Amazon Prime Video Promo Code and Coupon Codes

Amazon Prime Video Promo Code and Coupon Codes

Amazon prime has been launched in India on July 26, 2016. It is basically paid subscription service offered by Amazon that allow users to enjoy the services that are available on it. There is simple process at first you need to make an account on it then need to pay the subscription fee that will be paid by the user according to the plan they want to have it is mostly yearly plan and then after paying all this you will be able to use or see whatever you wish to in it. There are many variety that Amazon has laid down some of them are prime music, prime video, prime reading, prime pantry and many more.

What is Amazon prime video?

This particular service in Amazon has been debuted into it on September 7, 2006. It includes access to latest movies and TV shows counting of more than five thousand. It was basically made because of the public demand. Now talking about quality of the TV shows and movies that they offers have good quality. Depending upon device it offers 4k and high dynamic range (HDR) streaming. Where HD offer is often offered at an additional price. This not just allows you to watch shows but also the latest Amazon Movies as well.

How can I watch movie online at Amazon prime?

Like we have already talked a little about it that before doing anything in Amazon prime at first you need to login your account.When we compare Amazon prime to Netflix the layout might get little confusing. But anyway firstly you need to make proper account then open it on TV or desktop or wherever you wish but make sure it has good internet connection. Then there will be huge list of movies and TV shows in which you need to click on one you want to see and there you go. This will surely minimize the Prime TV cost of every house.

How much will the Amazon prime video subscription cost?

There are basically two ways for subscription related policy either you go for monthly plan or you better opt yearly plan. See if you go for monthly plan you will be charged Rs. 129 per month and with yearly option you will be charged Rs. 999 for prime membership. Now if you go for monthly plan your plan will be renewed automatically every month but if you have enjoyed free month trial then automatically you be renewed to yearly plan once you free trial month ends. You can definitely go for the Amazon TV subscription.

Does the Amazon prime video give out any promo code?

Although Amazon is not a keen investor of promo codes but you can always check the Coupons Curry website to get the updates on any promo code or deal available. But before talking further on it first we need to know what promo codes are it is basically a computer generated code which a consumer or user uses to get discount in same manner it works in Amazon prime too. And if you come across any promo code that suits you, just avail the offer and watch movies on Amazon Prime.

Any Amazon prime video offer?

Yes they lay some offers in order to attract customers attention like free trial month, brand new movie at minimum price rate, lowering down subscription fees and many more. Because I do not know about you people but wherever I see discounted thing that is worth enough for paying the amount I literally without thinking much just go for it. So, you can check out the Amazon Prime videos in this free subscription.

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How can I get the Free Amazon prime subscription?

Who does not want free stuff come on we all know that we Indians are fond of things which comes either on discount or for free. Nothing feels as good as a good free thing so why not and how about watching high quality movies and TV shows for free well here Amazon prime video gives you free month trial so what we jugadu Indians do is firstly creat an account watch all the month for free then end our trial month then again from same process make another account do all those things again and enjoy I know it is pretty bad and I totally feel guilty but I have to admit that I have done it quite a few numbers of time so if you also are poor enough and can not afford subscription fee like me then go for it. Just kidding. But once you get the subscription you can check out all the Amazon prime videos list.

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