in preventing a person from heart attacks or strokes.

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A lower blood sugar level is very essential for the body as it further helps in lowering risks and complications like kidney damage, nerve problems, etc.

Amaryl 1mg - usage

Please note: before consuming any medication, please visit your doctor and seek professional advice or ask your pharmacist about it.

The ways to use/consume Amaryl 1mg are mentioned below:

  1. this medicine is supposed to be taken by mouth and swallowed as a whole

  2. do not crush or chew the medicine

  3. Amaryl 1mg is supposed to be taken with food.

  4. The dose and the duration should be according to your doctor instructions.

  5. If you are taking any other medications, your doctor must know about your medical history for you to start consuming Amaryl 1mg.

Side effects of Amaryl 1mg

Most of the side effects that come with this medication do not require any major attention and can disappear once your blood adjusts with it. If you face any serious Amaryl 1mg side effects, please visit the doctor.

Mentioned here are some of the side effects:

  1. you might have an upset stomach and have nausea.

  2. might cause low blood sugar which is called hypoglycemia. This can happen if you do not consume a proper diet with calories and exercise properly. Since Amaryl 1mg tablets lower the sugar level, you need to make sure that you maintain your blood sugar.

  3. yellowing of eyes or skin, stomach pain, weakness, easy bleeding, mood swings, all of these are serious side effects and should be treated medically by a doctor first.

  4. Some common side effects include headache and dizziness

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Precautions to be taken while consuming Amaryl 1mg

It is very important to take safety measures while consuming the medicine. Please ensure you have taken all the precautions before consuming Amaryl 1mg.

  1. Consuming 1mg of Amaryl 1 mg with alcohol is dangerous. Prevent yourself from doing this.

  2. It might be unsafe for pregnant women to take this medicine. But there are limited studies on humans and animal studies have shown the harsh effects of this medicine on a developing baby. Consultation from a doctor would be preferred here.

  3. Your blood sugar may vary while you are on this medication. It might be low or too high sometimes. Driving should strictly be prevented in these situations.

  4. If you are a kidney patient and have kidney disease, it is important to be cautious and adjustments in your dosage might be required. Do not make the adjustments on your own and visit a doctor for the same. Patients with severe kidney disease are not recommended to consume this medicine as it might lower blood sugar than normal.

  5. Similarly, patients with liver disease should also be cautious and consult a doctor for any readjustments in their dosage.

  6. If you forget to take an Amaryl tablet or skip a dose, do not take two tablets to compensate for the skipped dosage. Leave the dose and continue the same cycle that you were following before from the next day.

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Special Notes While Consuming Amaryl 1mg

If you start getting symptoms of Diabetes, consult a doctor and understand your Diabetes. Doctors would make it easier for you to manage your diabetes with the right medication like Amaryl 1mg India and a regular diet.

Keep a note of your blood sugar regularly. Make sure you know all the symptoms and high and low blood sugar levels. This will help you treat your diabetes in a better way.

Get a regular body checkup done.

Store the medicine at room temperature, away from moisture, and keep all your medicines away from children and pets.

If you wish to order Amaryl tablets online, then you can order them from any good online pharmacy store and they will be delivered to you at your doorsteps. You can visit where you can find coupons and discount offers for Amaryl 1mg and get your medicines at a discounted price!

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Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes with Amaryl 1mg

Diabetes is a very common disease that occurs due to high blood glucose, which is also called blood sugar. Blood glucose is the main source of the body energy and is extracted by the body from the food you consume. The extraction of glucose is done by Insulin - a hormone that is made by the pancreas and helps the cells to get glucose from food to create energy.

There are 4 most common types of Diabetes that a person can suffer from.

Type 1 Diabetes: it is a kind of chronic disease where the pancreas secretes little to no insulin at all.

Type 2 Diabetes: a chronic condition where the body is affected by the way it processes blood glucose.

Prediabetes: this is the type of diabetes where the blood glucose is high but not as compared to type 2 Diabetes.

Gestational diabetes: a form of diabetes that highly affects pregnant women.

Here we are going to discuss type 2 Diabetes. This is a disease that stays for a lifetime and does not let the body use Insulin the way it has to. People who have type 2 diabetes are said to be insulin resistant.

Middle-aged and older people are the ones who are prone to this type of Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is also called adolescent diabetes. But in rare cases, this type of Diabetes affects children and teenagers too, due to obesity.

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes are:

  1. always being thirsty

  2. urinating a lot

  3. the vision turns blurry

  4. numbness in hands and feet

  5. non healing wounds

  6. extreme weight loss

  7. yeast infections

If you see dark rashes near your armpits or your neck, please visit the doctor. It can be a sign of your body becoming insulin resistant.

So, how can type 2 diabetes be cured? There are several medications that can be taken to cure Diabetes but should be consulted by the doctor before use. One of such medications is Amaryl 1mg tablets.

Disclaimer: Please visit a doctor before consuming any medicine for any disease. Do not try any medication without seeking professional help.

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